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modern au where wwx and lwj are new roomates and it's been 3 weeks and the only at home socks lwj wears are variations of these:
And wwx thinks, well he's got to be kidding right? like, playing a cute prank on his new roomate for kicks and giggles, but this /is/ lwj isnt it? and lwj has never played a prank in the 15 years they've known each other.
they've been friends since early childhood, and now they're both in their early 20s, needed a roomate to moveout, and figured, hey, who better than my best buddy!

so here they are, in a two bedroom cozy apartment, together, just lan wangji, wei wuxian...and lwj's bunny socks.
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Why do a lot of translations/fanfics keep saying 'this one'? Never seen that in English subs/ translations in my life - is it something the ER translation does? What’s the chinese equivalent? I get 'this disciple' / ‘this gentleman’ 这名弟子/ 这位公子or another noun. I’m confused
@3ysz_ @fanyiyi33 @quigonejinn @yesterday_ying whoever else speaks Chinese
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The original tweet that inspired this video:

Apparently people like NMJ's anaconda more Xiyao + Britney lol.... noted
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Did you like the timing of that slap? lol

Also, I swear I muted the audio on the "er-ge, die with me" clip, but I keep hearing JGY say it. Checked the original audio, turned out there was a background hiss at the exact moment he says the word 'si' (die).
I also added a little candy pink tint bc why not
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❄️Wei Wuxian's Rehab Home for Fierce Corpses Ch. 3+4
❄️#SongLan drops by, WWX decides to help him speak
❄️fierce corpse bonding time with #NieMingjue and #WenNing
❄️heavy on the #songxiao (Ch. 4 smut)
❄️#3shi agenda…

#cql #theuntamed #mdzs #modaozushi
@yicitybitch as promised, here is your songxiao
Honestly I was expect #nielan to bone first but songxiao beat them to it
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Jin Guangyao X TAEMIN (태민) – Criminal

requested by

made this on hard mode: no subtitles in any clips

#cql #chenqingling #陈情令 #theuntamed #mdzs #modaozushi #魔道祖师 #jinguangyao #mengyao #lanxichen #niemingjue #xiyao #nieyao #nielan #3zun #taemin #태민
For extra pain here's the lyrics to the chorus:

So elegant, a criminal who hurts me
It’s okay, you soothe me just to torture me again
Ooh I’m on a leash called you
It’s painful as much as I can’t breathe but also magnificent
So elegant, a criminal who destroys me
Not okay, I try and shake my head
Ooh but I’m only getting dragged in more deeply
The moment I fall for you, is the end of my innocence
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💃🏻 Intoxicating Peace | 醉太平
💃🏻 dancer! #MengYao #JinGuangYao canon-divergent AU
💃🏻 #xiyao
💃🏻 aka my first #xiyaotroll hate - their comment inspired ch. 3 ft. the head of #NieMingjue

#cql #theuntamed #mdzs #MoDaoZuShi #陈情令 #魔道祖师 #lanxichen Image
Please please watch the video that inspired this fic! Zhu Zanjin is an amazing dancer and should be appreciated!!

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金光瑶 Jin Guang Yao - 不是我 It Wasn't Me

spiritual descendant of my lizzo - boys (untamed remix) video

requested by

#cql #chenqingling #theuntamed #mdzs #modaozushi #jinguangyao #mengyao #xiyao #nieyao #nielan #3zun ft. bonus #xueyang
said lizzo - boys (untamed remix) video here:
ignore the post from before I fucked up one of the clips WHOOPS
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1/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.1
#wangxian #mdzs

⚠️content notes
-offscreen kink negotiation
-D/s elements
-possessiveness kink
-degradation/humiliation fantasy
-spit kink ImageImageImageImage
2/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.2

⚠️content notes in first tweet of this thread ImageImageImageImage
3/7 🔞 Impulses Part 6.3

⚠️content notes in first tweet of this thread ImageImageImageImage
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Canon responses of #WeiWuxian rescuing the Wen Remnants from Qiongqi Path (during a meeting at the Koi Tower which YMJ was not invited to).

To explain why no one took them in--not Lan Wangji, not Jiang Cheng, nor anyone else within #MDZS context.

1) Jin Guangshan: threatened af
The Sunshot Campaign demonstrated WWX's unstoppable power
with his relentless fierce corpse army + support from YMJ.

WWX is unpredictable.

WWX is therefore a clear threat to JGS's intentions to fill the power vacuum left behind by the Wen's with his wealthy and prominent Sect.
Should be noted again that JGS & JGY deliberately did not invite YMJ to attend this meeting at the Koi Tower. This could suggest that JGS is already attempting to segregate YMJ despite their previous alliance.

Marrying JYL & JZX in question due to Phoenix Mtn altercation w WWX
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🍵a shared plate

🍵#wangxian #mdzs
🍵part 5 of 6, 1.2k words, rated t
🍵post-canon, #wwx centric, pining
🍵lan wangji receives an unexpected letter… ImageImage
a quick n short update before i die during midterms! wei ying PLEASE go home
ehehe Image
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☀️Golden Hour | 金黄时刻
☀️#3zun lazy morning sex
☀️it's spoil a-yao hours
☀️1554 words, E
☀️#xiyao #nielan #nieyao
☀️Nie-furen AU from @3ysz_

#cql #theuntamed #mdzs #modaozushi #mengyao #jinguangyao #niemingjue #lanxichen #陈情令 #魔道祖师
Changed the chinese title to fit better.
Hey @weiyikes @quigonejinn guess who showed up

