Quick thread about 4chan and their years-long campaign to tie the LGBTQ community to pedophilia:

Last year, I wrote a story about how 4chan trolls were posing as gay men on Twitter to try to frame the LGBTQ community as trying to normalize pedophilia.
Far-right sites ran headlines like “Resistance Member Says Pedophilia Is Sexual Orientation, Claims Bigotry” based on a fake Twitter account created by a chan troll.

This is a homophobic trope, an extension of ages-old homophobic slippery slope arguments against LGBT people.
There were real gay men who had their identity stolen for this disinformation campaign. They were deeply kind guys who run a blog highlighting safe places for LGBTQ people to travel.
This is not even close to the first time 4chan trolls have tried to do this. Trolls have created fake posters adding “P” to the end of “LGBT” posters in Oregon. Trolls took to Tumblr to create fake pedophile acceptance flags.

Now, there are rumors all over the far-right internet that a mysterious “they” is trying to normalize pedophilia. They say Cuties, a Netflix movie meant to criticize the hypersexualization of children, is in support of it.

Those trolls will show up here.
The far-right content mill for this narrative took off this weekend. While regular people were at the park, there was a vacuum for real information.

It was filled by old-fashioned fake news sites, who published and deleted wholly made up stuff like this:
One of the top goals of the worst people on the internet for the last few years is to try to tie the LGBTQ community to pedophilia for political purposes.

So when these people say “they” are trying to normalize pedophilia, it’s worth asking them:

Who is “they” here?

• • •

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3 Sep
Some really cool news: @AliVelshi, @BrandyZadrozny and I will be hosting a disinformation special on MSNBC.

Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

We're going to break down, in detail, how the Internet got so broken, how your family members got radicalized so fast, and how we can fix it.
We're really excited about this: a place to take the Internet seriously on TV.

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Yes! It's really important to show that this stuff impacts a lot of us.

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President Trump tonight: "We had somebody get on a plane... it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms."

Viral Facebook rumor from June: "At least a dozen males got off the plane in Boise from Seattle, dressed head to toe in black."
This appears to be an extension of the viral "Antifa is coming to the suburbs" trope that went wildly viral on Facebook and text messages in June.

The Idaho Statesman and Payette County Sheriff's office debunked this specific viral rumor.

h/t @DoktorZoom
This stuff was everywhere months ago. Not sure how this specific wild rumor reappeared in the president's information diet three months later to the day, but it's not surprising.

Rumors of Antifa marauding through the suburbs were viral in every state.

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NEW + exclusive:

Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says

Pro-Trump Twitter accounts posing as African Americans claimed they were Democrats until a month ago.

Several of these posts had over 10,000 retweets.

Turns out their profile pictures were a stock photo and a Dutch model who had nothing to do with it.
Here's @KRON619, an African-American who was brand new to the Trump train.

He's been a "Dem my whole life" until "I finally saw their racism." Over 12,000 retweets.

Turns out he's a stock photo.

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I'm talking with @mathewi and @BrandyZadrozny about QAnon right now.

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When it comes to QAnon, we have to get out of the mindset that if it's on the internet it's not important.

This stuff is our politics now, even if I wish it wasn't. Let's get over the shock of how bad it is and deal with it.

People with radicalized friends don't have a choice.
Here's why QAnon's takeover of fringe communities is a public health threat, and how its danger can't be neatly presented in a rapsheet or a bodycount.
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22 Aug
Fascinating thing in the QAnon sphere today: Major Q influencers are calling all of these Q rallies, some drawing hundreds of people, a "false flag," likely because the signs, messages and backlash are humiliating when presented IRL. They insist this is an online-only movement.
Major Q influencers are disavowing today's Qanon rallies because they don't understand how unwieldy the movement has become.

These aren't just boomer memes and 4chan shitposters anymore. They're moms who were radicalized in wellness Facebook groups they've never even heard of.
Q followers are also clearly worried about violence. There's a fake viral flyer saying people in these marches are Secret Antifa Agents.

They point to a recent Q post that introduced their world to Fifth Columnists. They're worried something will pop off at one of these rallies.
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14 Aug
New from me:

Has a friend, almost overnight, become certain masks are for slaves, pedophiles run the world, and Donald Trump is saving it?

You're not alone.

Here's how QAnon and Facebook created the viral anti-mask tirade — and radicalized your friends.
Researchers saw QAnon invade wellness, religious, and new age communities on Facebook right as the pandemic began to grip the U.S.

Now, people who were interested in stuff like crystals and energy believe Trump is a "light worker," saving the children.

nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news… Image
So! You probably know Melissa Rein Lively as QAnon Karen. She trashed the mask section of a Target, then said she was "QAnon's spokesperson."

Five months before that, she "bought a hazmat suit," freaked out about COVID.

What changed? Her Facebook groups.
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