The health outcomes for black and brown women when it comes to their reproductive systems are so bad, I feel like every husband needs to know.

During my wife’s pregnancies my job, my ONLY job, was to make sure no doctor did anything she didn’t want.
She ended up not taking drugs during either of her labors. But both times I was there just as a bulwark if she was put under and the doc had ideas about what should or shouldn’t be removed.
And that process started well ahead of Labor Day. It involved going to appointments asking questions, even if you were WebMDing your way through shit. Just making the doctors know you would be a FORCE that they couldn’t fast talk around or through or over.
I never drop where I went to school as much as when I’m meeting a new doctor for myself or my kids or my wife. I never mention what I do or how I “go on TV sometimes” as much as those moments.

My whole entire point is to exude a “don’t fuck with us. We will not be fucked with.”

• • •

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28 Sep
One thing I will say, because I've spent too much of my life talking to @matt_levine, is that one of the *problems* with our tax evasion laws is that once the government decides to come at you, they WILL get you, because a BUNCH of stuff is technically "tax evasion."
So, like, the question really becomes "do the Feds hate you enough to go after you." Once that answer is *yes*, you're TOAST.

HERE, the Feds never decided to go after Trump (including now, depending on what the SDNY is doing).
If they had, they would have caught him. They'd have caught him long before he ran for president and ruined America and helped kill 200,000 people.

But, remember, that could be said about almost *any* large org they don't like.
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27 Sep
And now you see why I've never been fooled by George fucking Conway.

The feint here is the thing where they say they just want to make abortion a state law thing and not a constitutional right thing. That *probably* sounds okay, to the white women inclined to vote Republican.
But for poor women, who are less mobile than white Republican women can apparently imagine, the "right" to choose is meaningless if *access* to said choice is limited along state jurisdictional lines. Wealthy white women can fly to New York, or Canada, other people not so much.
Moreover, taking away the federal right opens it up for all kinds of federal restrictions that will again fall hardest on the poor or those who can't afford a freaking *lawyer* to walk them through it, during the 2 or 3 weeks Republicans will let them have a "choice."
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27 Sep
In any event, Amy Coney Barrett is not "brilliant." You can pick apart her shitty arguments quite easily if you've been trained to spot how @FedSoc makes their sausage.
Step 1: Invent an original intent of a dead white guy who cannot be asked about the intent you ascribe to him..
Step 2: Determine said intent ALWAYS MAGICALLY agrees with your preferred outcome.
Step 3: Write law review article claiming that EVERYBODY ELSE FOREVER has missed this obvious and suddenly incontrovertible intent.
Step 4: Cite said article because you have no actual precedents
Step 5: Check to see if any cis-hetro-white men are harmed by your new-yet-allegedly-obvious intent, if so, limit your opinion, if not, proceed.
Step 6: Publish opinion, get overruled by everybody the fuck else. Complain that not enough FedSoc judges have been appointed.
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27 Sep
There are lots of reasons why people of color and women are underrepresented in the elite corridors of law. One of them is having to listen to a bunch of Noah Feldmans tell you how "nice" and "lovely" people are who want to rip away your rights and equality.
Seriously, imagine listening to this shit all day, every day, forever.

"So and So," who just happens to think that your sexual orientation is a deviant sin that the United States government is allowed to discriminate against "is brilliant!"
"Did you take so and so's class? Sure, I know she thinks that *strictly legally* you and your mother should be treated as second class citizens because you came from a different country and were food insecure while growing up. But man, WHAT A MIND!"
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25 Sep
The biggest missed opportunity for the climate movement was right after 9/11. The country was untied, motivated, and posed off. W could have told us to become energy independent or wean from fissile fuels, and we would have done it. We’d have done anything.
Instead W told us to go shop. And fight Afghanistan. And give up our freedoms to the surveillance state. So we did that instead. To our everlasting shame.
Right now, a majority of the country is pissed off and motivated against Trump. Most people see 200,000 dead Americans, and unprecedented attacks on our democracy. We are ready to DO the hard things.

We’re being told “go vote.” And we will. We absolutely will do that.
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25 Sep
I'm really frustrated with this @ewarren spot on @chrislhayes. He keeps asking her "how are we going to fight them" and she keeps saying "we have to fight them... with grassroots" and Hayes is like, yeah OK but what is the SENATE going to do... and it's just "we're gonna fight"
Like, there are options here. Terrible, parliamentarian stunts, but, that's what we have. And the Dems won't commit to ANY of them.


Dems want the public to, like, *force* them into fighting, instead of LEADING THE FIGHT.
Like, the way it's SUPPOSED to work is:
Dems: We're going to do THIS.

Instead they want it to work like this:
Grassroots: PLEASE DO THIS
Dems: Uhh... maybe... how many people agree? Can you convince Romney?
Read 4 tweets

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