1./ The new look LGBTQ+ movement and child safeguarding. Here we go again. Adrian Harrop berates @VictoriaPeckham for her warning that a small minority of nutjobs in the movement are weak on child safeguarding. Some are positively dangerous. Adrian bleats that this is 'bigotry'.
2./ This is the SAME bloke who had to issue this spectacular apology: "it was not my intention to equate the actions or beliefs of @jk_rowling with those of Jimmy Saville in any way." Two rules. Defend women's rights and you'll be compared to an abuser. 👇
3./ But point out flaws in child safeguarding in our sainted LGBTQ+ movement and you're a bigot. Same effect: both undermine scrutiny. Why is it so difficult for so many "queer" activists even to SEEM to take child safeguarding seriously? Is it because deep down...they just dont?

• • •

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22 Sep
😂 The Pink News comedy show keeps getting funnier. Here’s @benjamincohen responding to the govt’s announcement it has rejected gender Self-ID, which he championed for 5 years. He starts with a trademark bizarre accusation, this time about genital inspections. Click here to see👇 Image
2./ Then he tries to suck up to @trussliz claiming her rejection of Self-ID is....”sensible”. It is indeed which is why that’s been the central demand of @ALLIANCELGB since we were founded; despite furious accusations of “hatefulness” from Pink News and yep Benjamin himself.
3./ Here’s a reminder of just a few of the stories his demented rag has run demanding Self-ID in the last few months. The most recent was yesterday. 👇 In the world of Pink News no one just asks ....they plead. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤦‍♂️ Image
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21 Sep
1./ If the UK govt really has rejected Gender Self-ID it will be a historic defeat for the "gender identity" lobby. But how did such a strange idea as Self-ID ever gain so much political traction? It's a bizarre and troubling story. thetimes.co.uk/article/changi…
2./ It all starts in Edinburgh in 1974 when two guys bring together gay organisations from across Europe to form the International Gay Congress. One of them, Ian Dunn, is an unrepentant paedophile and founder member of PIE. Here's his obituary.👇independent.co.uk/news/obituarie…
3./ IGC would go on to become ILGA, the pre-eminent international gay rights organisation; despite its status as a UN NGO being interrupted in 1994 when its links to pro-paedophile organisations were revealed. Here's ILGA's own take on that debacle.👇 ilga.org/ilga-ecosoc-st…
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16 Sep
At last, the Guardian and much of the UK media is forced to acknowledge Sweden's moderate approach to COVID is paying dividends. Unlike other European countries there's (so far) no second wave; despite no masks and a minimal lockdown; and all by consent👇 theguardian.com/world/2020/sep…
2./ Their strategy wasn't without its problems (care homes yet again) and it might not have worked in the UK at the beginning but their strategy has been consistent and is sustainable. Here's a reminder of how the same paper once described their approach 👇 Image
3./ First they compared it to Russian roulette (as if imploding the economy doesn't cost lives or impact on health). Then a few mavericks were rounded up to claim it was going to lead to catastrophe. One scientist even predicted ICUs were poised to run out. They never did👇 Image
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16 Sep
Roll up! Roll up! Let's see @benjamincohen try to defend Pink News' appalling coverage of @JKRowling's new book. But what headline is he describing here to @NickCohen4.👇It turns out PN changed their headline after they came a cropper; yet again.
2./ At first this was their headline and it slammed the book for suggesting a "cis man who dresses as a woman" might murder women. Did you spot the rather elementary error in their ringing denunciation? Don't over think it.👇 Image
3./ Even they soon realised if you're going to accuse someone of transphobia the fact you've just described their 'evil' character as 'cis' is in danger of undermining your accusation. Cue a quick reshuffle to this headline in which the culprit is now a man who cross dresses.👇 Image
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14 Sep
Here's another enabler MSP who wants to reduce our freedoms. When @RadioClydeNews interviewed performers and producers concerned about the Hate Crime Bill @Ross_Greer claimed their reporting was inaccurate. When they pointed out they had taken legal advice he backed down.👇
2./ It was no longer inaccurate. It was now..."contextually misleading". Now his defence of the Bill is that earlier provisions from the 1980s that could have been equally misused never have been so why would these new wholesale extensions ever be misused? This begs a question.
3./ If they were never used why bother going to this effort to extend them? I'll tell you why. 30 years on the atmosphere is different and there's now an army of over-agitated, virtue-signalling culture war extremists gagging to misuse them. Look just up the road from Holyrood.
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11 Sep
👋Hello straight people, why are you so rubbish at defending YOUR rights? If was straight I would be shocked by the new definition of heterosexuality that the Scottish govt intends to enshrine in its Hate Crime Bill, and the sneaky way it's been smuggled in.
2./ In the section referring to sexual orientation (which is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act) the definition of heterosexuality has been changed. According to Nicola Sturgeon heterosexuality no longer means "attracted to the opposite sex".
3./ Instead she and the rest of the SNP leadership have decided it now means "attracted to a different sex". This is being done in order to maintain the unscientific nonsense that there is an infinitely varied spectrum of sexes; not just male and female. Remember them?
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