I had a rare privilege of a dream revelation as I prayed this Morning & it was not a common Occurrence.
What's dream revelation? A picturesque kind of trance that happens where you are made to understand things with a high consciousness that you are dreaming
#HowtobeaGodman #RT
In this peculiar experience, I just had a long dream of a series of activities, then I was told to come a preach a sermon on #HOWTOBEAGODMAN I began the sermon and ended in full consciousness. I discovered I was been inspired by the Heavy thought... #RT
Influx that connected with my Spirit to know that there was a conversation of revelations communicated to me. Immediately I finished the sermon, I began to pray intensively. I was begging God to allow me enter into the realities of what I preached recently
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Here are the excerpts of the sermon:
What were the realities of being a God Man. 4 sessions discussed
1. 8 definitions of a God Man
2. Code Interpretation of the God Man
3. Powerful dimensions of the God Man
4. Eternal Greatness for the God Man
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8 definitions were given as follows :
A. A state that brings you into the Life of God on earth
B. A state of Perpetual wetness of appetite for the things of God
C. A miraculous Living dimensions in the natural life..
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D. A state of perpetual spiritual awakenings to the things that matter to God.
E. A state of passion for God and His will and Hatred for iniquity.
F. A state of growth in the revelation of the Grace and Glory of God.
#howtobeaGodman #RT
G. A state of Hunger of Eternal Meals and Expressions.
H. A State of Perpetual In fillings by The Holy Spirit.
A God man is more like a Status than a Personality
It is a positioning with eternal possibilities
It's a journey and an adventure rather than an end
#HowtobeaGodman #RT
It's a Reward system with endless Possibilities for anyone that enters into it.
While I came out of the revelation, a code dropped in my heart.
Code #841111 #howtobeaGodman #RT
The Lord showed me in prayer that the code of entering the God Man life can be found in Psalms 84:11
For The Lord is a Sun & Shield: (this mean an Aura of Light that is loaded with Protective Capacity) the Lord will give Grace & Glory : (this means there is eternal ACCESS to MEASURES of the riches of Light & Shinning without frequent demonic attacks. CONTD
#howtobeaGodman #RT
[ which is why God Men are not moved by fear gimmicks ]) No Good thing will He withhold from them that work Uprightly.
This is the code of a man living as God on earth.
He will always Shine and will lack Nothing. #howtobeaGodman #RT
REMINDER: all these were revelatory nt studied
The Dimensions of The God man has a major pathway to it
That's Upright Walk.
This does not naturally mean working as a man who is righteous. It's far beyond that.
It's means working as a man who has Understood the Strategies of Upright Walk in All realms.
#HowtobeaGodman #RT
Here is where a lot of persons miss it.
To be Upright in The realm of Academic, there is something you must do that is different from realms of Purity, Finances, Marriage and your Career
And here is where the mystery code 841111 lies
It goes this way 84 11 11
#howtobeaGodman #RT
Many get to know one realm and then they abandon the other realms. It takes multiple realms of walking upright to enter into the God Man Life.
If you look at that code, it said 84 11 11. It's beyond just the first 11, there is a repetitive nature of Upright walk #howtobeaGODman
If I walk Right in the Higher Dimensions of every realm, then I am walking Uprightly and this Is the direct Interpretation of 84 11 11. It's directly implying repeated upright walk in more than one realm of living.
#howtobeaGodman #RT #CODE841111
So it take a revelation to have access to Upright walk in every realm which comes from an initial foundational intention to Walk with God at the beginning of your readiness to be a Godman. #howtobeaGodman
To walk Upright, you must walk Right with God first. Then UP-right follows
This is a revelation realm where you hear clear principles for the realms of your life that you must follow.
Many live by General Principles which is Good. But there is one specific General Principle that can change your life into the Godman dimension all at once #howtobeaGodman
And you may not know it till it is revealed. This may not apply to everyone the same way.
But what is Normal general principle for others could be a MAJOR UPRIGHT PATHWAY FOR YOUR DESTINY & it is only when you know that you know! Some may stumble into it though. #HowtobeaGodman
WHAT others refer to as Normal Bible Reading could be Your #code841111 for the God Man dimensions. For some, it's a combination of principles.

This is very instructive. Many have been tied down to the foundational principles of Life. Search out your #code841111 #howtobeaGodman
One single consistent Upright walk by revelation could be the transition for you into the God Man Life while it could be only the beginning for others.
What this implies is your journey could be accelerated by divine emphasis on ONE PRINCIPLE #HOWTOBEAGODMAN #CODE841111
MEANING for Others, they enter into the realm of Uprightness after combining a lot of Life principles after a long time of consistency, you may have opportunity of a MILD fast track by a REVEALED PRINCIPLE FOLLOWED ARDENTLY, while not ignoring others #HOWTOBEAGODMAN #CODE841111
Finally, there is a time in a man's life when He enters the God Man Life: Realm of POSSIBILITIES and He knows it. It's a day when Greatness is introduced to You and stays with You, when you understand that certain things can never happen to You again #howtobeaGodman #CODE841111
This is because you have learnt the #CODE841111
ITS A realm OF perpetual Hunger for Greatness, Spiritual Warfare without fear due to understanding of Victory dynamics on a Larger scale of opportunity, Perpetual Hunger for God and His Will till it is Manifested. #howtobeaGodman
Contd: A realm of Possibility in Impossibilities with Eternity in View, when Wealth can not distract your devotion of God. Basic Intentional actions that can bring the God Man life is CONSISTENT PERPETUAL MOTION IN STATE AND SEARCH of God.






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