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#mdzs fic headcanon I try to always push:

- lwj horny gremlin😈
- nhs being the other person who calls lwj a-zhan and lives
- jzx & lwj being friends
- jc & wwx onsight beef with jzx
- nmj = sexual awakening
- breeding kink #wangxian
- nhs being the youngest and therefore bby
- lxc is a slut
- pettyji agenda🔥
- everyone has long hair…
- lwj with tattoos
- single dadji
- wwx seducing his husband at inappropriate times
- lqr adores wwx more than own nephews
- lan brother bonding & shenanigans
- drunk lans
- teenji cries and that’s okay
- rabbit dads
- lwj being really good at gardening… wwx not so much
- wwx is like super smart/creative an artist, a researcher, an engineer idc
- jl loves everyone more than jzx
- jl obsessed with his jiujiu but won’t openly admit it
- jl who has like slack jaw hero worship for hgj 🤭😅
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#MDZS #WangXian

SO imagine teen!wangxian stuck in an elevator meeting for the first time
wwx insists they can leave by the emergency exit on the roof

and lwj reluctantly hoists him up but they can’t unlock it and clumsily wwx tips over and they end up on top of each other..
with wwx’s lips pressed onto half of lwj’s - a kiss but not quite

lwj is flustered because he avoids touch in general and this is a stranger!! wwx obviously laughs it off and loosely apologises while going off on a tangent
“ahh i’m sorry!! you looked fitter that’s why i got you to do the hoisting” wwx pushed himself off lwj, “i hope that wasn’t your first kiss!!”

it is but lwj has other things to worry about

like how soft wwx’s body was against him and said teen thought that he had good physique
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asdfghjkl fluff is winning?? ok i will start scribbling
even tho i wanna write angst so bad 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

so! if by the end of work option 1 wins, i might write option 2 as an ao3 fic because my god i need to get it out of my system 🙈🙈🙈
Soon, they fall into a rhythm: LWJ gets up before WWX, enjoys his few hours of quiet and by the time WWX is up, there's a plate of ''apple-bunnies'' (as WWX calls it) for him.

LWJ then heads for his physio session and WWX usually goes to chat with the nurses at that time.
The thought of this constantly makes LWJ wish that his sessions go that much quicker so that he can see WWX again.

In the afternoon, WWX can be found by LWJ's bedside where they read together. Or rather, LWJ reads to WWX.

Sometimes, WWX falls asleep, his head on LWJ's-
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#WangXian #MDZS

Modern AU where teenagers!WWX and LWJ meet for the first time in the hospital both warded for broken limbs (LQR could have paid for the A++ ward but LXC insisted LWJ be warded w/ another for company)

WWX broke his arms; LWJ broke his legs; together they help-
-each other out.

At the start of his hospitalisation, LWJ was disturbed by WWX's presence - he was so loud all the time and so positive; all the nurses loved him because he had such a smart mouth.

LWJ couldn't wait to be discharged because he missed the quiet.
Over time, LWJ learned to enjoy WWX's presence.

WWX was never daunted by his broken arms but he was massively impatient about his recovery - the arms were in a cast so he could not use them freely.

One day, WWX claimed that he was 'starving to death' and could not wait for-
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((#MDZS canon div au; cw: somno, dub-con))

At first he thought it was a dream.

He initially felt an warm, tight sensation around his cock—it wasn’t too wet, nor too dry, but his conciousness chased the feeling until he awoke, and then he realized that, no, this wasnt a dream.
Before Lan Wangji opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was a quiet panting sound, followed by small moans of pleasure, obviously trying to keep quiet, but failing anyways.

The second thing he heard—and it wasn’t really that he “heard”, but moreso felt—was his cock being
engulfed in a gentle, warm heat, just as he dreamed of, and hands pressed up upon his lower abdomen and chest, as if the person was leveraging themselves against him.

He found that he had already been long hard.
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Wei Ying pressing A-Yuan into the hollow of tree trunk.

