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25 Nov
This article is lengthy, but if you don’t understand these concepts... and how they were deployed, idk how you expect to get out of the mud.

Please take the time to read & digest!
I agree with @gheliason on so many points, it might seem like I’m sweating him...

Our TL’s in this corner are saturated with evidence, compiled over last 3 years, that support his work.

I too had June 2016 as what I call the “Go vs No-Go” for their strategy...
For instance, we have the Meta-data issue...
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23 Nov
RT is mostly full of shit...

There was no ‘face-off’ between Trump supporters and BLM that I saw; I would think I’d know, since I was there with @1st_praetorian.

There was some BLM that held a counter-protest, but they (mostly) stayed in a separate area.…
It doesn’t matter what I think of BLM - they have the right to protest and they did...

And they were separated into a different area - TY to GA Capitol Police!!

This is what the 1st Amendment looks like - people went and had their voices heard w/o a bunch of violence.
... there was another group there that was confused as BLM and there were brief interactions.

The group was actually marching for Peace in Ethiopia - they weren’t BLM.

A couple people from StopTheSteal thought they were there for other reasons, but 1AP quickly defused the...
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23 Nov
Dude... social media is just a fucking cesspool!

All these dudes do is produce coffee and lulz for people that want it and for that they have to be dragged into BS?!?

Dragged into BS for basically being American...
Same thing happened to us over the weekend - all we do is show up (for free, crowdsourced travel expenses) to make sure that people are allowed to talk w/o getting their asses beat.

And we have another organizer give us shit?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Rob’s Response:

I have an idea - let’s get all of the people bitching & moaning on social media... and just let them duke it out!

Let’s sit on the tailgate and drink beer... and laugh at them.
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22 Nov
Did y’all know there is something called “scorecard research”?!

I’m not saying it is THAT ‘scorecard’, but I do find it ironic that my VPN is blocking it.
The reason I bring it up is bc remember this crazy ass $1.5m Obama’s PAC gave to Buzzfeed late in 2016 election?

The only thing I could find from BuzzFeed during that time were these weird-ass ad campaigns.
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22 Nov
Alright, I don’t have the data QAQC done yet so I won’t speak in specifics, but I will say this:

It appears that we are finding donors among the ‘dead voter rolls’!

... I think this needs focus, bc if it is true, then the voter rolls maybe part of a MUCH bigger scandal!
In short, this is what needs to be done:

Take the list of ‘dead voters’ and check against FEC data for political contributions.

This is what it looks like on mobile, but there are several options/ways to check this.
One way that we found helpful to to pull contributor data by zip-code...

You can export a cvs file of raw ‘contributor’ data.

It allows you to pull up to 10 zip codes per search...
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22 Nov
CNN had better cut the shit... if they know what is best for them!
... it shouldn’t take Nostradamus to predict what happens in the next stages.…
Another Red Pill or two... and factions might just settle their differences by taking it out on CNN, et al.

Fake News is the Enemy!
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19 Nov
It is absolutely VITAL to understand that when your govt Agencies failed you... ‘Main Street’ did not!!

All of this could have been avoided; people LITERALLY brought these issues to their attention!!!

And they didn’t do SHIT about it...
Our government was infiltrated by cowards & liars... and you are watching ‘Main Street’ take it back (in real time).

I cannot stress this point enough.
Oh, by the way...

‘Main Street’ took it back, in full view of the Social/Media Giants, despite their best efforts to stop it.

The biggest 🖕🏻of them all! 😂
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19 Nov
“... all of America must receive vaccine within 24 hours...”

Uhhh... IDK who this is, what vaccine he’s talking about... or if he ever fucking knows what AMERICANS will do in the event of forced vaccination.

Sounds like Nazi bullshit to me!
My vaccination records are like a couple pages long... so don’t try to box me into any tin-foil fucking corner.

With that in mind, if he thinks we can be forced to take a vaccination he’s going to find out differently.
I have a better idea - how about you start by fucking ASKING nicely?!?

What could go wrong with having some fucking manners?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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17 Nov
With all of the money laundering problems that we already have...

Could you IMAGINE what it would look like if/when Bill Gates puts chips in vaccines?

... aren’t those Chips are supposed to be able to handle financial transactions (too) at some point?
Having been to many different countries, I can tell you... there are a laundry list of vaccine requirements (depending on where you are going).

What could go wrong?
They could turn anyone they wanted into a $-Mule...

W/O their knowledge or permission.
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17 Nov
Of course, ‘Karen’ was originally formed by MSM/Pop-Culture in order to demean white women.

Then ‘main street’ adopted the term and threw it back at them.

... and then they (literally) become their projection.
... try to tell me God doesn’t exist, or that he doesn’t have a sense of humor!

Just try.
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16 Nov
I’m shocked that anyone is shocked...

Didn’t you hear about the time that Doug Jones, a far left Liberal, got more votes in a Alabama County than HRC?!?

Keep in mind - the Doug Jones election was an off-season election to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat!
The election turn-out for those types of elections is supposed to be much smaller than for a POTUS Election...

And yet, Jones managed to get more votes than HRC in this County?!? 👀

They have been doing this for a long time!

And that is why there are so many Politicians that are shitting their pants...

They have done this before; they are hoping it passes by, bc they’ll do it again!

