Forced sterilization is genocide.

ICE is performing mass hysterectomies on immigrant women. ICE is committing genocide.

It is part of a long history of eugenics and assaults on reproductive freedom in the United States — a system that directly inspired the Nazi regime. (THREAD)
In the 1930s, Hitler and the Nazis were directly inspired by Jim Crow laws in the United States.

They sent researchers to study how the U.S. subjugated Black people and inform how they dehumanized Jews, Roma, and other communities.…
In the 1927 case Buck v. Bell, the Supreme Court upheld a Virginia statute that enabled the state to sterilize people with mental illness.

This decision resulted in 70,000 sterilizations of people deemed "unfit" to reproduce.…
In the 1970s, the U.S. government forcibly sterilized as many as 70,000 Native women through the Indian Health Service — a trauma deeply impacting Indigenous health.

"An estimated 25 percent of Native women of childbearing age were sterilized by 1976."…
Forced sterilization policies directly targeted communities of color and people with disabilities, including Puerto Rican women, Latinas in California prisons, Black women, Native women, and so many more.

Each instance was violent and genocidal.…
The film No Más Bebés tells the story of how Mexican and Mexican-American women in Los Angeles were coerced into involuntary sterilizations.

One woman recalls thinking “[They] must’ve thought, ‘This one has so many kids, we’ll just sew her up.’’…
These shameful practices continued in the 2010s.

"Doctors under contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010."

Incarcerated folks' reproductive rights are under attack.…
In 1973, two Black sisters, Minnie and Marie Relf, were secretly sterilized at a federally-funded agency under the premise of getting birth control shots.

Their lawsuit drew national attention to how poor Black women were being targeted by sterilization.…
Between the 1930s and the 1970s, nearly one-third of women in Puerto Rico were sterilized as part of a mass eugenics campaign.

This history continues to effect Puerto Rican women and their communities to this day.…
Forced sterilization is genocide.

It's also been U.S. policy for generations, targeting Black & Indigenous women, Puerto Ricans & Latinas in LA, incarcerated people & people w/ disabilities.

Now ICE is performing mass hysterectomies.

We've seen this before. We must rise up.
Follow these groups on the ground in Georgia for updates on the ICE whistleblower complaint and how to demand justice for immigrant detainees targeted with forced sterilizations and horrifying health hazards:

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15 Sep
BREAKING: The Trump campaign is running Facebook ads portraying Bernie Sanders as the puppet master behind Joe Biden.

There’s a long, dangerous history of Jews being scapegoated as all-powerful puppet masters.

Trump is using this antisemitic lie to spread fear & division. A photo of a “Team Trump” Facebook ad depicting Bernie SImage description: a black-and-white cartoon depicting a steImage description: A screenshot of a segment from Glenn Beck
The "puppet master” characterization has been used to present Jews as shadowy manipulators, secretly orchestrating events on the political or financial main stage.

It is an age-old antisemitic trope — one that has been used in Nazi propaganda & continues to be used to this day. On the left, a cartoon from Nazi-occupied Serbia in 1941, de
Conspiracy theories about Jewish “puppet masters” motivated white nationalist shooters in Pittsburgh, Poway, El Paso, & Christchurch.

This deadly impact hasn’t stopped Trump & his GOP enablers from repeating them in order to divide us & hold on to power.…
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19 Aug
In 2017, dozens of Jewish leaders signed this letter in support of Linda Sarsour:

“We will not stand by as @lsarsour is falsely maligned, harassed and smeared."

The same is true today. Linda, we have your back and we’re grateful you’ve had ours.…
In 2018, after the Tree of Life shooting, Linda immediately asked “What can I do?”

She rallied her Muslim & progressive communities to keep Jews safe at vigils across the country — and she personally headed to DC to join Bend the Arc for a vigil in front of the White House.
In 2017, when a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis was vandalized, Linda helped launch a massive crowdfunding campaign to support repairs.

It raised over $100,000 in 24 hours — with ultimately over $160K going to Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and Colorado.…
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19 Aug
Last night, @DrPaulGosar attacked us for calling out Laura Loomer’s bigotry.

He invoked Soros conspiracy theories & told us to “get bent.”

REPEAT: A GOP Congressman publicly attacked a Jewish organization with antisemitic dog-whistles.

It should be a national story. (THREAD) Image description:  Screenshot of a tweet from Rep. Paul Gos
Paul Gosar knows exactly what he’s doing.

When he references “Soros money,” he’s signaling to his white nationalist base.

Just like in 2017, when he falsely claimed that the violence in Charlottesville was as planned by Soros.

These lies kill people. Gosar should resign.
Gosar has a history of enabling and embracing white supremacist and white nationalist groups.

This past July 4th, he posed for photos with at least one member of the Proud Boys, with multiple other hate groups nearby.

That’s his vision of this country.…
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1 Jul
The President of the United States is campaigning for reelection with a Nazi symbol. Again.

On the left: an official Trump/Pence “America First” tee.

On the right; the Iron Eagle, the official symbol of the Nazi party.

It’s not an accident. Bigotry is their entire brand.
Trump & Pence are proudly displaying a Nazi-inspired shirt on their official campaign website.

They are promoting genocidal imagery yet again — just days after President Trump retweeted a video of a supporter chanting “white power.”

“America First” was popularized by the America First Committee, launched in 1940 to prevent US involvement in WWII.

Their platform was built on antisemitism & fascism.

Trump is building on that hateful legacy, using it to attack Black people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, & more.
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21 Jun
Let’s talk about Ulysses S. Grant & antisemitism.

On December 17, 1862, Grant issued General Order No. 11 — expelling all Jews from his military district, including parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

He gave Southern Jews 24 hours to leave.
Grant was responding to illegal cotton trading, which he was convinced was being run by Jews — a classic antisemitic conspiracy theory.

In a statement to the War Department, he claimed “The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel anywhere.”

He called Jews a “curse.”
When General Order No. 11 was issued, dozens of Jews were rounded up & forced to leave their homes.

On Dec. 28, thirty Jewish families were expelled from Paducah, Kentucky, including at least two Union soldiers.

Grant & his army targeted Jews because they were Jews.
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18 Jun
The President of the United States is campaigning for reelection using a Nazi concentration camp symbol.

Nazis used the red triangle to mark political prisoners and people who rescued Jews.

Trump & the RNC are using it to smear millions of protestors.

Their masks are off.
This isn’t just one post.

This is dozens of carefully targeted ads from the official pages of Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Team Trump.

All paid for by Trump and the Republican National Committee. All spreading lies and genocidal imagery.
For years, Trump and his cronies have used antisemitic rhetoric and imagery to smear opponents while inciting violence against Jewish people, immigrants, Black people, and people of color.

It happens so often we built a website to track it. Learn more:…
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