The President is cheating in this election at a scale never seen before in American history.

It's akin to Russia's operation vs Clinton in 2016 - its massive, impactful and for most part the main stream media is pretending it isn't happening.

Good stuff here fr @ThePlumLineGS.
Here's my recent take on the President's cheating. It's a good complement to what Greg lays out in his piece.

If the Trump's campaign is truly cash-strapped, we should expect his attempts to illicitly use govt resources to aide his campaign to expand.
“The scale of Trump’s conversion of the federal government into an arm of his political campaign is truly remarkable,” Mr. Bauer said. “It is appalling and raises a host of questions of both the trashing of norms and the skirting and violating of rules.”…
As @DavidNakamura wrote two weeks ago, there is no longer a line between the Administration and the Trump campaign. It is all functionally one now, with a single enemy - the "Radical Left" and the Democrats.

In 2016 the Democrats faced off against the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

This time we are facing off against the Trump campaign and the US government.…
My piece which explains how Barr/the President have created an ideological framework which allows his government and campaign to work together to defeat "dangerous" Dems electorally, thru USG and thru political violence. It's all one r/w jihad now.…

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22 Sep
Tomorrow 2pm ET hosting a lively, information new presentation, "With Democrats Things Get Better." It takes a deep look at US politics over past 30 years, performance of the two parties. Join us, all are welcome!…
"It is fascinating. You need to know about it. The entire country needs to know about it" wrote @mtomasky in the Daily Beast about "With Democrats" a few weeks ago.…
Here's one the charts from the presentation. Over last 32 years D Presidents have seen 34m jobs created on their watch, R Presidents 1.5m.

34m to 1.5m.

Two parties are not the same. Image
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22 Sep
Been surprising to me that the shift among under 45 year old voters since 2016 hasn't gotten more attention - it's one of the biggest demo/geo shifts of the Trump era. Hope pollsters, analysts spend more time looking at it in the days ahead (thread).
A new Harvard IOP poll captures the movement w/18-29 year olds.

HRC won them by 19, 55-36. Biden's lead today in this poll and others is well into the 30s. Here it's 60-27 (33 pts), w/Trump WAY below his 2016 totals. Margin could easily become high 30s.
In 2018 Dems won 18-29 year olds by 35 pts, and under 45s by 25. Clinton won them by 19, and 14.

Appears Biden is on track to match these 2018 numbers, and this is with about 45% of the electorate.

This is an enormous shift in the Presidential race.…
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19 Sep
A lot to be angry about today, but McConnell not allowing a few days for the nation to honor and mourn #RBG without making it all about politics and division, chief among them for me.

Another sign of how far GOP has fallen into illiberal, "win at all costs" politics.
I just made a contribution to @JoeBiden. You should too. Let's make this a big day for the campaign.

Make plans today, focus. Lock down your vote plan. Settle on your volunteering strategy. Give to the IA, ME, NC, SC Senate races. Stay positive, keep doing the work.
No reason to believe McConnell jamming another SCOTUS pick helps the GOP. It didn't help in 2018, and the corrupt Impeachment process hurt GOP Senate candidates.

A lot will depend on how radical the pick is. Do we think suburbanites want the end of Roe v Wade, ACA, more guns?
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18 Sep
Been writing a lot of late abt all the ways the President is cheating to win the 2020 election. It's become perhaps the central strategy for him to stay in power this year.

Here's some background:

Let's review new developments in this space this week.
Will @USPS do what the federal judge ordered it to last night? Huge new development in the President's effort to degrade mail capacity, discourage voting in the election.…
By acknowledging the gravity of the threats of Russia/white supremacists, FBI Director Wray challenged the fictional world Trump/Barr have been conjuring, a set of lies which has been the justification for their relentless cheating, lawlessness.

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17 Sep
As someone who has a bit of experience working in the Hispanic vote space, I've been intrigued by the stories about Biden struggling a bit with Hispanics.

To be honest I was skeptical given Trump's record, but let's take a look. (Short thread).
First, the heavily Mexican-American parts of the US have seen a huge swing towards Dems since Trump took over the GOP. In '18 Ds had big Congressional wins in SW, West. CO, NM no longer targeted states, NV holding, AZ leaning D, TX in play. Big change.…
Next, Dems had one of their best showings with Hispanics in the modern era in 2018, winning by 40 points in the House races, 69-29. HRC won them by 38 points in 2016, 66-28.

Dems also had their best showing with young people in the modern era in 2018.…
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16 Sep
If Kayne is running for President, why isn’t he, ah, like, running a campaign?

Because maybe he isn’t running for President. Maybe he’s building a fraudulent media, viral vehicle to attack @joebiden and help the President.
Efforts Trump/allies have made in building a viral, organic propaganda network - an entire alternative information ecosystem - is staggering.

What makes this different from previous eras is ability of millions of regular people to amplify, participate.

I worry the media, even Dem leaders, don't really yet understand how differently Trump is playing the game this time. Massive cheating, use of fake/manipulated media, flooding the zone w/viral organic content. It may be wrong, bad but it's happening.

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