“Xian-gege…” he cries with tearful amber eyes

“It’s okay, it’s okay, my little radish!” he promises breathlessly, painting characters around the hollow, even as his body feels like it’s crumbling at the seams.
“I’m scared…”

“I know. I’m sorry, A-Yuan. Your Wen-popo- and everyone-“ he takes a deep breath and kisses A-yuan’s forehead with a sudden pang. “Everything we did, all of it was for you. So you would grow up safe and happy. We love you… so much. But I think it’s time now… to
try something different okay?” He smooths a finger over A-Yuan’s cheek, then his fluttering eyelids. “So, my little radish, you are going to take a little nap, and when you wake up… you’ll be just the way you need to be. And you’re going to grow up so good, from a radish to
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#MDZS #wangxian alpha/alpha modern au
((cw: omegaverse, a/b/o))

Wei Ying considered himself to be a typical alpha. Loud. Imposing. Charming. Yet, although most alphas, especially alpha males like him, had the tendency of being aggressive, he made good friends with everybody.
He flirted a little with omegas females. Play-fought with the other alpha boys in his class, always seen rough-housing with Jiang Cheng especially. And like the other alphas, he generally liked the perfumed scent of omegas, turned his nose away from the heady musk of alphas.
But there was something about the scent of this other alpha in his class that he couldn't quite put a name too.

In his second year at this academy, he found himself staring at the broad, straight back of the alpha in front of him in his first honors class of the year.
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garden of death #mdzs Image
based on this post :3 Image
also the wy in the middle is holding onto jl’s gift just fyi 🤧
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((cw: genderbend, r63, cisswap))

Wei Ying wasn’t sure how she came about this situation.

Here, in her best friend’s bed, getting fucked with a strap-on, till she couldn’t think, couldn’t even remember her own name.

But she knew she could never look back again.
((#mdzs wlw #wangxian fic, nsfw, some plot, writing as i go, adding tags as i go))

A high pitched moan escaped Wei Ying as she felt her insides get filled up, the dark blue strap-on deliciously stretching her pussy wide with every pass. She was on her back, her legs spread wide—
in an ‘M’ shape, gripping the sheets for dear life as her bestest and dearest friend, Lan Zhan, plunged into her without mercy.

“Jiejie…” she panted. “Jiejie—!”

Lan Zhan tenderly stroked her inner thigh as she violently thrusted deep inside her.

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[#MDZS - CW: body dysphoria]

Mo Xuanyu burns in the sun.

This is not uncommon, or surprising. The Jin, with their creamy complexions and delicate figures, are not known for laboring under the sun.
Only sect leader Jin, the latest, is known for enjoying resting beneath its rays.

His cheeks turn a warm pink in the heat and settle to a light brown by end of day.
But Mo Xuanyu-

Mo Xuanyu burns in the sun.

Pale skin turns red and peels as easily as an overripe persimmon. On long days outside, his body will itch and blister and lead to dizzy spells.
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▫️sangxian & zhancheng sns!au▫️

«в необдуманной погоне за счастьем мы не замечаем множество поистине важных вещей прямо у себя под носом»

#mdzs #sangxian #zhancheng ☁️
▫️☁️ вэй ин и не хуайсан — однокурсники и лучшие друзья. когда к ним в общежитие заселяется цзян чэн, студенческая жизнь всех троих наконец приобретает интересные оттенки. однако всему есть границы.

▫️на фоне есть много других пейрингов, будьте готовы
▫️время/дата в скринах не важны
▫️простите за опечатки и косяки
▫️немного юмора, немного драмы и много любви
▫️если вам кажется, что вы уже читали ау однажды, то вероятно так и есть, это снс с моего удаленного аккаунта
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Because many people were curious about the storyline of the AU for these designs, here we are:

Celestial Gods AU

In which some of the characters and their clans are celestial gods, and others try to ascend to godhood.