Hi, I’m the #xiyaotroll, Im 19, and I never learned how to read

Kids, polyamory is not cheating. ImageImage
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Someone explain why it’s called the Stygian Tiger Seal when 1. Westerners know what Yin is (as in yin and yang) 2. Stygian (as in River Styx) is from Greek mythology, makes no sense in this context

Just call it the Yin Tiger Seal (plus #CQL/#TheUntamed has Yin Iron too)

Do they think westerners don’t know what Yin is the same way the Netflix subs assume all non-Chinese people can’t tell relationships between people like shijie (sister) so they write the person’s name instead???
Literally it’s 阴虎符 YIN HU FU. Yes THAT YIN. surely most non chinese people can understand YIN
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FYI: Sometimes I see in fic people have characters refer to fathers as 爸爸 baba - that is a modern development - if it’s #CQL / #theuntamed / #mdzs / #modaozushi period era it’s 爹 die or 父亲 fu qin

source: chinese kid who grew up watching this stuff. my mother confirmed too
If they’re little kids it can be 爹爹 die die or A-die and 爹/父亲 die/fu qin more for adults. Fu qin is also a bit more formal than die
Eg. LXC refers to their father as 父亲fu qin to LWJ. JZX refers to JGS as 爹 die but JGY uses fu qin. Child JC is seen with JFM who refers to himself as A-Die. At dinner YZY snaps and says “Ask your father (die).”

So in LSZ kid fics: probably formal in company, die in private.
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🦾👿#mdzs and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood fusion:

wei wuxian and jiang cheng try to bring their sister back via human transmutation, and suffer the consequences.
(tw: canon-typical blood and gore, slight mention of vomit)

by the time wei wuxian realizes that something has gone horribly wrong, they are well past the point of return.
the blinding white of the array’s glow fades away quickly, making way for the dark like the setting of the sun. wei wuxian stares into the sudden blackness, vision spotted with bursts of color; then, the pain hits him, and he doubles over onto the ground.
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Can y'all play this for my #CQL / #TheUntamed /#MDZS / #MoDaoZuShi + Venom mashup AU thank you :') Image
1. It’s a CQL timeline but instead of a flute CQ is a symbiote that behaves largely the same way Venom does! Except it looks more smokey and wispy like in the show. It is also a sassy Bitch.
2. Ships will be largely following canon but otherwise gen. WWX is our Eddie Brock so he is the main character
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thread of #wangxian and #mdzs classical chinese dance au thoughts: Image
first of all if youve never seen classical chinese dance techniques before watch this video to have ur mind blown
bb wwx would totally get scolded in his early lessons for using lotus fingers (hand style typically used by female dancers bc it looks delicate and pretty, men keep their fingers together to look more masculine)

he’d b like: 😠😠😠 but it looks pretty! i saw jiejie do it!! ImageImage
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F1 Racing AU where Wei Ying is Lan Zhan's race engineer and together they win the world championship.
"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying had said, so many years ago on an F3 podium, "Promise me we'll be world champions together! We'll race and live with no regrets!"
#魔道祖师 #mdzs #WangXian
"That's not how it works, idiot," Jiang Cheng, who was in third, groused "You can't be world champions together!"

"We could take turns," Lan Zhan pointed out, and Wei Ying laughed, delighted, as he enveloped Lan Zhan in a sticky champagne hug.

That moment stayed with Lan Zhan.
They advance to F2, Wei Ying somehow always finding him amidst the constant bustle and Lan Zhan finds that there is something more now, every time he gets into his car. There are talks of F1 contracts, and the road ahead is wide and clear.

And then the accident happened.
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Been thinking a lot today about a dark Baoshan Sanren. Which... the more I think about it the darker canon BSS (what is her abbreviation?!) gets. #MDZS

A thread :
So based solely off the show and the book (I’m working on the rest) what I gather is Baoshan Sanren is super powerful, immortal, and has retreated to a mountain somewhere.
And she takes in promising orphans and raises them, trains them. The deal is they can stay with her forever, but if they leave they can never come back.
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#wangxian ау о трудностях развода, наглом таксисте и забытом кошельке.
хочу написать мини снс ау по вансяням и что🗿🗿🗿

#WangXian #wangxianau #TheUntamed #mdzs #mdzsau
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As promised! An #MDZS Twitfic to celebrate 100 followers/1000 kudos: WangXian, angst & fluff, modern AU where Lan Zhan and Wei Ying go on the same queer singles cruise and end up accidentally assigned to the same stateroom. And … there’s only one bed
Last year, on a whim, LXC booked a ticket for a singles cruise, and then 6 months ago he started dating JGY. The ticket’s non-refundable, so he gives to LZ because he thinks LZ, a lawyer who works at a civil liberties organization for long hours at low pay, should have more fun
Meanwhile, Wei Ying, a children’s librarian who runs a queer open mic night in his spare time, constantly complains about having no time to date and hating the online dating scene, so for his birthday his sister, JYL, buys him a ticket for the same cruise
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Fuck it wangxian fic based on "would you love if i was a worm" text #MDZS #WangXian
Disclaimer: im just gonna make this au short and quick so imma skip the intro since im assuming everyone came on here knows all the characters dkshsj
Disclaimer No.2: wwx and lwj havent date yet, lwj hasnt confessed and wwx doesnt know lwj's feeling but he does realize he has a small (ha) crush on him. Cultivation also exists on this universe uwu okay enjoy
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(9) 💚 flashback friday 💜

THEY WERE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS because apparently i needed more reasons to be weak for 'em #sangcheng #MDZS
(9.5) super rough sketch of the babies, got too lazy to line and color properly. maybe i will someday?? #MDZS
(10) 💚💚💚
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