How To Persuade Anyone

A Primer for Ambitious People


Let's goπŸ‘‡
Persuasion is the most subtle form of power.

You either understand this power and can use it to benefit yourself and others.

Or you are captive to its spell and will have your opinions altered without even knowing it.

Here are 5 laws of persuasion...
Law 1: Make It Visual

Visual persuasion is the most effective form of persuasion.

Visuals are powerful for three reasons:

β€”We tend to assume visuals are true
β€”They override our brain's logical defenses
β€”They ignite the emotional regions of the brain
The world's largest brands know this. Which is why they spend $billions every year on it.

This ad is 100% visual persuasion. There's literally nothing stated about the product. And you know what? It works.
Law 2: Use Contrast

Contrast focuses the human mind.

If I ask you, "What's your favorite food?" It's hard to choose. There are so many options!

But if I ask you, "Do you prefer sushi or pizza?" I'm giving you two options to compare. You can answer in a snap.
Law 3: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Effective persuasion requires repetition.

Every great politician knows this.
Every great marketer knows this.
Every great brand knows this.

Now you know this.
But don't take my word for it. Look at how great orators use repetition to persuade and build movements.
Law 4: Give & Take

When you do something nice for someone, they feel compelled to repay you with another favor.

This is why grocery stores give out free samples. Triggering the reciprocity reflex increases sales 600%-2,000%.
Law 5: Anchor To A Favorable Frame

Anchoring means you create a reference point ("anchor") to influence decisions.

It's why you should make strong initial offers in negotiations. The first number put out anchors the conversation.

The best examples are in pricing...
The Economist used to offer three subscription options.

1β€” Online only for $59
2β€” Print only for $125
3β€” Print + Web for $125

In a study done on MIT students, 84 out of 100 chose option 3. The only point of option 2 is to anchor the reader and make option 3 look like a deal.
That's all friends!

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19 Sep
How to Win in the Digital Century

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A digital world will magnify differences between people.

Those who work smarter will amass more wealth than ever. Those who don't, will struggle more than ever.
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Design separates winners and losers:

β€” Nike
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Grasping the basics will enrich your life and help you win.
Lesson 1: Align Everything

Nothing should be arbitrary. Every element should have a visual connection with another.

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1: Heroes And Happiness Don't Mix.

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Darkness is ever present. And it threatens to consume the world. ImageImage
Every great story needs a bad guy.

And, whether you realize it or not, the best businesses have one, too.

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