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14 Sep, 18 tweets, 3 min read
The old principle of "we do not negotiate with terrorists" was not only based on the obvious fear that negotiating would breed more terrorism. It was based on the understanding that terrorists crave political legitimacy above all else.
Terrorism is a manifestation of anti-civilization. It needs a foot in the door to become effective. Civilization's defenses can only stand strong while it absolute rejects barbarism. Once barbaric ideals gain legitimacy within the walls, even the strongest walls will crack.
Political violence, in any form, is barbarism that must be rejected absolutely and entirely. Not a shred of legitimacy should be granted to those who employ it. We used to understand that, but now our media and political elites are obsessed with "understanding grievances."
The toughest part about rejecting political violence is maintaining the willpower and discipline to reject those "grievances" and firmly state "the cause" is a non-starter as long as violence continues. There must be no discussions of any kind while there is blood in the streets.
It's important to separate the violent extremists from non-violent people with sincere differences of opinion, because those "moderate" ideological fellow-travelers are the most easily tapped source of political legitimacy for terrorism. We see this constantly around the world.
The worst possible state of affairs for any civilization is to allow "extremist" and "moderate" wings that share the same ostensible beliefs to develop a stable political relationship. It's the fastest route for political violence to gain legitimacy. Arguably it's the ONLY route.
Once you start down the path of conceding that SOME causes are so righteous that they justify violence and vandalism, or that "extremists" resorting to violence has no negative effect on the "moderate" wing of the movement, you're starting a political violence arms race.
Only by rejecting violence absolutely - only by insisting that the laws apply equally to everyone, that all causes must engage solely in persuasion and never in coercion - can you prevent moderates, especially young ones, from slipping into extremism.
It's important to draw the line well south of physical violence and murder. Indulging property crimes and giving "space to destroy" begins the process of legitimizing violent extremism. Teaching any movement that its cause transcends the rights of others is dangerous.
That's how the cancer of anti-civilization grows: the rules are exposed as a sham. They don't apply to some groups and causes. Rights are not universal and "justice" is imposed by the strong through force. Civilization proves barbarism's point by refusing to fight it.
Once you give violent extremists a shred of legitimacy, once you give them a seat at the table alongside those who did the hard work of persuasion while playing by all the rules, you crack open a door that will never close. Extremist movements are NEVER satisfied, by definition.
Other movements will become violent too, once the precedent of rewarding violence with political legitimacy is set. The most common outcome is a one-party system in which extremist groups fight for influence within the party.
The party friendly to violent extremism becomes a vending machine for political legitimacy. Its offices and endorsements will be bought and sold. All other parties are marginalized because they aren't willing to form street armies and fight bloody battles for power.
We need to reject that process utterly, right now, while it's still fairly early. We've already seen how corrupt Democrat officials make it possible for vandalism and violence to flourish in their cities. You do NOT want that party gaining the power to do it nationally.
Violence is the ultimate political force multiplier - the means for a small but committed group to impose its will on the majority. Once an established party gets a taste of victory from using that force multiplier, it will NEVER STOP. Giving them that victory is suicidal.
Look at the Democrats in every word they utter, every platform plank, everything they do, and you'll see they have become entirely comfortable with using force to accomplish their political ends. They have little patience for persuasion and none whatsoever for resistance.
Today's street violence is just the next logical step for them. They've been using government power to socially engineer America for generations; now they've got shock troops marching through the streets and they're promising cities in flames if they lose the next election.
It's a natural progression, a natural degeneration, and you'll notice it's especially pronounced in one-party Democrat cities. It all begins with legitimizing extremism and accepting violence as a valid political force from favored groups. Stop it now, while you still can. /end

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17 Sep
It's a shame that our political and media class is so childish, neurotic, and politically blinkered that it can't accept Barr's entirely accurate point without dissolving into a puddle of quivering goo. ZOMG HE COMPARED LOCKDOWNS TO SLAVERY!
It's not Barr's fault that he's talking to an audience of miseducated, hyper-politicized reporters who are still essentially teenagers in their mental and emotional development. He could have factored that in, but how else to make the absolutely true point he was making?
Yes, lockdowns absolutely ARE the biggest intrusion into American civil liberties short of slavery. Barr did NOT say they are morally EQUIVALENT to slavery, nor did he say slavery was only a smidgen worse. How can anyone look at the wreckage from lockdowns and deny it?
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16 Sep
Capitalism is freedom because only when your property rights are fully respected are you safe to speak your mind from home.
Capitalism is freedom because it's the only system that allows ordinary people to say "no" to deals they don't like.
Capitalism is freedom because how can people be free if they don't own the capital of their own labor?
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16 Sep
There's a lot of talk about the "Shy Trump" vote, especially since it's physically dangerous to express support for him many Democrat-controlled cities, but don't underestimate the Weary Biden vote - exhausted, frightened swing voters who will vote against Trump with a shrug.
People like that aren't going to have a big footprint on social media. They're more likely than the classic Shy Trump voter to be detected by pollsters, but many of them don't really want to answer polls. They might describe themselves as undecided if they do.
The Left looooves that "demoralize-destabilize-normalize" strategy because it WORKS. It's a huge advantage to be able to create conditions of chaos, despair, and destruction - helped along by a black swan event like the coronavirus - and blame it all on the incumbent.
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15 Sep
If you're truly concerned about "systemic racism," your goal should be purging ALL racially discriminatory policies and prejudice from The System, not merely changing which races get discriminated against.
That's not only necessary for the obvious reason that if the targets change once, they can change again. It's because ideas like racial prejudice are cancerous. Tolerate them and they will metastasize quickly through any system, because they are a source of easy power and money.
It's no coincidence that undercover videos of "racial awareness seminars" and "anti-white supremacy training" reveal absurdly stupid grift operations that would be laughed out of the classroom by third-grade children, as would the "scholarship" of the movement's Deep Thinkers.
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11 Sep
That post-9/11 "moment of national unity" was a LOT shorter than we like to remember.

We didn't really "come together as a nation." We learned we have common enemies. It didn't take long for some of us to forget even that, and encourage others to forget it as well.
We didn't gain "unity" so much as FOCUS. Priorities shifted for a while. It did not take long for that national focus to strike the prism of politics and scatter into dramatically different outlooks and agendas, all claiming 9/11 was the event looming largest in their minds.
It's lamentable in some ways, but totally understandable in others. We have serious divisions. Our disagreements are not trivial. Learning that we are vulnerable to attack did not erase those differences. On a long enough timeline, it might have exaggerated them.
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10 Sep
Democrats on the coronavirus are yipping like third-grade blowhards bragging about how they would have kicked the bully's ass if only they had been on the playground that day, while everyone remembers them hiding in a bush and trying not to wet their pants
We just caught a top Democrat ON VIDEO disregarding coronavirus protocols, they've been encouraging their extremist wing to riot nuts-to-butts in the streets for months, and they're all on the record getting everything wrong in March and April.
Biden argued AGAINST containing the virus with a travel ban. Andrew Cuomo thwarted measures that would have saved thousands of lives across America, and then he DELIBERATELY KILLED thousands more, to thunderous applause from Democrats and their media.
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