You are an unlimited, eternal, spiritual being. You are not your ego. Ego is programming that you have. Ego & its beliefs, its conditioning, its fears, create a character that you play. When you identify with that character, you experience the limited version of yourself.
At a certain time of your spiritual growth you are meant to wake up to who you truly are and start creating as a spiritual being that you are, and not as the ego that you have.
When you identify with the ego, you experience much suffering that is caused by ego's false beliefs about reality and about who you are.
It's not easy to let go of that character that you play so the first step in your evolution is to become a better creator as the character that you play. Later, with further spiritual growth, you start to identify as your true Divine Self.

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24 Sep
We create (and co-create) our reality and we are responsible for it. The creation process starts even before we incarnate. We create a life plan that has a theme. That theme is our destiny.
Within that theme there are certain people and events that will come into our experience. Usually those are our parents (whom we choose) our partners and spouses and our kids (if we choose to have them)
We exist on all levels of consciousness and all levels of consciousness are valid as they offer different sets of experience and learning. However, our life plan is prepared by our higher aspect, our higher self. Higher self is your personalized aspect of God. It is you.
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21 Sep
Your now creates your future. How you vibrate now dictates your future because the Universe reflects your state of consciousness with a delay. How you vibrate is directly proportional to your state of consciousness.
When you vibrate (most of the time) with any fear based feelings then your future will reflect that. When you vibrate with love and peace, your future will reflect that. So within, so without!
The Matrix works with diligence to keep our vibration low. This is why we have societal norms thanks to which people judge other people. This is why we have negative media, manipulation, mind control, foods laden with chemicals, GMOs, etc.
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17 Sep
You create your own reality and you carry with you a bubble of experience that is focused on you and that goes with you wherever you go.
People can be in same location & have totally different experience because they have different level of consciousness. One who believes in benevolence of life will experience just that. Other one who believes that life is dangerous, full of hatred, etc. will experience just that.
Our core beliefs play the biggest role in the process of creation of our reality. Core beliefs have mental and emotional aspects & that's why they persist & are hard to change. Our consciousness is expressed as thoughts, feelings, & beliefs and they can be conscious & unconscious
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11 Sep
Our egos create illusory version of reality based on what they think they know or rather pretend to know. Pure experience is not knowing until we actually do know through actual experience in the present moment.
Egos pretend to know why things happened, or what is going to happen. They pretend to know what other people are like, what they think or feel, what is best for them, etc. They pretend to know a lot of things having no evidence.
I've had many friends and family telling me what I should do in life or where I should have been at my age. Do they know my soul plan and purpose for this life? Do they know what sort of lessons or tests I had planned before coming into this incarnation? They don't know.
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9 Aug
Let's continue with the hard drive analogy. Again the hard drive with unlimited storage represents field of consciousness (God). Sectors are soul groups (monads), and clusters are individual souls.
At low level of awareness, individual sectors (souls) see themselves as separate from other sectors and from hard drive (God). When they grow in conscious awareness they begin to see themselves as one not only with other sectors but also one with the hard drive (God).
The growth in conscious awareness resulting in seeing oneness of all is the name of the game. The ultimate awareness is knowing that we are the hard drive (God).
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9 Aug
In order to create, one needs to perceive first. Without perception nothing can be experienced, and thus creation would be pointless. To perceive there must be more than one (the perceiver and the perceived). This means that creation must involve more than one.
The field of consciousness can't create & remain single. It must divide & multiply itself (in the name only of course) to create, to perceive and experience its creation. Just like a fingertip can't touch itself, consciousness can't experience itself without portioning itself.
I often use the hard drive formatting analogy to explain this. It is a crude analogy but it works. Hard drive is the field of consciousness with unlimited storage capacity. During formatting sectors and clusters are created. Sectors are the soul groups & clusters are souls.
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