It’s quite unfortunate that most politicians in 🇳🇬 refer to themselves as Democrats with a shallow thinking that it means a lover of democracy. This is not the case. Democrats are communists/Marxists who give what they have stolen from their target to the people for enslavement.
This is the same way activists ignorantly call themselves comrades as linked to communist cum leftist revolutionaries that lust after control of the people and the destruction of values simply because they can’t have their way or Captain the ship they strive to sink. #ReadWider
I’ve sat with majority of our leaders across political parties even at the highest level of governance enough to know that none of them understand international politics. They’re mostly (in the 80th percentile) indoctrinated by Leftist ideals. Both APC/PDP think Trump is crazy.
Years back when I presented my argument about Trump’s triumph & why they should review their perception about international politics and consider having an ideology, our major parties shunned the idea and argued against the possibility. But if cause as always I was proven right.
While one party played dead to the outcome, the other even donated to the Leftist’s campaign (though understandable, as the Democrats under Obama toppled the PDP Govt in 2015 in favor of the APC just to ruin Nigeria for their control & continuous exploitation).
The democrats took hundreds of thousands of black people to war and never gave them any recompense. They want to keep them enslaved, subvert their voting rights and strip them of their freedom. Police brutality against the black man is a religion. Yet the orchestrator is praised.
In Africa/Nigeria the YOUTH are the Blacks. They are the ones denied of freedom, jobs and the ability to thrive. Their youthful energy is exploited until they have lost faith in their dreams. Yet they are coerced into worshipping their slave masters while stroking their chains.
The Right wing are no saints either. But at least they teach you to Fish instead of stealing for Paul to enslave Peter. They are the job creators and Capitalists the Communists are waging war against using the masses as the fuel for their wars against global progress.
This is not to say that there is any clear cut political ideology in Nigeria. It’s a potpourri of the worst of the well worn destructive ideologies other have tried resulting in the decimation of millions of innocent lives. Death in Nigeria has been normalized. We no longer care.
The Bow or Perish policy is practiced both by the Democrats in the States and our alleged reformed and flummoxed Democrats in Nigeria. You simply become an enemy of the state just by disagreeing with them. Your capacity to think critically literally puts you in their crosshairs.
Rather than for our leaders to prioritize TRADE they lust after AIDS as indoctrinated by Democrats that push for aides instead of Trading with nations to strengthen relations. The love for illegal immigrants by the Dems is simply to create chaos & rig elections. Familiar right?
I’m sure we still remember how many children from Niger & other neighboring Fulani countries voted in Kano? You recall the daylight murder of our youth corpers who refused to align to the plot to write results and those that tragically drowned for interests to have their way?
The sad part is that we can’t play dead for long. The youth of yesterday are fathers & mothers supporting families today. There is no messiah coming to save anyone. We are all that we need and until we take personal responsibility, the chains will remain. It starts with you.
...End of Celestial Observation...
One more thing...
You shouldn’t need to be convinced that while there are two wings to the Eagle abroad, in Nigeria we have a ‘Chichidodo Bird’ known to be a deadly Machiavellian political animal. This should explain why it is easier for politicians to cross Parties as pleased.
So Segun, are you saying you are a REPUBLICAN?

Only simpletons will have this binary conclusion. I’m neither a Democrat nor Republican. I am a human being who values Humanity far above religious fanaticism and identity politics of hate that is threatening to smother our unity.

• • •

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24 Sep
Distinguished, understand feminism correctly and not the Aberration being projected by members of covens with multivariate tantrums void of virtue or responsibility. Feminism speaks to equity (fairness) more than equality (ranking). It’s about mutual respect void of prejudices.
A woman desirous of working should be treated like any other human being or the opposite gender. There needn’t be an affirmative action on the engagement of skills based on the gender gap. If she qualifies hire her and treat her like other professionals in fairness.
We didn’t choose our gender and need not be punished for it. Treating my spouse with respect need be based on legislation but a reflection of my character and leadership quality. Whataboutism is not a credible argument especially for men in this regard.
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24 Sep
Distinguished, in your cause of “following the money” note that your Wife’s Money is HER Money. It has nothing to do with your budgetary plans, while what you think is your Money is the Family’s Money. You MUST be accountable on every dime for the Family purse. #Reality
Saying “I do” before the Law and God is taken that you have read the terms and conditions that apply. You Covenanter to be a provider and protector of your partner and offsprings that will be “spawned and reared” within that matrimony. Accountability starts with YOU.
No married man is ever free from Debts. Even if you owe no financial institution and have been responsible at home, you will always have to refund your wife for certain miscellaneous expenses in home engineering you probably missed during budget appropriation. Note this.
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17 Sep
You will actually have an ear full. A national orientation will be ignited in the content of the bill to ease implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Congratulations to the people. #EndImpunity 🚔
The objective of the Bill is to provide for a more efficient and effective police SERVICE that is based on the principles of; Accountability and Transparency, Protection of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms, & Partnership with other security agencies. @ayemojubar please note.
Here are specific objectives of this Bill. Which simply means any police officer that violates the fundamental objective of the establishment law has broken the law of the land even while prosecuting an actual suspect. Suffice to say that the full implementation will help a lot.
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16 Sep
The Police Trust Fund has no Boss as far as the public is concerned. This contraption of a board is neither trusted by the public nor by the police community themselves. The President should reconstitute this immediately. They are mostly politicians & part of the problem!
This goes to show you how disconnected from reality these people are. It wouldn’t kill the Presidency to engage the CSOs that facilitated the Police Trust Fund Bill and Police Reform Bill for clarity. What is Barracking in a Democracy? Why waste funds ignorantly?!
It is fraudulent to lay claim to the adoption of community Policing principles and quickly obtain N13.3 Billion for same at the one end, only to turn around and spend Police Trust Fund money on Barracks! This is the ugliest of all paradoxes subsumed in a pool of deceit.
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14 Sep
You are not learned Distinguished. Any Law enthusiast will educate you about the phrase “Equity is Equality” being one of the Maxims of Equity. You have an opportunity to learn for free & you keep botching it with your overrun cup that has no room for useful knowledge. Read wider
You mostly take these threads for granted because I am not asking you to register to pay for masterclass and earn a cardboard for attendance which might eventually increase your opportunity in the rat race. But that’s not my modus operandi. I give all that I have for free.
The Equality idea is only of the ambiguities created by Marxist dictators. They use this for control & what they meant by this is not much about people being equal in the real sense because it is factual that we are not all equal and can never be except before God & the Law.
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14 Sep
There’s this Aunty of mine who I believe must have been tragically born in a party. If there is anything constant in her life it would be events. Every time I hear her name it must have something to do with Ankara, Gele, Cap material & associated costs. 🎉 #DaringCovid19 Image
From Ikorodu to Ijebu, Benin to Abuja and back to Port Harcourt while circling back to Lagos to recalibrate no weekend is spared ever even if there is a looming natural disaster, she’ll confront it. The show must always go on in her books. Imagine her dilemma in the past months.
So this woman has been calling my phone frantically in the past weeks. It was unusual because our only connection was my mum & since she passed years ago, we have cancelled our annual Ikorodu Christmas party which she took charge of gloriously & prepares budget for religiously.
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