Tonight is going to be another quick trip down #Kissmatewatches with Xena episodes! Still season one, with episode seven and eight. Stay tuned!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Seven: Titans
Gabi frees some titans with a chant. Hyperion attacks the humans and threatens to free the rest of his brethren. Gabi and Xena turn them back to stone before he can, thus saving the day.
#Kissmatewatches This was a Gabi-centered episode where she acts a bit more immature than usual. She tries to get Xena to see she's useful and mature by trying to do things on her own, but she always ends up causing more trouble by meddling.
#Kissmatewatches Some of the plot points felt forced or a step out of character, but otherwise it was a pretty good episode! Good effects, decent story. Not much else to write about.
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Eight: Prometheus
Hera captures Prometheus, thus robbing humans of fire and the ability to heal wounds. Herc and Xena team up to free Prometheus. The catch is, the one to free Prometheus will die. It ends with a loophole and everyone living.
#Kissmatewatches Xena and Herc have this self-sacrifice feud going on, because they're both so heroic like that. Xena even tries to steal the magic sword with a "look at that" move. They feel like an older brother and a younger sister.
#Kissmatewatches Gabi and Iolaus feel like the same person, to the point they're AU genderbends of each other. It's awesome to see them point out insecurities of one another, and then try to beef each other up with it.
#Kissmatewatches The only thing I don't like is the shipping they're trying to make me do. Cause I can't. I can't ship the hetero couples.
Xena and Herc are too close to siblings-in-trauma.
Gabi and Iolaus are WAY too far in age (he's almost twice hers).
#Kissmatewatches We got time for one more Xena, just to finish off the disk. Onto episode nine!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Nine: Death in Chains
Sisyphus captures Death, thus breaking the natural order. Xena and Co break it to Sisyphus that this is a BAD idea, thus causing him to set Death to be free. There's a gang of "undead" bandits who try to stop Xena. They die.
#Kissmatewatches I find it interesting that instead of Thanatos, it's "Hades' sister" that's captured. I like to headcanon that it's a Ker who got captured instead, as most of the deaths we see are violent or caused by disease. (It's not perfect, but oh well.)
#Kissmatewatches Another plus for Xena, because this is the best (and closest) depiction of Hades in popular media I've seen! He's cool, charming, and covered in that nice goth look, but not a villain in the slightest. He actually is the one to tell Xena about Death's capture!
#Kissmatewatches That's all I can do for tonight, but keep watching, for next time is Hercules! Good Night, all!

/end of thread
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15 Sep
We're starting early with #Kissmatewatches today. We'll be tackling Hercules again, episodes 7, 8, and 9 of season one.
No time like the present, so let's get started!
#Kissmatewatches Herc Episode Seven: Pride Comes Before a Brawl
This episode is mostly about Iolaus proving to himself that he's a good and useful man, even without Herc. There's some men that are pretending to be satyrs (badly), and we meet Nemesis.
#Kissmatewatches It's nice to see a character I love show his abilities. I like these kinds of episodes!
Although, they wrapped it in some toxic masculinity, so that's a downer.
"If you help him now, Herc, Iolaus will hate you." But wouldn't you rather have your friend alive?
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14 Sep
After a weekend of self-care and proper adulting, I think I'm ready for another small night of #Kissmatewatches! We'll finish off the two Hercs I wasn't able to get to last time and see how they fare!
#Kissmatewatches Hercules Episode 5: Ares
Ares forms a gang of boys to terrorize the area. Hercules manages to kill the avatar of Ares and tell the boys to go home and think about what they've done.
#Kissmatewatches The best part of this episode is Atalanta played by bodybuilder Cory Everson. She's a blacksmith who wears bikini mail in a village full of women. Her personality is strong and cocky mixed with determination. She's the best side character in this series so far!
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11 Sep
So guess what's up? Another #Kissmatewatches of Xena and Herc, that's what! So strap in your leather and vests, cause here we go!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Five: The Path Not Taken
Xena goes to save a princess to stop a war, but meets an old flame that could ruin her plans. She lies to him, but he sees through her plans at the last moment. The villain kills him as he saves the princess, one act of good.
#Kissmatewatches Let me start off with an aside:
Her kicking the asses of men who dare think they can comment however they want about her? *SWOON*
AND THOSE LEGS! *chef kiss*
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10 Sep
We have another #Kissmatewatches tonight with another Xena and Herc showing! I'm looking forward to the campy fun from last night continuing!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Three: Dreamworker
Gabi longs to be a warrior like Xena, but Xena insists she not. Something about maintaining innocence. This catches Morpheus' priests' eye and they kidnap her to be a sacrifice. Xena enters the dream world and rescues her.
#Kissmatewatches Instead of needing """virgins""" to be sacrificed, they use something called blood innocence (shed blood/taking a life). I actually like this change! It's more important whether you've killed someone with your own hands rather than if you've had sex with anyone.
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9 Sep
Good Evening, twitters of all genders! I'll be doing a #Kissmatewatches of both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules TV shows. We got all six seasons of both and I figure why not write down my thoughts?
#Kissmatewatches I was already told to throw out my knowledge of Greek Myths. I had to nod in agreement over the fact the main character's name is Hercules and not Heracles.

Add in your brand of nerd jokes here.
#Kissmatewatches Episode One: Sins of the Past
Xena was once a conqueror, but her past gives her guilt. She buries her past by literally burying all her armor and weapons. Only to immediately need them later. Oops.
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19 Aug
Today on #Kissmatewatches, we're continuing the Resident Evil film series! Written and directed by Paul W S Anderson, we're watching "Resident Evil: Retribution" (2012).
The last one was fun with cheesy writing, so I'm hoping for something similar. Just a nice popcorn flick.
Don't forget this is a double team with AnaMardoll!

#Kissmatewatches I did notice something interesting last movie. Wesker said he needed Alice's blood to become stable with the T Virus. After she was stabbed in the fight, she stabbed him with the same knife. Meaning she stabbed her blood into his brain. I'm hoping he comes back!
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