"Of Wolves and Chihuahuas"

There was a beautiful forest where there lived a Proud and strong race of wolves. That forest had been their abode for thousands of years… But one day, there came to the forest a bunch of chihuahuas who wanted to live among them.
“We have trinkets,” said the chihuahuas, “and we have shining gold… Why don’t you let us live here?”

Many of the wolves were quite distrustful of those small, scraggly-looking canines.
“These are no wolves” they protested. “Why let them live here?”
But there were other ones who, for being religious and followers of a God from the land of the chihuahuas, said: “Let them live among us. We wolves must be kind and loving. All creatures of this world are wolves – be they chihuahuas, poodles or whatever!”
Upon hearing this, the chihuahuas greatly rejoiced.
Soon did they set up shops in the forest, enticing those chihuahua-worshipping wolves to become users of the most useless things: artificial claws and fangs; sound boxes that would howl, so that they wouldn’t have to; and so on.
And thus, with the passing of time, the chihuahuas became immensely rich, whereas the wolves became immensely lazy.
So rich and influential were the chihuahuas that they would take part in the meetings of the wolf pack.
“Isolation is not good for wolves! We should open our pack to Pomeranians and Shih Tzus too”, the chihuahuas would expound during the gatherings, as they voted in favor of bringing in more and more different types of dogs into the forest of the wolves.
“What are these chihuahuas doing here? Why do you listen to them?” a lone wolf would protest from time to time. But then there the Chihuahua-God-worshipping wolves would be, with their quick answer:
...“We wolves must be kind and loving. In the eyes of our Chihuahua God, all creatures of this world are wolves! The chihuahuas have the right to be here!”

Centuries passed and the forest became modern. By that point, though few in numbers, the chihuahuas owned everything...
...arts, medicine, industry, banking, newspapers, and movies [in which famous chihuahua artists would be featured, kissing wolves and telling them that they should be free from the past; things got so liberal that male wolves were mating with male wolves; ...
...and female wolves began smoking, drinking, and saying that male wolves were their oppressors].

By then, the wolf population was still large, but had begun to dwindle, as many of the Chihuahua-God worshippers began mating with pugs, chihuahuas, Shih Tzus...
...having all sorts of puppies that looked nothing like wolves, because “in the eyes of the Chihuahua God, all creatures of this world are wolves!”
Many wolves had forgotten their ancient ways. And for that reason, those who still had any memory of what the forest and the wolf pack had been like before the arrival of those scoundrel little dogs felt angrier and angrier.
But then there was a day when a different wolf was born: Ad’Wolf was his name!
He was a wolf who was proud of being a wolf!
He knew that wolves were tall and strong, fierce and intelligent…and above all, they’d protect THEIR PACK...
...because THEY were not chihuahuas or pugs or Shih Tzus… THEY WERE WOLVES!

At the gatherings, with his mighty voice and keen intelligence, he would say:
“We are wolves…but our forest is no longer ours! The chihuahuas are everywhere!
They set the rules for and command our packs. In their art, books and newspapers, they tell us how to behave in atrocious ways that are not wolf-like….
And they are erasing our memory! The memory of what it is to be a wolf!...
Let us throw these chihuahuas out of OUR FOREST!

“One Forest! One Species! One Pack!” – they would all chant beautifully, united as they were!
These speeches came down into the minds of the other wolves like a meteor!
They began waking up and expelling the chihuahuas from their midst.
Their forest thrived like it hadn’t in a long time!
They were proud and strong again and were free of the mind-poison they had been given
Alas, little did they know that, like a cancer, the chihuahuas had already taken over several other forests where – by means of the influence of their money and power – other animals now believed the wolves to be the most evil ones in nature.
“We must go to war with the wolves! They are planning to take over all our forests and make us into their slaves!” those other animals, worshippers of the Chihuahua-God as they were, would scream.

And so, the war began!
But what the chihuahuas had not counted on was that the wolves would win battle after battle, for they had regained their original strength and ferocity.
They had wolf leaders now!
Most of all, they had Ad’Wolf, a leader that was like the reincarnation of the ancient WOLF Spirit!
Infuriated, the chihuahuas were baffled at how they could not make the wolves bend their knees!
As a consequence, they threw all their power at them, conjuring every forest to fight against the evil wolves…
Puppies or females; old ones or not; every wolf would have to be slaughtered no matter how.

The war dragged on, and the wolves resisted bravely for a few more years…but they were eventually defeated.
Not only the enemy forces were too large, but there were many traitors among them. Yes! The wolves who were Chihuahua-God worshippers had worked all along with the chihuahuas to protect them and to make their plans a success….
...for “in the eyes of the Chihuahua God, all creatures of this world are wolves!”
Those wolf soldiers who survived the end were judged in special tribunals – ones that were comprised of only chihuahua jurors, lawyers and judges, and didn’t have to follow any law of the forests..
...(they could just make up whatever law they saw fit). Doctored films, fake witnesses, torture…every dirty trick they had in their sleeve was used by the chihuahuas to make the wolves look guilty.
How dared they want their forest only for themselves? How dared they want to be wolves and not something else?

Now, it’s been decades since those times. The descendants of the wolves have forgotten who they are and believe their ancestors to be the evilest thing there ever was.
“In the eyes of the Chihuahua God, all creatures of this world are wolves!” they chant the mantra on and on, as they open the borders of the wolf forest to endless streams of chihuahuas, poodles, pomeranians, ferrets, monkeys, pigs and everything under the sun...
...mating with them out of spite and wishing to erase the wolf gene from this world.
BUT…some of us are still wolves!
Some of us still remember who we are!
The Wolf Spirit still lives!
Not matter what the chihuahuas do, or what the Chihuahua God worshippers do!
When their world crashes, we THE WOLVES will still be here…in the shadows of the OUR FOREST, wild like we used to be, UNTAMMED by the filth and mind-poison of the chihuahuas!
Howl with me, wolves!
Show your teeth!
And never forget who you are!
And all the wolf ancestors who fought for us!

• • •

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“What is that?” – You might ask.
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