More Terrific LLC contract leaks (because I know you’re not sick of these yet)—creators who sign with @LlcTerrific can look forward to receiving 50% page rates until 90% of the US (and Canadian) population is vaccinated against COVID-19.
Good news though—@LlcTerrific will generously allow you continue doing commissions after signing onto one of their projects. After you get their permission, of course.
This is a courtesy, you see, as @LlcTerrific knows you dumb artists and your dumb artist brains can’t keep track of deadlines and need their help getting your work done on time. You’re welcome!
Did I mention that by signing on to an @LlcTerrific project, you’re agreeing to a one year EXCLUSIVE arrangement with them, plus a two year representation agreement?

Don’t want or need this mushbrained operation to promote you? Too bad!
“But Ren,” you say, “doesn’t this type of squirrel’s ass monopoly man libertarianism normally come with at least a small dose of racism? Isn’t it weird that it hasn’t gotten racist yet?”

Terrific LLC aims to meet even your lowest expectations. 💫

Terrific Production LLC
Andrew Rev

My reach is limited to English-speakers, if you’re bilingual and/or active in non-US art circles please translate & share this message in those spaces.
Additional info from an artist Terrific ripped off—apparently they’re having artists sign good contracts and then demanding to re-negotiate the terms after the work has been delivered.
Entirely illegal, of course, but Terrific is targeting non US-based artists hoping they won’t know enough about the US’s legal system to file a lawsuit from another country.

• • •

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More from @renfamous

17 Mar
Evening pick-me-up: Martina Markota of the Proud Boys hired a fellow groyper to help her make a comic and it seems he took $10k from her, delivered a handful of pages feat. a character copyrighted by Marvel instead of her character, filed a takedown on her IGG and bounced. Lol.
Sister Golden Dawn is quite peeved that it took comicsgate 15 months to point out to her that you’re supposed to do a storyboard/outline before sending a comic on to the artist along with $10k cash.
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13 Mar
How surprised would everyone be to learn that @VicMignogna is actually friends with one of the people who spent the last year doxxing and harassing the women who provided evidence against Vic in court?

Bonus: would you be surprised to learn this person works for @KitchenerCon?
Receipts to follow.
1: KF user Immaculate Ape(IA) posts addresses of women who provided evidence against @VicMignogna in court.

2: FB screenshot posted by IA revealing IA to be @KitchenerCon employee Cressidia Holmes (@DarksideEevee).

3: Vic praises Cress on @DougTenNapel's stream last night.
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31 Jan
Isn't it kinda racist when Ancient Aliens is all "this ancient African/Pre-Columbian/Chinese civilization's art was clearly influenced by actual alien visitors they met" like it's just assumed these people weren't capable of creating fantasy/folklore they knew wasn't "real"?
WE FOUND A WEIRD LOOKING STATUE FROM PREHISTORIC JAPAN THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A REAL PERSON SO THEY MUST HAVE MET WEIRD LOOKING ALIENS nah what if that guy just imagined something cool and made it? what if ppl in ancient Japan were capable of imagining things not found in nature?
All I'm saying is it doesn't seem like people are out here asking what flew down from the stars and inspired the ancient Greeks to start writing stories about centaurs and minotaurs and shit.
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18 Oct 19
Welp, looks like @thatumbrella decided to commit perjury after all.

He was actually stupid enough to trademark my name for use in the comic industry one day AFTER I published a comic using that name.

This is going to be fun 😈
Here’s what TUG swore to under penalty of perjury, if anyone’s curious:
It’d sure be a shame if someone had archived, dated evidence that the signatory had knowledge another person had right to use the mark in commerce prior to the date the application was filed 😗🎶
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9 Sep 19
If you're wondering why @vicmignogna's fans responded to his loss in court by attacking the judge on FB and sending death threats to Vic's victims, here's a clip of Vic's LAWYER(!!!) @tybeard10 saying anyone who "destroys people's livelihoods" deserves to be shot in the face.
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30 Jul 19
I’m sure this will be an accurate and unbiased account of the situation.
Here’s a list of things TUG and Ashley have accused me of that are flat out lies. If a youtuber presents any of these as fact, they have done zero research.
-Doxxing a GoFundMe donor
-Swatting Pete Simeti
-Swatting Edwin Boyette
-Calling CPS on TUG
-Threatening TUG’s child
-Trying to have TUG’s indiegogo taken down
-Doxxing TUG
-Doxxing TUG’s child
-Doxxing TUG’s wife
-Using my mind powers to shred the duct tape holding TUG’s mailbox together
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