#mdzs #mdzsAU #wwx #lwj #mxtx

Born from sun goddess CSSR and a human cultivator, young WWX follows in his mother’s footsteps and is appointed the next God of Sun after his parents death at the hand of one very power hungry WRH. Having no one else to turn to, JFM, God of Clouds, takes the new godling in.
In this AU, you do not need to be born a god to actually become one. The more godly blood you have in your veins, the stronger your affinity for it and the higher the chances, but it is decided on a fate/worthiness basis.
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#sakuatsu #mdzs | past life regrets prompt Sakusa to action

Sakusa was not amused.

When Atsumu had suggested to talk with someone, who could see their past lives, Sakusa had smiled because he heard Atsumu say, “it’ll be fun,” but he hadn’t actually been listening.
Atsumu however, had taken that smile as a yes.

His crush on Atsumu had backfired, as he enjoyed listening to his voice, although he could never focus on the words spoken, making it easy to agree to things he didn’t necessarily want to agree to.

And so here he was, getting the
detailed rundown of who they used to be, with Atsumu eagerly eating up every syllable.

“There’s flames. Big flames!”

Atsumu gasped loudly.

“And eyes dyed red from blood.” The woman’s face was in close proximity of Atsumu’s. “I bet that’s not your real hair color.”

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Year End Fics with Wei Ying!

🍒 Multi-chapter fic but with different aus
🍒 Mostly fluff and family bonding
🍒 Tags may change depending on the chapter
🍒 Chapter summary in this thread with links!

Link: Image
Prompt by: @xiaohuacitym

🌿 #MDZS modern with magic au
🌿 Wwx being like snow white
🌿 Fluff, crack, more fluff
🌿 Junior quartet cameo

Chapter link:… ImageImage
Prompt by: @C0L0N14

💍 Marry me Wei-Qianbei!
💍 #MDZS post-canon au
💍 Wwx in his og body and pretty wwx
💍 Me roleplaying as those baby lans asking for wwx’s hand in marriage

Chapter link:… ImageImage
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“I will not kick you out of your bed in your room - Let me take the floor.” LWJ replied stubbornly.

“Absolutely not - You will ruin all that fine silk!”

Really? Was that WY’s concern? Fine then. That could easily be remedied.

“What—What are you doing, LZ…”
Thread contains:

✨Power bottomji / bottomji with a plan
✨There was only one bed
✨ WY having a normal amount of dinner wine then consensual sex - briefly mentioned
✨ LWJ wearing jewelry while riding WWX
✨ 69ing
✨ Oddly tender smut
Art and thread for Schwamb / @ Dizzidreams! Thanks for being the bestest friend a girl could ask for and always being there for me in good times and bad! LOVE YOU!
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haha so like . au in which wangxian fuck in the burial mounds and its so good but wy still refuses to accept theres any feelings involved in it even though lz always looks at him like That and his heart beats so fast about it
so yeah. they meet and they fuck and lz doesnt ask abt anything further in fear it will drive wy away, this is the closest he can have him and its okay! in the end they still end up on opposing ends in nightless city, wy still dies
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#MDZS, #Wangxian. #DarkLanZhan.

History of Music Cultivation is a grad-level class and yet Wei Ying manages to snag a coveted spot in the class. Wei Ying is accustomed to charming professors into allowing him into their overfull classes—a winning smile and effusive compliments. Image
And yet Wei Ying somehow thinks that Lan-laoshi is not convinced by the curve of Wei Ying’s mouth & the sweet words from his tongue. Nevertheless, Wei Ying triumphantly brandishes a signed form as he says to Jiang Cheng, “Guess who’s learning musical cultivation this semester!”
“Nie Huaisang,” Jiang Cheng says dully. He swats at Wei Ying’s smugly twitching hand.

“Ha, Nie Huaisang wishes! I heard he got stuck with History of Cultivational Etiquette under Meng-laoshi.”

Jiang Cheng grimaces. “Good luck to him,” he mutters.
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Day 3: Remember & Pale Orange

Modern Lan Wangji comes across a demonic cultivator who reminds him of a certain Immortal in his past life...

⬇️Read more below

#TopxianBottomjiWeek #MDZS
Lan Wangji is sent to investigate a haunting in Yiling which is reported to be caused by some unrest in the Burial Mounds.

