1/ Martin Luther King will excuse me for plagiarizing him, but one has to call upon the great leaders of our history to help when despair starts taking hold.

I have a dream !
2/ I have a dream that one day the rule of law will be an evidence no one dares to challenge, everyone holds dear, and every generation inherits its awe of it from the previous one.

I have a dream today !
3/ I have a dream that no one will bare arms but our valiant army. No one will feel the need to be protected but by them . No one would want to die fighting but side by side with his fellow soldier defending their cherished land.

I have a dream today !
4/ I have a dream of a country free of smuggling and fraud, not only because of the fear of the law but also because my countrymen would be rejecting any aberration benefiting the few and harming the rest.

I have a dream today !
5/ I have a dream of a Federal , Secular and Modern Lebanon , home of a great civilization and birthplace of acceptance and love.

I have a dream today !
6/ I have a dream that one day , belligerent states would come to my country to find common ground and negotiate peace, instead of fighting each other on our lands and using our lives as fodder.

I have a dream today !
7/ I have a dream that serving my country would become a sacrifice and not a reward, but the kind of sacrifice a father and a mother constantly do on behalf of their children

I have a dream today !
8/ I have a dream that one day , Lebanon's researchers would help develop medical solutions at the highest levels and contribute to the world's well being.

I have a dream today !
9/ I have a dream that all the Lebanese would be competing to create the best new startup, the most incredible architectural design and the most enticing painting.

I have a dream today !
10/ I have a dream we would be the book capital of the region with avid thinkers fighting over the latest theory and the best way to explain it.
An oasis of freedom and a sea of ideas.

I have a dream today !
11/ I have a dream that our glorious mountains keep towering over our beautiful valleys, free of pollution and urban scars and home to our history and our future.

I have a dream today!
12/ I have a dream that every young Lebanese feels lucky of belonging to this country , feels confident it will take care of him and feels proud to give it back all he can in gratitude

I have a dream today !
13/ Yes, i may be dreaming but if we stop dreaming we will stop living .
It is up to us to make those dreams come true.
It is up to us to make our country a better place for our kids .
We either rise together to the challenge or let the country and our lives fall into the abyss

• • •

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20 Jul
1/ I had promised a thread on neutrality and why i believe it is the cornerstone of any effort to rebuild the nation on a solid and sustainable footing, here we go 👇
2/ I am going to tackle it from 2 different angles, the first one would be purely tactical and is directly related to our current financial situation, while the second is much more strategic and involves a durable solution to our political problems
3/ I think that there are multiple views on how to tackle our financial meltdown, some of them complementing each others while the rest are completely incompatible. Whatever the proposal, they all agree on one matter : we need external financing to climb out of the hole.
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26 Jun
1/ A small thread on the exchange rate 👇
2/ Again with the basics: rate will be set by supply and demand. Any attempt to force the market will fail miserably, it is a simple reality. To curb the flying rate you either increase the supply by pumping dollars in the market or reduce the demand
3/ Since the short term capacity to pump USDs is very limited, the only other option is to reduce demand. I have covered this subject extensively in the past so i am going to update it here.
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6 May
1/ I have been postponing writing about the government plan for a little while, i think it is time to tackle it head on. I will try to keep it as simple as possible, my goal here is getting the message through to everyone not just the specialists.
2/ I will start with general thoughts.

The document has clearly been written by 2 distinct groups, and brought together haphazardly before it was published. The first section(well written) is financial/monetary , and the second(less so) is more economic.
3/ If you go through the document, you might be under the impression that the Banks, at the direction of BDL, gambled peoples' savings in some oil futures and recorded heavy losses when the prices plummeted.
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26 Apr
1/ How can we stabilize the exchange rate ? First with the basics: when demand largely outpace the offer, no matter what you do, the rate will go up. No two ways about it. So we either reduce the demand or beef up the offer.
2/ Let's start with the offer side, since attracting deposits is thankfully neither possible nor desirable, we have to rely on exports, remittances and tourism. I have discussed the first one extensively, so let me tackle the other two.
3/ Remittances are one of our biggest strength as they cover local expenses with foreign currency, they are prone to very little fluctuation (an expat will always support his family in Lebanon). We need to organize those to make sure they go through a proper chanel
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19 Apr
1/ A small thread (this time i promise) , on the approach to dealing with COVID-19 on a country level. How we should proceed to prevent the lockdown from completely destroying our already frail economy.
2/ First a hats off to the gvt for , mostly, taking the right measures, however difficult that might have been to flatten the curve. It was done in a timely manner and kudos to them on assembling experts in committees to improve the response and plan for the next phase
3/ The measures have been largely successful and even though we still lag far behind in testing, our Health Care system has largely been spared the initial onslaught COVID brings with its exponential infection rate.
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1 Mar
1/ I will be posting threads addressing some of the ideas i outlined in my previous (admittedly long) alternative draft policy thread. The goal here is to start an in-depth discussion on the various aspects of a recovery plan. Starting with healthcare 👇
2/ First a disclaimer : i am neither a health care executive nor a MD, the ideas proposed are supposed to be a starter on the matter and i would hope professionals with skin in the game would weigh in.
3/ An overview of the current situation : Lebanon imports ~$1.4bn and exports only $58mn in pharmaceutical products. The NSSF is broke, the hospitals are reeling under a mountain of debt with the gvt not paying its dues.
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