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14 Sep, 9 tweets, 2 min read
This is incredible. California highschool teacher, Ron Jones created a social experiment in fascism called the third wave.

A thread
First came discipline and control (lockdowns)

Then a sense of community and belonging with membership cards (masks)

Finally, how to act
(Social distancing)
Ron was surprised how his students gave up their freedom for the thought of being superior to their neighbors.

He says the wave is like a Russian nesting doll that keeps appearing and smiling at us and warning us to pay attention.
One of his students described a breakdown in trust within the group. "Because of the trust breakdown, it was hard to know what what other people in class were thinking cause you didn't dare ask anybody. You might get in trouble yourself for asking a difficult question."
He said the most important lesson was: " Be careful who you follow because you never know where they're going to lead you.. I also learned the importance of our freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression because we lost those.
"In today's world, it's get the facts. Try to understand a situation very well before you actually get involved in it yourself... Democracy is not a spectator sport, you need to participate. You cannot stay home and complain."
Ron Jones describes fascism as:
"Reliance on a simple answer, a simple truth, given by a singular voice... It's protecting that truth and harming those that might object to that truth. Feeling superior to those outside the group."
The antithesis of fascism? "It's not relying on one voice or one answer but its relying on yourself. It's trusting yourself, to like what you have to say, to speak out and to trust others."
He sings a line from a musical he wrote.
"Something is wrong. Injustice right in front of you, what will you do? This moment that is here today, will you speak out loud or pray it away?... The choice you must make for silence and fear, or risk that will take you to freedom." Image

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28 Oct
"Since March, we've experienced lockdowns and restrictions of various kinds, supposedly all in the name of science.

If you don't support these things, you must hate science. That's the intellectual level of the conversation."
"In April alone, 1.4 million jobs in healthcare were lost. Because far from being overwhelmed, the hospitals were mostly empty... with the possible brief exemption of New York City."
"Now it's not hospitalizations, now its cases.. even the New York Times was reduced to admitting that as many as 90% of the tests, because the tests are so sensitive, are yielding just viral debris that isn't infectious at all.
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16 Oct
"biotech company Profusa announced Tuesday that it was initiating a DARPA-funded study to see whether its biosensor that it injects under the skin can help detect the flu up to three weeks early."

Darpa folks. The same lovely people funding most of the RNA CRISPR vaccines.
It was all about pre-crime as a way to harvest data, now it's pre-health.

👇 Quote from Peter Thiel, CEO of Palantine, the all seeing eye previously tasked with finding terrorists, now partnered with govts globally, using data to predict outbreaks.
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9 Oct
Dear mask wearing bed-wetters
Dear @fordnation
Dear @celliottability
Dear every asshole doctor and expert that has worked towards where we are today.

You're scared.
Of a virus.
You want us to be scared too.

The time has come for a different kind of fear.
Fear of economic ruin and all it brings with it.
If you're reading this and you're still wearing a mask, still begging for restrictions, fuck you.

While you hide under your covers, there are countless devastating repercussions to our bs casedemic.
My good friends own a gym.
They are devastated.
Since opening back up, they have gotten daily emails from their clients expressing gratitude, explaining the nosedive their mental health took when they were unable to go to the gym.
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27 Sep
Global pandemic response.

Hygiene hypothesis: lack of exposure to antigens may contribute to a malfunctioning immune system.

Response: keep 6 feet away, stay in your bubble

Vitamin D: evidence is strong that a deficiency is tied to impaired immune response.

Response: close parks, ban benches, limit outdoor activity to 1 hour a day (Australia)

Stress: A link between chronic stress and a resistant immune system should not be a surprise.

Response: fight amongst yourselves, worry incessantly, tell your kids their hugs could make someone very sick and possibly dead.

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27 Sep
Remember the military's report on #ontario LTC back in may?

*pts not bathed for weeks
*cockroach infestations
*reusing hypodermoclysis supplies
*unhygienic catheter use - fungal bleeding
*expired meds
*forceful feeding, one death frm choking
*improper use of restraints
I got called an asshole yesterday for not wearing a mask.


@fordnation @ottawahealth and @DrFullertonMPP got that report and what did they do?

Try to limit liability for providers, ban window visits and isolate the elderly for 5 months.
Us asymptomatic (healthy) people are being shamed and guilted into changing the fabric of society - to protect the vulnerable.

What if this is the *complete opposite* of the best approach?
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