Exposed -
a plot to discredit Scottish Jews and silence their voices.

How antisemites are working together in Scotland with the help of the media and politicians.

When antisemites and extremists gathered to protest that a team from the Jewish state was playing in Scotland - Robert Carter from the Iranian pro-Hezbollah outfit @PressTV was there - he uploaded this interview with a 'Jewish' anti-Zionist activist. It went viral.
The 'Jewish activist' in the video says she is there representing a group called 'Scottish Jews against Zionism'.

We were first introduced to her and SJAZ by Mick Napier - head of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity campaign at an event in 2018. The same woman spoke.
Her name was Jolanta Hadzic. It is now Jola AlJakhbeer. She has also used the names Lola Hazel, Daria Krysta and Daria Auerman. Since SJAZ was founded the name 'Jola Litwitz' has begun to appear.

But here is the thing. 'Jola whatever' is not Jewish
We know she is not Jewish.
Jola AlJakhbeer / Hadzic even uploaded to Facebook an image of her DNA ethnicity - proving she is 85% East European.

In fact, Jola is just another hard-core antisemite. She is just playing at being Jewish. With the help of the SPSC.
Jola is an antisemite, who has shared Holocaust denial and other hard-core antisemitic material.
There is little Hadzic / AlJakhbeer - wouldn't share - such as material linked to other well known tropes - like Jews stealing organs from children
But here is the thing - Mick Napier of the SPSC KNEW all this.
Jola was a key activist in his organisation - she called the SPSC her 'second home'.
And he read about her antisemitism in 2017 - a year before he introduced her as the voice of Scottish Jews.
The SPSC are clearly toxic. We have known it for years - so why do MSP's - such as @JohnFinnieHI and @Ross_Greer list membership of the SPSC in their register of interests. Why are others such as @SandraWhiteSNP seen with their activists. Here White stands on stage with Jola.
We know PRESS TV are anti-Jewish, but why did ex-MP @DerbyChrisW retweet the video of a pretend Jewish antisemite. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee @MPACUK - also did - spreading Jew hate in the Muslim community.

This silences the voice of real Jews and discredits them.
So where are the Scottish media? They don't report on the antisemitism.

In fact the SPSC have many friends in the media. These 'journalists' often write sympathetic stories. Or write exaggerated stories to discredit Jews. Just this week the @Daily_Record did exactly that
So I searched the Daily Record for negative news of Napier / the SPSC. I found nowt. Just positivity & sympathy.

Nothing about convictions, antisemitism or chasing Jewish business out of Scotland.

There is almost nothing in Scottish media about any of it. They are complicit.
So we have an antisemite dressing as a Jew and a plot designed to silence the voice of Scottish Jews and discredit them.

And when Scottish Jews are attacked - where are the politicians and press?

In bed with the antisemites.
Here is the full story -
My research exposes haters. If you want to help you can donate via PayPal on my blog
- I also have a patreon page.
let's all keep fighting against rising antisemitism. THANK YOU!

• • •

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6 Sep
The Israeli team who played at Scotland contained several Israeli Arabs. The goal was from a quick 1-2 between Eran Zahavi and Moanes Dabour. Dabour is an Israeli Muslim.

None of this mattered to the haters and antisemites protesting outside the ground.

THREAD ⬇️⬇️⬇️
The press reported the demo as being about human rights. These lazy journalists failed to tell their readers the truth.

Iranian and Pakistani flags were waved. Both these nations are serial human rights abusers. This wasn't about human rights.
Sympathisers of the new IRA group also turned up to protest - demanding the release of people recently arrested on terrorism charges.
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31 Aug
Yesterday I tweeted about the hard-left standing with the British Union of Fascists at Trafalgar Sq.

Talk about total denial. I received abuse in 100s of tweets.

The meeting was 'far-right' they all said and nowt to do with the left.. They called me a liar.

Oh really ---
Meet the organisers... Piers Corbyn along with Louise May Creffield.... This party was their baby....
Here is Louise - who unsuprisingly these days comes from toxic Brighton - pushing for votes for the Labour Party and Corbynite Lloyd Russell Moyle.....
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8 Aug
Here is some Jewish history.

A letter from the Diskin Orphanage in Jerusalem in the early 1920s confirming my wife's grandfather had been brought up there.

The boy, Avraham was born in Jerusalem in the 1890s and appears to have left the orphanage at about 13 or 14. 1/3
Abraham's father (Yaakov) was a Rabbi. After leaving the orphanage Avraham made his way to Yaffo, where he was expelled by the Ottomans during WW1 and he fled with many other expelled Jews to Alexandria in Egypt. 2/3
40 years later he was expelled again - this time by the Egyptians - and he fled, via France back to the place he was born.

It seems the letter was written as he had met his future Egyptian Jewish wife and needed to prove his identity to get married.
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2 Aug
Another @UKLabour MP 'innocently' pushes out #antisemitism and no surprise he is a member of Labour Friends for Palestine.

I have shown time and time again the clear correlation between those that jump on the Palestinian cause and the slippery slope to Jew hatred.

Here's why -
The pillars upon which anti-Israel activism is based are at best major distortions and at worse complete fiction.

Because it is based on lies the pro-Palestinian argument cannot help but demonise the Jewish state.
For example - anti Israel activists say the Arabs welcomed the Jews in the 1920s, but the Jews turned on them. .

In truth the antisemitic Arab violence was so bad, dividing the populations (partition) became the only clear path to save the Jews from attacks.
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22 Jul
Later today there will be a viral anti-Israel disinformation campaign on Twitter about putting Palestine on the map. It is well organised attack but as usual is based on lies and propaganda. 1/6
The truth is that Palestine would be on the map if the Arabs had declared their own state in 1947, rather than choosing to go to war to destroy the Jewish one. 2/6
And Palestine would exist as a state if between 1949 and 1967 the Arabs had chosen to create a state, rather than just use the West Bank and Gaza as terrorist bases. 3/6
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10 Jul
People get nervous when you discuss Islamic state funding on campus - - they should be more nervous that this is the true state of the UK university landscape.

Take the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter

Gifted to the university by Dictators in Gulf States
In the new institute they created a "European Centre for Palestinian Studies" with high profile anti-Israel activists Ilan Pappe and Ghada Karmi leading the way.

So now you have 'history' being taught under the umbrella of an Islamic centre- funded from the UAE.
They then create academic modules - for the students - and provide a reading list that chiefly contains names like Ilan Pappe, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said..
All Israel-critical authors that distort the history.
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