The villagers also speak of a certain Immortal nicknamed the Yiling Laozu who resides atop the cliffs and had guarded over them for centuries.
Lan Wanji doesn't believe such rumours because the Burial Mounds have been practically uninhabitable for century and no one has been able to tame its darkness.

In addition, the idea that there exists an immortal who practices Demonic Cultivation is even more absurd.
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day 2: modern au (with cultivation)
#mdzs #wangxian

"So you're /Yllz/, the historical figure who created the demonic cultivation?"

The short-haired Jc still looks at him with disbelief. It turns out that the Wy of this era is too mischievous to the point that Jc won't believe him easily. +
Wwx can tell Jyl is worried even if she is also dubious. 

He resolutely avoids looking her way. Her death is still too fresh in Wwx's memory. (and she's wearing /too few/ layers!) +
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Day 17: WitchXian

Witch wwx/Wizard lwj


Meeting with his uncle was always stressful.

Resentment was an ugly feeling, especially towards family, but he couldn't help feeling it every time his uncle ruined another family dinner simply because he couldn't accept
Lan Wangji's choices of life.

He was tired, and sometimes, especially at nights like these, he caught himself thinking, if he should simply go back and take over his position in the institution as he was expected to do.

Especially when his uncle put forth his best effort to
coax him into doing what 'he' wanted him to do and not what made Lan Wangji happy.

People can’t start measuring the pressure and the price that comes with bloodline. Blood is a debt for life, after all, and at this point in his life,
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A #WangXian Socmed Au ..

In which Actors Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian have been married before their current careers. They dont need to hide their relationship so how come theyre hiding it from their fans?

#MDZS #WangXian
• ignore timestamps unless i say its important

• ill be using the pictures of the live action actors so please click away if you dont like those

• not 🔞 but there are SOME implied nsfw but nothing to much

• updates randomly
Main Characters

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

- Both are actors under Pier Studios in which the Jiangs founded.

- Gusu Ent is a modelling company.
- Pier Studios is an idol and acting company
- Lan Wangji joined Pier Studios a year after he married Wei Wuxian ImageImageImageImage
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Apparently today is #PortfolioDay. I don't normally use this Twitter handle for my art but today I figure "hey, why not?" So, here's a🧵

Sometimes I do fanart... 1/


#art #WangXian #mdzsfanart #MDZS #artistsontwitter #digitalpainting #procreateart Black and white painting of...
Sometimes I do other digital art (the first was a study based on a photo, the web source for which has since been taken down)... 2/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork #procreateart Color digital painting of a...A sketch of a human left ar...
Sometimes I do vector illustration, often as a part of my graphic design work to create promotional pieces. This was used on the poster for a theatre production... 3/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork Vector illustration that lo...Image of a poster attached ...
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#MDZS, #Wangxian. #DarkLanZhan. AU - Modern magic/cultivation school

What cultivator doesn’t have a bit of inhuman blood in them? Wei Ying doesn’t discriminate! He even has some jiaoren blood in him from his father’s side of the family—just enough for him to breathe underwater.
And yet when Wei Ying looks at Lan Zhan, he thinks that those golden eyes are not “a bit of inhuman blood”. There’s something about the way Lan Zhan’s mouth parts ever so slightly whenever he enters a room, as if catching a scent. His teeth are endlessly white and sharp.
It makes Wei Ying swallow dryly as his eyes flicker around the room, searching for a place—any place to take refuge in. Jiaoren are predators of the sea but on land, they are more prey than predator, with pearls falling from their eyes as they cry ever so prettily.
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It`s unknown where love begins.
-A story about Wei Wuxian's curiosity and the ultimate reward.
-Original Artist @kokonatsumm❤️
-[Reposting and translating was granted by the author]


#魔道祖师 #MDZS #wangxian #modaozushi #MoDaoZuShi ImageImageImageImage
It`s unknown where love begins.
-part(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
It`s unknown where love begins.
-part(3/3) ImageImageImageImage
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