Just like there are no perfect humans, there are no perfect laws. Like humans, laws are expected to grow and adapt to the changing times. It is the reason we make provisions for amendments and repeal of laws. The way to deal with an imperfect law is to amend it or enact a new one
There was a time it was lawful to deny black men & women the right to vote in the US. The 15th amendment of the US Constitution solved that problem for black men but it didn't for women (white/black) who still didn’t have the right to vote. The 19th amendment solved that problem.
But even these laws didn’t stop the discrimination of black people in several States as the Jim Crow laws (a collection of state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation) persisted regardless of the amendments. What solved that problem? The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Even the Civil Rights Act itself had to be amended in 1991 and there are still calls for another amendment because it is clear today that the Civil Rights Act didn't end the discrimination and segregation of black people in the United States. The journey to emancipation continues
If there are provisions in #CAMA2020 that certain Churches are not happy about, the way to handle it is not to stand on pulpits and dish out threats of deaths to those who enacted, supported or will administer it. The way to handle it is to advocate for an amendment of the law.
As we speak, there is no clear cut position paper by any entity representing the interest of churches against the #CAMA2020. There is no single document articulately presenting their grievances and the legal pitfalls they fear will befall them if the amendments are implemented.
What we've in the name of opposition are piles of curses and explosions of anger from pastors based on mis-interpretation of the law. If anything, the outbursts has revealed a lack of knowledge and adherence to the law that gave them validity and exposed an "I own it" mentality.
If you want the law amended, organize, advocate and use the system. Get a think tank together made up of lawyers, accountants & activist. Put your best brains to work. Let them come up with a document outlining in fine detail the problem they've with the law. That's the way to go
Is the #CAMA2020 law perfect? No! Show me which law is. Are there parts of it that may be abused? Yes! Like any other law can be abused. Should it be trashed because some people are scared of its implementation? Absolutely Not! It's a step forward regardless of its imperfections.
The road to the amendment of any existing law starts on the day of enactment of that law. #CAMA2020 will not be different. Screaming at the top of your voice outside the system will not change anything. It will only give you sore throat. Get to work and start organizing.

• • •

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4 Sep
Some are just waking up to the fuel subsidy conversation and as usual, they make it look like others are not interested. Nah! Some of us have been talking about this for a long time and it's pointless reinventing the wheel.

To know my views on subsidy, read the following threads
1. This was a tweet chat with @OpenFundingNG in March 2019 on the subject of Fuel Subsidy.

2. This was a thread I did on the eve of the inauguration where I highlighted some of the "tough" decisions that needs to be taken. Remove of subsidy was one of them.

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28 Aug
I felt it necessary to highlight and react to some statements by @APOSTLESULEMAN in this video.

1. "They say they can just give the church a BOT"

False. S.839(1) of CAMA says "The Commission may by order suspend the trustees and appoint an INTERIM MANAGER (not replace trustees)
2: "The govt that will change a BOT in this ministry has not been born"

This statement is coming from the mindset of a man who thinks - The Ministry belongs to him. IT DOES NOT. He can't inherit the assets of the church nor directly or indirectly transfer to his wife or children
In the event where assets are diverted, it means the trustees who are fiduciaries have failed in their responsibility & the CAC has a duty to intervene to protect those assets for humanity. Someone needs to tell the Pastor that the trustees will be changed & heaven will not fall.
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26 Aug
Transcript of Q & A between FFK & Journalist

J - Who is bank rolling your tour?
FFK - Do you know who you are talking to?
J - Yes! Femi Fani-Kayode
FFK - What type of insulting question is that? Which bankroll, to do what?
J - Your tour of PDP States sir. Is anyone funding it?
FFK - Who can give me money for anything?
J - Anybody sir. Gov Ayade, Bello Matawalle, Atiku?
FFK - Who do you think you are talking to?
J - Emm Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode or has your name changed?
FFK - Go and report yourself to your publisher.
J - I will but answer the que first
FFK - I cld see from your face before you got here, how stupid you are. Don’t ever talk to me like that.
J - Talk to you like what sir? You've been doing the talking since.
FFK - Who do you think you’re talking to?
J - I've answered that question a million times. Femi Fani-Kayode
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22 Aug
2015, a zonal MRA election was to take place. An electoral committee headed by a reputable professor had communicated the guidelines to all contestants. On election day as we prepared to vote, a court bailiff walked in and served the committee a court order to stop the elections.
Ladies and gentlemen, for those who don't know, MRA means - Magodo Residents Ass. It was an election to elect new executives to run the affairs of a zone in the Magodo Estate. Residents in this estate are elites of the elites. Yet they couldn't organise a rancour free election.
I recall my wife's shock seeing what she was unfolding before her. Respected individuals in the community throwing caution to the wind and behaving like thugs just because they sensed that their favourite candidate was not going to win. We gave them a name that day - Cantankerous
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18 Aug
The Church as we know it today evolved out of chaos. It evolved because people dared to ask questions. Because Martin Luther challenged the sale of indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church in his 95 Thesis, he was deemed an heretic and the Protestant Reformation Movement was born
Because W. Tyndale dared to ask why we can't read the bible in our local languages & translated it to English, the bible today is the most translated book in History. He was executed. Because John Wesley challenged the religious assumptions of the day, d Methodist Church was born
The ground work laid by men like John Wesley led to the evolution of "Faith" and the belief of the need for "Conversion" - Cue in the need to be "Born-Again". Here men like Billy Graham (a Baptist) took up the cross and started the Church on the road to Evangelism.
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4 Aug
I didn't learn leadership from any business school, I learnt it at home as the first of 4 brothers and 1 sister. From being held responsible and accountable for the daily / weekly chores of my siblings and told countless times that one day, I'll be the head of the entire family.
I didn't need a business school to tell me that "Leadership is influence". I saw it from the way my mum was able to get my dad to do just about anything by her positioning/reasoning and not by her title. I may not have known the technical terms of leadership, but I understood it.
I understood pretty early on the "power" of persuasion over coercion. That not everything could be achieved through brute force. That sometimes, you need to lose a battle to win a war. And that no matter how hard you try, some people will just not like you, So deal with it.
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