The thing to remember about Donald Trump's wildfire responses is that his supporters are *comforted* by the fact the President is as dumb as them.
Like, they feel like elites (like me) have been looking down our noses at them their whole lives (which I have) secretly thinking their views are less valid because they're wrong, ignorant, or incoherent (which they are).
The fact that Trump's intellectual mediocrity is so evident is actually a key to his appeal with other mediocrities who, far from being ashamed at their own ignorance are *proud* of it.
You know, that and the racism.

• • •

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17 Sep
Memo to white families:
Black parents have to counteract with outside learning and study the wrong, misleading, ignorant, whitewashed messages transmitted in public schools LITERALLY ALL THE TIME.
"Patriotism education" is just a new phrase for the same BS that usually goes on during the white-centered, Western-loving, washed and erased fairy tales y'all been calling "history" since you colonized and conquered shit.
So, yes, if you want Junior to grow to be something other an ignorant propaganda-fed sympathizer for an America that was *never* all that great, you have to do some outside work. You might have to go the extra mile to *expose* your kids to books they won't teach them in school.
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15 Sep
I have a theory for why the mainstream press won't push stories about inhumane treatment in ICE facilities and the like

It's b/c when you write those stories and really report out the details and wrestle with them, you're left with the conclusion that Trump supporters are *evil*
And the mainstream press doesn't like painting Trump supporters are *evil*, because they're fellow whites. So they have to be dumb or duped or aggrieved or misled, but they can't be *evil.*
B/c if they're *evil* then the press has to wrestle with the fact that their racist family members are also evil. Some of their colleagues are evil. And they'd have to atone for their professional help in promoting evil through their massive "but her emails" campaign.
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15 Sep
The health outcomes for black and brown women when it comes to their reproductive systems are so bad, I feel like every husband needs to know.

During my wife’s pregnancies my job, my ONLY job, was to make sure no doctor did anything she didn’t want.
She ended up not taking drugs during either of her labors. But both times I was there just as a bulwark if she was put under and the doc had ideas about what should or shouldn’t be removed.
And that process started well ahead of Labor Day. It involved going to appointments asking questions, even if you were WebMDing your way through shit. Just making the doctors know you would be a FORCE that they couldn’t fast talk around or through or over.
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12 Sep
My kids staged a *protest* this morning.
My wife announced a new rule: On Saturdays, while she's making breakfast, the kids have to tidy their playroom to clean up all the remote school detritus and turn it back into a *playroom* for the weekend.
But, the boys didn't see the inherent logic of that. After various complaints about "unfairness," which we ignored of course, the 7yo retreated upstairs. We assumed he was following the new instructions, BUT HE WAS NOT.
Instead, he was making *signs* for him and his brother. After they were ready, they started MARCHING through the house CHANTING "No tidying on Saturdays, IT'S NOT FAIR" over and over, while holding up their signs.
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9 Sep
I don’t have anything to add to this utter debasement of the Department of Justice we’re seeing with Barr throwing himself of Trump defend his private misconduct.

Other than “I told you so that conservative lawyers were always full of shit and have no objective legal principles”
Everybody who ever carried water for Barr, @FedSoc or any of these conservatively align groups or persons who will say nothing to stop them, should really think about how their desperate search for both sides allowed them to suborn monsters.
I’ll remember this as the Trump legal cretins spread from this administration to all the usual halls of power: at law firms, law schools, judicial appointments, and so-called debating societies.
But most people won’t and will try to “make nice” after this.
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27 Aug
It’s not a “race war.” It’s white people killing unarmed black civilians, justfying the killings to each other, and encouraging other whites to do the same.
Whites erupting in violence against black people happens here every few decades.
White people get scared or pissed off about something. They start killing black people. Black people object so whites kill or hang or roast or drown MORE Black people to teach the Black people who objected to the first killings a lesson.
The fever breaks when the underlying conditions for white people improve: usually they steal more wealth from blacks or foreigners and that makes them feel better.
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