The professional culture is so congealed we now have an incumbent relentlessly messaging that he'll reject anything but election-night victory as illegitimate, while encouraging violence against protesters, and it has had almost no impact on how journalists cover the horserace.
In their defense, other organs of the state, including those under Democratic control, aren’t reacting with commensurate alarm, and if they did, journalists might follow suit. But Biden *has* sounded the alarm, with only passing effect.
I *do* think these habits can be forced to change, but it’ll require organized action from within newsrooms.
Trump’s “Law and Order message” is pure propaganda, and easily verified as such. Reprinting it uncritically is dangerous.
If Caputo’s rant is alarming (and it is) it’s more alarming that Trump says basically the same stuff–and that there’s no legitimate scenario in which he loses. Reporting on him as a “law and order” candidate in a normal horse race is such a huge failure.…
I remain convinced that the only way to stop this kind of thing from happening should Trump do what he’s threatened to do is concerted *proactive* action from within the newsroom from the same brave staffers who responded to the Cotton op-ed.

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19 Sep
Having read most of the book now, I can say this is not actually fair. Boring liberal immigration and family formation policies will cause population growth to speed up, THAT will create political externalities, and liberals need a framework for fighting through the backlash.
Liberalizing these policies is the right thing to do on its own terms, and it’s obviously possible to promote them without an overarching appeal to American greatness. But without the appeal, the gains will be in greater jeopardy than they would otherwise be.
And yes, it works both ways. The assertion that American greatness is an outgrowth of liberal ideas lends all kinds of ideas the advantages of incumbency and an on-offense posture.
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4 Sep
A perfect opportunity to test some of the ideas I wrote about here. It shouldn’t be a total non-story that literally everything Trump says in trying to appeal to voters is an egregious lie.…
See, I think it’s an extremely important point, part and parcel of the larger story, which is that Trump’s appeal to military families is a lie and and he in fact disdains them.
More generally, I think it’s completely insane that Trump tells these demonstrably false lies about literally everything and it’s just treated as background noise, rather than treated with the alarm it deserves.
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27 Aug
My response to Mike Pence, which I stole from a weeks old @mattyglesias tweet.
It’s been 3 years of Republicans going on TV and saying “Donald Trump built the greatest economy in history” and me screaming “JUST PUT UP THE FUCKING JOBS CHART!”
Now that Trump has destroyed the economy, Democrats have landed on the correct message that it was an economy Trump inherited. But it’s been a mostly unanswered lie for the entirety of Trump’s presidency.
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26 Aug
The national press corps' email obsession wasn’t driven by prior national security commitments. That was obvious at the time, and confirmed by years of relative indifference to the national security implications of the many ways Trump imperils national security as president.
Even the Russia scandal, which the press corps wasn't indifferent to, didn’t generate attention primarily because Trump's conduct imperiled national security.
But Kushner’s clearance, the migration of national security matters to WhatsApp, Trump’s own unsecured phone, his opaque finances, the Trump administration’s OWN EMAIL PRACTICES—all non-stories at this point.
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26 May
This is an important piece.…
Originalism is the doctrine that proves the founders meant to authorize 21st century Republican governing priorities and nothing more.
Let's say you hate the welfare state, but realize it's far too popular and ingrained to be dislodged politically. You have to turn to the courts, which means you need to argue that the things you hate are all by sheer coincidence prohibited by the Constitution. Thus, originalism.
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23 May
This is why Wray has to go in the next administration. Doesn't matter if he did this reluctantly, doesn't matter if he has a facially valid rationale. We are where we are in large part because of people who know better cooking up facially valid bases for Trump's crooked schemes.
More reasons Biden should fire and replace Chris Wray, from @RonWyden. ImageImageImage
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