We’re seeing a narrative evolve in real time in Lancaster, PA that omits the fact that the man who was shot & killed by police was actively trying to kill a police officer, even w/ bodycam evidence.

Enormously irresponsible, especially given the current climate.
We’ll start with @AP. They just so happened to leave out the reason why the officer was running away - a direct threat against his life - but managed to get the suspects race involved.
Reporting from @AP got picked up all over, as it does, and recycled through the same lens.

Here’s @usnews, who manage to scrub the knife detail and focus instead on the trendy topics: police shootings and protests.
Which is exactly the problem. By shoehorning a very obviously justified police use of force into the current narrative, you erase the details that matter.

@PhillyInquirer did the same thing, facts be damned.
Absolutely zero mention of what precipitated the deadly shooting from @YahooNews.
Same thing from @guardian - completely omits the key details, even after all the relevant information is publicly available.
And more of the same from @syracusedotcom
Here’s @thehill
@Newsweek was - not surprisingly - the least responsible with their reporting.
And by the time the dust has settled and the damage has been surveyed by the “protestors,” the situation that led to it has been all but forgotten.

Here’s @AP again and @PennLive
I usually leave out local stations because they do a hard and thankless job, but you can already see the narrative forming here.
And the usual arsonists jumped on the pile.

It is absolutely impossible to look at the bodycam video and conclude that the “police summarily executed” anyone, @greg_doucette.
And the usual clickbait folks jump in. Here’s @revolttv.
And before you know it, the issue - framed in a way that doesn’t fit the facts - is trending on twitter.

Shouldn’t need to be pointed out but this is REALLY bad.
This death, like any other, is a tragedy. But that doesn’t mean it fits your world view or advances your narrative just because of a few of the details of the event.

If reporting obfuscates more than it reveals about these kinds of things, we’ll all be worse off.
I have a bad feeling this thread will need to be added on to as more places pick up the story, especially national outlets.
Also, shouldn’t be lost on anyone that all of this is happening while two officers in LA are battling for their lives after someone attempted to assassinate them.

You want to know where the anti-police animus comes from? I’ve got a guess.
For those asking I don’t have anything to support or subscribe to but I do these threads often so throw me a follow if you’d like.

And remember in your charity the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. If you can give, here’s a good org: charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=…

• • •

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28 Sep

The biggest news out of NYT’s “bombshell” on Trump’s taxes is that it has flattened a conspiracy theory among Democrats & the media, popular in 2016-17, that Trump was hiding his taxes because of an illicit connection to Russia.

I’ve got some apology candidates👇 Image
You may remember that, back when “Russian collusion“ was the talk of the town, countless pieces and tweets surmised that Trump hadn’t released his taxes because they would be filled with Russian connections.

Well, they weren’t. Wonder if we’ll get any follow up from @ewarren? ImageImage
Or perhaps @HillaryClinton, who made this conspiracy theory a component of her 2016 campaign, will be interested in following up? ImageImage
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28 Sep
My controversial take of the day is that the tax code is Bad.
Also, recognizing that the whole anti-libertarian thing may come off as overly glib, is to be clear: I think the government should serve a positive moral good, and that tax law should help bring that about, too.
I’m not some “make the government so small you can drown it in the bath tub” type. I don’t think taxes are theft.
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26 Sep
I’m not sure that the Dems Coney Barrett opposition approach of “well all these things about her may seem great but actually they’re evil” will be effective.
I mean, surely they’ve got something a little more palatable to everyday people than suggesting she trafficked the children she claims to have adopted?
Or that she’s racist for adopting Black kids?
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25 Sep

Last night we learned, unequivocally, that the FBI acted deliberately to undermine @realDonaldTrump.

Think we’ll get any follow up from all the outlets who made the face of bad FBI behavior, Peter Strzok (@petestrzok), into some kind of hero?
The worst offender had to be @MSNBC. It would be an understatement to say that they made a martyr out of him.

They also helped push his new book, and covered for a theory (that has aged poorly) that people were quitting the FBI because of “unacceptable politicization.”
It won’t surprise you that @maddow was leading the charge on this one.

She made Strzok out to be a wrongly defamed hero who had done nothing but try to defend the country.
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25 Sep
The most important story in the world right now is that various segments of the US government coordinated a malicious attack based on a lie to undermine the duly elected President of the United States.

It’s that simple. If it doesn’t bother you, it means you’re a partisan.
And I say this as someone who has never been a fan of Trump and didn’t vote for him.

It’s just inescapably true that what has become clear over the months and years since the Russian collusion investigation began is an enormous miscarriage of justice.
And part of the reason it makes me so incredibly mad - beyond just the injustice and absurdity of it - is because I bought it, too. I was all in on the conspiracy theory.
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24 Sep
Check on your lib friends, guys. They aren’t doing okay. huffpost.com/entry/rbg-mom-…
Her liberal friends were probably like “well it may seem a bit extreme but at least she didn’t do something outrageous, like become Catholic.”
Bummer. It isn’t the REAL Satanists she joined. It’s literally just some dumb liberal social group with an edgy name.
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