"A blaze covering hundreds of acres will not seem, to anyone watching it on a tiny iPhone screen, any larger or more significant than a confrontation between a policeman and a protester on a random city block."
important by @anneapplebaum theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
@anneapplebaum Do you remember the "gilets jaunes" movement in France in late 2018? All the images of Paris on fire? What happened was that protesters built small bonfires hundreds of meters from major sites, then photographed the sites through the flames to create a false image of chaos
@anneapplebaum So this
@anneapplebaum was magnified into this
@anneapplebaum There's a vast social media enterprise to make small annoyances and petty crimes look like vast social disturbance. All to conceal and deny truly vast disasters: a pandemic that has killed 200,000 Americans; wildfires that have driven tens of thousands from their homes.

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26 Sep
President Trump and Sen. Cruz say aloud they want a ninth justice now in order to
"settle election disputes" - in their favor, they obviously mean. But a court can only "settle" disputes if the court is accepted as legitimate. To be respected, courts must be worthy of respect.
Let's play it out. After the Bush v. Gore decision, Al Gore conceded in a very gracious statement. americanrhetoric.com/speeches/algor… The 50 Democratic senators accepted the outcome. Although many were unhappy, there were no big street protests. 1/x
Who believes that Bush-Gore will repeat if a Kavanaugh-Barrett court approves Trump voter suppression as legal? The court will settle *nothing.* Politics will move to the streets - with Trump and Barr twitching to use violence against protesters. It will be a catastrophe. 2/x
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24 Sep
On June 27, 2019, Mette Frederiksen became Prime Minister of Denmark. A Social Democrat, she replaced the rightish Lars Rasmussen - who had, in his turn, replaced the Social Democrat Helle Thorning-Schmidt. 1/x
I don't follow Danish politics closely or consume much Danish TV. But I'll place a big bet denominated in Danish kroner that at each of these turns in office, nobody congratulated Danes on their "peaceful transfer of power." 2/x
A "peaceful transfer of power" is something that is just *expected* in developed countries, like electricity that works. What else do you expect? We are civilized people! 3/x
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23 Sep
"Democrats and Blue Bubble media have begun to voice their anti-Catholic bias." - Hugh Hewitt
"Democrats and Blue Bubble media have begun to voice their anti-Catholic bias." - Hugh Hewitt
2/x mediamatters.org/sean-hannity/f…
"Democrats and Blue Bubble media have begun to voice their anti-Catholic bias." - Hugh Hewitt
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20 Sep
To cram through a Ginsburg replacement, GOP needs the vote before election. The lame duck project - a defeated Senate majority pushing through a nomination by a repudiated President - sounds ruthless now. It will look nakedly illegitimate after 11/3- and legitimacy matters
This project looks likely to collapse of its own cynicism
In 2016 Merrick Garland fight, McConnell did not say, “I’ve got the votes, so No.” He felt the need to devise *justifications.* He cannot have cared himself, but he felt he needed them, to create at least a veneer of legitimacy. Post-election 2020, he won’t have that. So ...
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18 Sep
One of the perverse consequences of the MSM horror at Trump is that they have spent 3 1/2 years in terrified over-estimate of Trump's political strength and anguished poking at Democratic weaknesses.
Now it's mid-September of presidential election year and everybody remembers to do arithmetic. "Wait a minute ... 100% minus 40% = .... a lot more!" 2/x
Day in, day out, for nearly 4 years, Trump has been the most unpopular first-term president in the history of opinion polling. 3/x
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14 Sep
a point about democratic legitimacy ...

It's not inherently a problem in a democratic system to "win" by the rules despite losing the popular vote.

In a multiparty list system like Germany's or Israel's, it will often happen that the parties that eg finished 2nd and 3d will form a coalition that excludes the party that finished 1st.

In a Westminster system modelled on that of the UK, it will often happen that one party wins more votes, the other wins more seats. That's what happened in the Canadian federal election of 2019: the Conservatives got more votes; Justin Trudeau's Liberals got more seats. 3x/
Read 9 tweets

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