... let me give you an example of why I’m a cheerleader

Everyone knows how QDrops are based on timestamps, but check out what happens when you add 12 hours.

Say you have a 17:15 timestamp...

“You’d be amazed at how much is shared.”
Add 12 hours - Drop 2915

It’s a POTUS tweet that starts with “Oh, I see!”

The date is 1-March-2019
On the bottom of drop, below POTUS tweet, Q says “Your T-banner is appropriate and fits you well.”

Pretty chill, right?

Let’s add 12 more hours...
2915 + 1200 = 4115

Image talking about how Tanzania tested a Goat & fruit with COVID test kits to show they are faulty.

At bottom:

“Sometimes you cannot tell the public the truth.


Pretty chill, huh?
Not really - check out the website from Drop 2915...

Again, this is 12:00 prior.

🐐 GOAT 🐐

🤣 😂
Again, check out the bottom of Drop 2915...

It points out the banner.

The ‘banner’ of that pic was the website with 🐐 GOAT 🐐 in the URL - 1200 later QDrop is talking about testing goats in Tanzania.

My Point: There is a whole lotta shit happening in these QDrops (below the surface).

There are themes, like the 🐐in this case, that carry on through time.

Whoever it is - their shit is 💪🏻!!

- Just Sayin -
Oh, and one more thing...

Even if you don’t believe in ‘paid opposition’, dick-wads like Ben have basically 0% chance of navigating Q Drops and making sense of it.

- He’s Too Fucking Stupid -

So if you are into ‘Q’, don’t let them get to you...
In a world of ‘Survival of Fittest’, Ben Collins is the limping wildebeest in the back of the pack... 🤣 😂
Oh, one more thing...

I’ll show another layer to those same exact QDrops, but only if Big Ben @oneunderscore__ is willing to run his mouth to me about it.

I bet Ben would shit his pants!

🤣 😂
How many shots was that @oneunderscore__ ?!

🤣 😂
Didn’t think so, Ben!

Thanks for playing...

• • •

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More from @2xwide_dreaming

25 Sep
Kinda surprised that the Cyber Portion (aka Russia Hacking) of Chris Steele’s Dossier is dated July 2015... and everyone is stuck on 2016.

If Igor Danchenko wasn’t hired by Chris Steele until March 2016 & Steele wasn’t hired by DNC until May 2016, then... 👀
Who the hell was the Source for the section on Russian Hacking in July 2015?

Don’t fucking tell me Glenn Simpson - that guy pulls levers in media, he doesn’t have a Ruskie Source Network.

This is a pretty big gap that no one seems ready to fill...
Incidentally, the FBI also had a contract with @CrowdStrike that initiated in July 2015...

We still have no clue what that was about, btw.

Does @FBI @TheJusticeDept @CIA @OrbisBIOfficial wanna go ahead and close that gap for us?
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24 Sep
If Eric Holder heard what I heard (today and yesterday) about Operation Fast & Furious he’d just turn himself in and beg for mercy...

🤣 😂
I cannot give details (yet), but I’ll put it this way...

Mistakes were made and no one has forgotten!
Shout out to @EricHolder!

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24 Sep
I’d like to remind everyone of what started the “Right Wing Extremist” narrative...

A violent “occupy” leftists decided to say he was “Right Wing” & join forces with a Socialist Nazi, who did the same.

And then they picked a fight over a statue.

Doesn’t sound entirely unlike the racist Lefty that works for the Joe Biden Campaign...

Funny how they frame “White Nationalists” after the worst of the worst, whom are all (in reality) LEFTISTS!!!

They did the same thing, at least to some extent, by calling the Bugaloo Bois “Right Wing”...

Nearly every interview I have seen of one, they are spouting Anarchy... or similarly confused forms of Antifa language.

Media: “Right-Wing!!!!”

Chris Wray: “Right-Wing!!!!”
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24 Sep

Oh, well... why didn’t you say so earlier?



“... next time make it the opposing coaches wife!”

- That Guy
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24 Sep
This was just a month ago - panic, bc they know that riots are killing them on polls.

Destruction is the Goal!

340 Million people in this country and Biden wants to spout of about 1... right in the middle of the riot.

Destruction is the Goal!
He has known all along that he wasn’t going to win...

Destruction is the Goal!
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23 Sep
I asked if our (normal) devices could become weaponized...

ICYMI: When we buy smartphones, they often already exceed FCC limits (RF/EMF Radiation) right out of the box.

So I wasn’t posing the question “without any evidence”, as [they] like to say.

In the infinite wisdom of FCC, they set the standard in a measurement called “Specific Absorption Rate”...

What that means, to most people’s concerns (anyway), is that YOU probably have no way to (personally) test your devices to see how much you are getting blasted.
Nevermind that the FCC has no clue about “Health & Safety” - OSHA does, but miraculously doesn’t have a standard - they have set a “SAR” to which our devices must adhere to.

However, many of them don’t... at the time of purchase.

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