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14 Sep, 3 tweets, 1 min read
1. The anti-democratic mechanism in the American political system -- electoral college, senate, filibuster -- not only thwart popular will (as they were designed to) but do so in ways that are specifically bad for action on climate change.
2. To paraphrase @GreatDismal, climate change is here but it is unevenly distributed. The Democratic coastal states are seeing immediate problems, which inland GOP states won't confront for decades (mainly desertification).
3. More thoughts on how the climate crisis and the democracy crisis are intertwined .…

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19 Sep
My colleague John Nichols is right on the money here. This is a time to fight.
2. Anyone who has read me will know that I'm a pretty pessimistic about American democracy, asymmetric polarization and Mitch McConnell. I've never thought that the GOP could ever break in any large numbers from Trump or not support Gorsuch & Kavanaugh. But....
3. I think this time the situation is more fluid than before. There's only 6 weeks till the election, this isn't replacing a GOP seat (i.e. Scalia and Kennedy) but a Dem one, and there's some genuine reasons for some in GOP to be careful.
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16 Sep
1. This Danielle Pletka op ed on why she's more afraid of Biden than Trump has been much dunked on -- expertly & hilariously so by @petridishes & @dandrezner -- but it does help clarify limits Democrat's efforts to win over disaffected Republicans.…
2. The thing is Pletka is very, very right wing. I mean used to work for Jesse Helms. She says she didn't support Trump in 2016 but the fact is she also didn't support Clinton and called herself #NeverHillary that year. Image
3. Obviously Biden has had some success in winning over moderates and disenchanted Republicans, but in 2020 anyone of that stripe who hasn't already jumped ship is not going to. What we're left with is people like Pletka who don't like Trump personally but are like his policies
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13 Sep
1. I've been reading some Raymond Chandler lately & it clarified something that is maybe obvious to everyone else but had never occurred to me: that pervasive police corruption was a necessary precondition for creation of hard-boiled detective novel as a genre.
2. In High Window, Philip Marlowe tells 2 cops a story about why he doesn't like telling them everything he knows, "the Cassidy Case." TL;dr: A rich guy kills his secretary & himself but cops (to please rich guys family) makes it look like the opposite.
3. The difference between the old-school locked-door gentlemen detective (say Holmes or Perroit) & a hard-boiled dick like Spade or Marlowe resides in different relation to police: for Holmes, cops are idiots, for Marlowe they are corrupt. Different rational.
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11 Sep
1. Make no mistake: the taped comments Trump made to Woodward in February & March are very damaging to Trump. But as so often in Trump era, elite norms have given Trump an out: it's fair to ask why, given import of Trump's words, Woodward was silent for months.
2. One oft-made defense of Woodward is that he was acting as an "author" and not a "journalist." But that hardly makes sense since his books are themselves a form of journalism. And journalism carries ethical obligations. Image
3. To reframe: what is Bob Woodward? He himself says he's a kind of historian -- writing the second draft of history after daily newspaper writers do the first draft. But if he's a historian it's a very narrow sort: a court chronicler.
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9 Sep
1. On Labor Day Trump channelled his inner Gandhi and denounced "top people in the Pentagon" who "want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else, stay happy.”
2. On Facebook the Trump campaign has put out ads appropriating 1960s anti-war iconography, arguing "Make Peace Not War." ImageImage
3. Trump styling himself as a peacenik is ridiculous: he's ramped up military attacks on civilians and engaged in dangerous games of chicken with rival powers like Iran, North Korea & China. But it's not enough to say Trump is a hypocrite & fraud without considering his audience
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5 Sep
Barbara Amiel has a memoir coming out! A helpful thread on what we can expect.
I do admire how right-wing memoirs are blunt in their titles about being motivated by revenge and ill-will. Amiel's forthcoming book is called Friends & Enemies. Norman Podhoretz had one called Ex-Friends. Martin Peretz is writing The Book of Grudges.
Barbara Amiel fantasizing about various ways she'd like to see her enemies die. Image
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