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Most have invoked Orwell when raging against draconian lockdowns & mask mandates.

It is easy to see the parallels:
Militaristic enforcement to ensure compliance, censorship, Newspeek, etc.

However, I think that we also need to consider Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".
Brave New World was published 17 prior to "1984" - yet has many parallels to our current culture - and to our government's overzealous, oppressive & unscientific response to CV-19.
Beyond Huxley's brilliant portrayal of a dystopian future obsessed with sexual gratification, mindless pop-culture entertainment, & technological advancement...
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June 12 #Ontario Key Indicator + regions 📊
502 new cases
29% Delta 🚨
24.1K tests 2.3% wkly pos 👍
422 ICU 15 deaths 🙏
195K 💉 🔥
Age 12+:
72.3% at least 1 dose
12.9% 2 doses 📈
📉🧵 ⤵️
#Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli
More at Image
New case smoothed trend now 443. Image
Positivity falls below the moderate threshhold, now 2.3%. Good news. Image
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🧵June 10 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
590 new cases
31.4K tests 7 day positivity 2.6%
450 ICU -16
11 deaths 11
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli
#covid19on… Image
Smoothed new cases trend at 616.6 Image
Positivity continues to fall Image
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If you are a parent with a k-12 child in #Ontario, here's a thread with links to find the contact info of your school board trustee in some of the largest boards and links to any existing budget/plans for next school year. #COVID19ON
Find your trustee:…
Draft 2021-22 budget:… ($1.9M planned for ventilation).
Budget townhall this Thursday:…
Toronto Catholic (TCDSB)
Find your trustee:…
Draft 2021-22 budget:… ($1M general COVID contingency fund)
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To date, 23.5-million Canadians (71%) aged ≥12 years have received 1 dose of a #COVID19 vaccine and 3-million (9%) are fully vaccinated.

Incredibly, we still don't have guidance for the fully vaccinated.

Us Canadians seem to be experiencing Fear of Normalization (FONO).

The @CDCgov released its first guidance for the fully immunized on March 8.

@RobynUrback wrote about the need for similar Canadian guidance on April 16:…

Months later, all Canadians are still given the same guidance regardless of vaccination status.

The absence of guidance is highly problematic for several reasons:

-We might be able to motivate even more people to get vaccinated:…

-People will make up their own rules based on what @jm_mcgrath calls their "best guesses":…

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🧵#Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
914 new cases
32.3K tests, 3.3% 7 day positivity
Rt n/a
522 ICU
19 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario…
New Case trend using loess smoothing.
Testing and positivity
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🧵June 3 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends (vaccine data n/a at post time)
870 new cases
34.3K tests, 3.4% 7 day positivity 📉
Rt .83 📉
ICU 546 -30 📉
10 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario…
Higher today but smoothed trend is below 700.
The important test positivity trend continues to drop.
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My Twitter feed is 50% #Quebecers losing their shit at opening schools too fast, and 50% #Ontarians losing their shit at keeping schools closed too long.

Instead of arguing about WHEN to reopen, how about we discuss how to make schools safer, starting with improving ventilation?
Can't we all agree that:
1. Kids spread #COVID19, and are at risk of serious illness and long-term effects.
2. Kids <12 aren't yet eligible for #COVID19vaccines.
3. All else being equal, kids should be in school.
4. Masks, distancing and ventilation can make schools safer.
On the one hand, we have @jfrobergeQc , who keeps insisting that kids will be "happy" to be forced back to full-time in person schools with no masks, bubbles, ventilation or #COVID19 mitigation measures by Fall.

