Note: Mass surgical sterilizations in the US are only "like Nazi Germany" in the sense that Nazi Germany was like the US. The Nazis studied our eugenics movement, which was government-backed and viewed as compassionate, scientifically-minded, and progressive by those who did it.
Science denial is dangerous and sucks but it's important to realize that "science" isn't objective because it's done by humans and humans aren't objective. People who have dared to oppose some awful, awful things have been accused of ignoring science and setting back progress.
Sometimes it's not chickens coming home to roost. Sometimes they're just already roosting, because they live there. This is the chickens' home, but some of us have got used to ignoring the smell.
.....from the QTs and comments, seems like a lot of people can't read "The United States did this horrible thing." without seeing it as a defense and an argument that therefore it couldn't be horrible.

I'm glad you see it's awful. But why is that your reflex?
The point is not "We did it, therefore it's fine." Was the chicken coop metaphor too obscure? I just said our country stinks to high heaven with the stench of what we've learned to live with. I guess that's too subtle?
The point isn't "We did it, therefore it's fine." The point is that looking to a time and place that feels far away removed from our present life for comparison is externalizing, minimizing, what has happened and still is happening here.

Forced sterilization never ended.

• • •

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28 Sep
This is something I actually think is extremely important to our psychic landscape as a people - the word we use to mean "feeling good" and "the opposite of sad" is derived from a word that for centuries meant "lucky in one's circumstances".
"Money can't buy happiness" - but to suddenly have money was a happy event. Money is happiness. It's a blessing.. I was going to say it's fortunate, but. Fortune. Fortuitous. A large amount of money is a fortune; having money is fortunate.
You see how all these things are tied together in our language? Luck is money is happiness is luck.
Read 6 tweets
28 Sep
You know, I keep seeing people talking about Trump expensing his hair care with the idea that it's a phony deduction, but here's the thing that I think we should be looking at: what other obviously personal-use goods and services were expensed?

I ask *not* on a tax angle.
As I've said many times, both before and since the NYT story dropped, Trump's MO is to live off the streams of other people's money that pass through his hands. Salaries he pays himself as manager or consultant on a project. His casinos lost money but he got paid to run them.
Here's the thing about Donald Trump constantly eating at his own restaurants. It not only appeals to his paranoia and his love of consistency, but part of the story is that he does it out of a sense of perfectionism. He's constantly testing them.
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28 Sep
Here is what Ryan Ellis hopes you're not enough of a "tax expert" to understand about the Trump story and his thread: Trump's tax strategy has his losses so well-placed they will "offset over time" until he's dead. He never pays taxes and never will.
It may be that what Donald Trump is doing is perfectly legal! And yet, he seems to be constantly fighting with the IRS over it, an organization that is known to ignore transgressions by those powerful enough to give them a headache over it to go after easier small fries instead.
So he may or may not ever be found guilty of tax crimes, but @RyanLEllis is certainly enough of a tax expert to understand that "legal" and "illegal" aren't binaries in this area; there's what one person can get away with, and what one can't.
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28 Sep
Yeah, I also said many times in the first year that he was not prepared to operate in the fishbowl of the presidency.

I massively underestimated the extent to which the fishbowl was not prepared for him, so it's taken this long for it to catch up with him this much.
And I want to emphasize that it's not over until it's over. If he gets a second term... I honestly think the brakes come all the way off. What's coming out now and what comes out between now an November or January, it will matter less and less.
Because when he can no longer win an election with any pretense of legitimacy and when he has a definite deadline of four more years and then he's done... he no longer has anything to lose through grabbing power, and everything to lose by giving it up.
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28 Sep
One thing about this NYT story and the picture it reveals: I cannot emphasize how strong the mythic image is, among his base, of a saint-like Trump who had a perfect life and sacrificed his wealth and happiness to save the country/the children/the world.
They believe what is basically a Bizarro inversion of reality: that Trump was rich, successful, and his future was perfectly secure, but by becoming president he has exposed himself to phony investigations, frivolous lawsuits, and lost millions/billions in business opportunities
Without even having done any recon, I am sure that apart from dismissing it as "fake news", his base will ignore the earlier years and seize on the 2016 and 2017 info to show just how much he has given up. Everybody knows he was rich and successful, right?
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27 Sep
So I finished Death of the Outsider this morning. I think Billie might be my favorite player character in Dishonored? Though her power set challenges me. It's more bare bones, doesn't have as many "I Win" setups.
The thing that is interesting to me is that the game in the franchise that is the most explicitly about choice offers you the fewest. No mark to refuse or accept. No choice of powers or how to develop them. No chaos system.
Where Daud and Corvo can kill a crowd of enemies in the blink of an eye and Emily can enthrall or take out up to four, Billie doesn't really have any "combat ready" powers until she gets the blade. Even her teleport isn't as good for escape as Corvo's realtime Blink.
Read 23 tweets

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