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Canon responses of #WeiWuxian rescuing the Wen Remnants from Qiongqi Path (during a meeting at the Koi Tower which YMJ was not invited to).

To explain why no one took them in--not Lan Wangji, not Jiang Cheng, nor anyone else within #MDZS context.

1) Jin Guangshan: threatened af
The Sunshot Campaign demonstrated WWX's unstoppable power
with his relentless fierce corpse army + support from YMJ.

WWX is unpredictable.

WWX is therefore a clear threat to JGS's intentions to fill the power vacuum left behind by the Wen's with his wealthy and prominent Sect.
Should be noted again that JGS & JGY deliberately did not invite YMJ to attend this meeting at the Koi Tower. This could suggest that JGS is already attempting to segregate YMJ despite their previous alliance.

Marrying JYL & JZX in question due to Phoenix Mtn altercation w WWX
until the Twin Prides are split.

After Qiongqi Path, JGS actively attempts to pressure Jiang Cheng to drive WWX out of YMJ --which would lessen the power and leverage of YMJ by losing their head disciple.
(Ch. 73, after WWX has rescued the Wen Remnants)
2) NMJ: merciless towards the Wen's and notes that unwilling accomplices and silent bystanders to Wen's tyranny are still to blame.

3) LXC: neutral and weary of engaging in another major political conflict after suffering from the Wen's tyranny and his father's death.
He required Jin support to fund repairs of CR.

Attempted to defend Wen Qing but was overturned.

Also note that LXC rallied for war with JC & NMJ when he was a junior, and considered novice as a Sect Leader by others--still dependant on approval from LQR & their Elders.
4) #LanWangji doesnt speak up for WWX's actions (other than to question JGY whether WWX's intentions are wrong and later to call JGS out on his lie re: WWX's respect for JC).

When visiting the Burial Mounds his main concern is only for WWX, not the Wen's (+basic regard for LSZ)
LWJ issues his last attempt of steering WWX back to the 'right path,' but seems resigned as he leaves.

WWX did not expect LWJ to support/protect him/the Wen's from the threat of the other Sects. His reasoning to LSZ applies to everyone else as well, including JC & YMJ.
5) #JiangCheng is the *last* to find out that WWX had gone to Qiongqi Path.

As mentioned, he was *not* present when WWX declares his intentions to save the Wen Remnants + threatens anyone who opposes him (ss'd above).

Despite not being informed prior by his right hand man,
he speaks for WWX to the legion of Sect Leaders gathered. He explains WWX's intentions and apologizes for his actions--all without having actually spoken to WWX about his plan.

These two grew up together. Saw each other at their worst. JC understands WWX the most.
"What Jin Guangshan wanted, however, was not his apology or his compensation." (EXR)

He demands that JC casts out WWX from YMJ in front of every other Sect, warning them all to not associate with WWX.

So this is what WWX and JC both know they have to do. WWX proposes it first.
Wei Wuxian states that he does not need protection, nor anyone to speak for his actions.

Having read this, do you think that Jiang Cheng should have taken in WWX and the Wen remnants while knowing that this would have endangered them all?

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