They don’t give a shit about YOUR vote!
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7 Nov
And ‘audit’ can only be as good as the Auditor + Access that they are given + standards they are auditing to.

I feel like (when it comes to Tech) we have people making rules & certifications that can neither hear, nor see... evil.

Remember this as we call for election “Audits”.
WeHaveRisen, for instance, is pretty salty on the tech security side - in other words, bc he can HACK stuff, he knows how to assess (tech) security issues... and bc he’s a decent guy he likes to protect from malicious hackers.

I’m not a ‘hacker’, per se... but I can audit!
I mention these things, bc he & I have different skill sets (etc) and it’s important that we understand our own limitations...

I say that, bc as I review docs on Dominion’s voting system... I cannot tell if the people in charge are stupid or willful with these decisions.
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7 Nov
This looks like A LOT of data to take-in...

Interestingly, the MI County that mysteriously flipped 6k votes to Biden (from Trump) uses Democracy Suite 5.5...

I’m looking at the other states that use it vs states that rejected it for “Quality/Security” reasons and... Image
... there isn’t a whole lot to like about that Suite, if you care about integrity.

Dominion has *known* problems; I’m going to tally some of them up, bc I can already see a strange correlation between DS 5.5 (authorization) and voter irregularities.

Many states rejected it...
... altogether, and I’m starting to see why.

More info coming - for now, I’ll say... it seems that both PA & GA both knew of these issues & went forward with DS5.5 anyway.

Remarkably, they took Federal $$ (offered by Trump to secure elections) and then bought this crap.
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7 Nov
Periodic Reminder: Destruction is the Goal!

That is why media lies; that is why they cheat. They don’t care if you know, bc at the end of the day it’s about destruction.

Please take the time to learn about the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

You cannot win unless you understand...
They are able to win, even if they lose... bc their goals are not the same as yours.

Their goals are the breakdown of traditional American Institutions - even when Trump pulls this off, they will have been wildly successful at it.

Pick your battles and fight on YOUR TERMS...

They have dragged all of you onto their battlefield, which leads only to more piss and vinegar... and less confidence in the things we cherish!

Be smarter than that.
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5 Nov
When this is all over - when we are done kicking the Vote Riggers in the nuts - we need to ask some hard questions, like:

• Who are the “Political Consultants” that are getting rich while we do this for free?

• What is in their closet?

They need to be looked at, apparently.
I’d add the Q:

• Are State/Fed LE doing this?

(But I digress...)
Don’t get me wrong - these dudes (Our Corner) are happy to pitch in and BTFO of Deep State... and there is HUGE value in this occurring in grassroots fashion...

But the “Political Consultants” that get rich while elections get stolen PISS ME OFF.

They are...
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5 Nov
As crazy as this sounds, it appears to be true *and* legal!

Lawyers making laws...…
On the one hand, it may help correct a “Sharpie-Gate” type of scenario, as in AZ.

On the other, if give the NGO machines the ability to further impact the outcomes.

Choose your poison, I guess...
I believe it says people on rejected ballots will be contacted, but I agree that there should be a method to self-check...

On a positive note, if they harvested ballots, this may help kick some of them out?!?
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5 Nov
This is interesting...

In the 21st Century, where info flows a quickly as Sol’s meme, Michigan’s SoS website hasn’t updated Wayne County yet.

However, every news outlet is reporting it... and giving Biden the lead.

What gives?
Here is the SoS website, for your review.…
I’ll be honest with my hopes...

There has been enough fuckery in MI & WI that I hope the Secretary of State isn’t ready to certify certain counties.

There are bad signs in those states; I hope they are protecting the vote.
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4 Nov
You cannot make this stuff up...

Adding too many votes... and then they call AZ for Biden.

And then it isn’t called for Biden - look what happens!
And then people catch on...

Look what happens!! 🤣 😂

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4 Nov
Digital Soldiers should probably start getting to know this guy...

Scytl Senior Management Team for US Operations. ImageImage
He was Quote Tweeting Marc Elias, on PerkinsC, who was tweeting about this exact moment in time.

Probably something to dig on. Image
We’ll give you a head-start...

There is a DEFINITE nexus between the following companies:

• Clarity Elections
• SOE Software Corporation

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30 Oct
- ALL -

I’ll be at the #WalkAway event in ATL this weekend - will be doing the ‘Dirty Bird’ w/@1st_praetorian, but if any of my followers are going to be there, send me a DM and I’ll see if I can say hi.


We always hope/pray for peace... and that is certainly the case in ATL.

I don’t like The South - I freaking love The South! (Even tho they think I sound Canadian... 😏)

Anyway, hope all is well. Best case scenario = no updates (like below).
As ALWAYS, we are volunteers:

• Military/Vets
• Law Enforcement
• IC/Spooks/PI’s
• Cyber

We don’t profit from the event; we don’t show up to rabble-rouse.

We show up as professionals to protect the 1st Amendment and we coordinate with Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement.
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30 Oct
True Story: If they would have told on me, I could have been kicked out of the Air Force.

What for? (Guess)
Ok, I’ll give the answer: I was a prolific “Sleep Walker” in my 20’s...

I should have had a sleep study, but I didn’t want to become a ‘science experiment’! Rofl
Not shitting you - I drove to work one time in my sleep...

Wondered where everyone was... bc it was 8:00.

Then woke up and saw it was 8PM!
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