This is a recipe for disaster.…
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🧵June 2 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
733 new cases
31.8K tests 3.6% day positivity 📉
Rt .86
25 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario… Image
New cases 733 today (1,095 last Wednesday). The loess smoothed trend continues downward. Image
The key 7 day test positivity trend continues to plummet. Image
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🧵#Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
916 new cases. First time below 1,000 since March 6.
Only 18,226 tests but a low 4.3% positivity today.
13 deaths and 617 in ICU.
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario…
New case smoothed trend
Extremely low testing but positivity is still dropping.
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PRELIM 🧵📉#Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
1,033 new cases
26,526 tests
- Rt n/a
- some ON data n/a
- hospitals underreported
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #onted #Covidontario… Image
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Day 440 of isolation. Perfectly healthy child attending virtually because @Sflecce & @fordnation refused to adequately fund #onted to ensure @ONThealth & @GovCanHealth recommendations were met in schools.
Why weren't these same experts advocating for ALL students in the fall? 1/
Our most vulnerable not provided a safe place to learn; otherwise healthy children sacrificing their own #mentalhealth, bearing the burden of protecting the lives of their vulnerable/high-risk loved ones... 2/
Why did these experts permit schools to open in the first place without adequate safety measures in place? 3/
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#OnThisDay in 1914 the Canadian Pacific ocean liner RMS Empress of Ireland sank near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River after colliding with the SS Storstad in thick fog. Of the 1,477 people on board, 1,012 died, making it the worst peacetime marine disaster in Canadian history.
167 members of the Salvation Army were among those who perished on the Empress early that morning, only 22 were found. Their remains were ceremoniously interred at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.
In 1916 a unique monument was erected at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in sacred memory of Salvationists lost in the Empress of Ireland disaster. Designed by Salvation Army Major Gideon Miller, it depicts ocean waves with a crowned cross, beautifully sculpted in granite by Emanuel Hahn
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@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar Sadly, the #SpecialEducation portfolio is massively huge &the needs greatly outweigh funding provided. Every school board #budget cycle is like a mean game of Russian roulette being played with our kids' lives. #COVID19 merely succeeded in showing parents & teachers...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...that heck yeah, it is all about creating/nurturing that #community "village to raise the child"! We all need to work together if the intention to raise confident, educated, happy/healthy kids that are ready to take on the world! We all need to work hard (& together)...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...if we're going to create the same equitable space & future for kids that need more attention & TLC. Academic/#learning gaps have been around for YEARS as have unrecognized/neglected mental health related issues for #students👉esp those w/#disabilities. What's the...
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For some reason, there is a belief that #school drive #COVID19 transmission.

The medical literature & major society statements do NOT support this belief.

In this thread, we'll have a look at just a few 👇

#cdnpoli #onpoli
This is from @CDCofBC April 20201:…
According to @CDCgov March 2021:

"Based on the data available, in-person learning in schools has not been associated with substantial community transmission."…
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#Ontario Key Indicators May 27 [resend]
1,135 new cases (37.7K tests, 5.4% 7 day pos)
Rt .85
ICU 650 -22
Deaths 19
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli…
New cases
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#Ontario Regions May 27
1,135 new cases.
Only Porcupine and Peel remain in purple.
Widespread decline underway.
#Covid19Ontario #Covid19ON #CovidOntario #onpoli #onhealth #onted…
Regional map of weekly case rates. Peel stands out.
Growth rates show almost universal declines.
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#Ontario Key Indicators May 26
1,095 new cases (24K tests, 5.6% 7 day pos)
Rt .86
ICU 672 🚨
Deaths 23
💉 135,308
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli… Image
New case smoothed trend continues to drop Image
7 day test positivity at 5.6%, 24K tests today. Image
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Restating what many of us on #ONpoli have been saying all day: Trudeau’s gov’t sent millions of rapid tests to Ontario. They sat unused on shelves because of Ford. Not sent to schools last year for safe reopening, etc. Why?
To enrich political donors? #FordMustResign #cdnpoli
As usual, @pressprogress broke valuable news directly related to this very topic. #DougFord’s director of pandemic response was a private health lobbyist for #ShoppersDrugMart.
Read more here:…

#ONpoli #cdnpoli #FordCorruption #VoteFordOut2022
I tweeted about this last October. Loblaws, owner of #ShoppersDrugMart, invested $75M in Maple. They expect return on their investment through increased privatization of #Ontario’s public healthcare. #OntHealth #ONpoli #VoteFordOut2022 #cdnpoli
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Cool Find!!! Adam Wynne recently messaged me to ask if I had any information about the ghost sign on the south side of 111 River Street in Toronto. The building is currently under threat of demolition.
I wrote back that I had nothing on it, surprised because I didn't even know there was a ghost sign at the location. However, I agreed to dig further. All the lettering I could make out from the photos at the beginning was choppy, "Office... .... & Co."
I stared at this faded sign through several years of Google Street Views for far too long, messaged back and forth with Adam about the history of the surrounding area, dove into the usual some online research, and started tracing what lettering I could decypher...
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When we talk about tech in #Canada, it normally stops at the #Ontario border, while we in the creative mecca of #Canda's West Coast gets little to no love.

In the last 6 months alone 6 #Vancouver co's reached $1 billion mark🦄

Here's a 🧵on the City's burgeoning tech ecosytem
1. At the top of the list is @dapperlabs, the makers of @nbatopshot, with their latest investment round they are now valued at $7.5 billion. Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant are investors.

NFT's are the future, and Dapper is leading the charge globally.…
2. Hailing from Burnaby is @goclio. They recently raised at a valuation of $1.6B, making them the first legal practice management unicorn in the tech world!

Props to @jack_newton for what he and his team have built.…
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