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30 Jun
It just might be that you need more study in international relations, diplomacy & deeper understanding about individual country’s foreign policy. Nigeria is yet to define her own as divided by the age-long North Vs South politics of distrust.
Thus, the country distracts itself with playing big brother in Africa and gets nothing in return but betrayals & zero appreciation. We have served as a lesson to many on the “Charity begins at home” Doctrine. You can’t conquer the world without conquering yourself first.
There is nothing wrong with tagging foreign nations on matters that borders on treaties signed by our country with the international community. It is instructive especially when dealing with geriatrics who would rather look good outside than do good in their own country.
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24 Jun
I’ve been meaning to address the issue with @adamugarba’s Crowwe App and several insinuations over the latest development with #TwitterBanInNigeria. I did my usual digging & was going to engage him at @akintollgate’s clubhouse session yesterday but he never returned as promised.
Adamu Garba may be known to most as a politician who ran for President in 2019 and later stepped down to support the #NextLevelAgenda of Mr President, but outside that he is also a young entrepreneur in the Tech industry with his firm (IPI Solutions).
Adamu like most political supporters of the Change agenda in his category benefitted from the admin even before 2019. If the @officialEFCC contract award notification to IPI Solutions on the 17th of April 2017 (EFCC/PROC/131/V.I) is anything you go by, the dots can be connected.
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24 Jun
It is obvious the Admin has always been their own enemy. Being paranoid with their obsession with power and total control in order to secure their Regime at the expense of National security. The fear that Twitter may be weapon against them is only projected as a trauma response.
The same platform they heavily invested in to oust another admin is now being perceived as a threat against their misgovernance & maladministration. Human beings have the capacity to do good & evil and so does any Technology. John Wick even used a book to kill in combat.
Do we go about killing people because of our perceived notion of the evil they may be capable of doing? Do we ban anything & everything adopted by majority for the fear of abuse? This is paranoia. Twitter must never be driven underground because of the ego trip of the listless.
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28 Apr
There’s no foreign partnership that can solve our internal security imbroglio fueled by the subjugation of the rule of law, nepotism & inequality. The self genocidal trend wasn’t an accident but deliberately curated by ethnic brigades with the blessing of the powers that be. 🚔
The same clannish sentiment that engineered the allusion that the war on Boko Haram is a war on the North. The same mentality that justified terrorist sympathizers in public office & security appointment to be skewed to the North. Murderous bandits are yet to be proscribed…
…and northern religious/political leaders are openly making a case for the Bandits’ murders, while others are issuing threats against our national sovereignty without consequences. 🇳🇬 is not a conquest of any Jihad & I wonder what the US/UK are coming to reinforce.
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13 Mar
A terrible mess I must say at this point. I hope those complicit will ever return from the wilderness of their shame even while grandstanding. The truth remains the greatest weapon. #EndStupidity
As stated across platforms, demonizing people as a strategy will most times haunt those who depend on such methods of agitating for change. It is true for APC as it is for those being publicly humiliated over their lack of tact in engaging the public on matters of accountability.
If you are altruistically intervening on behalf of the public as an individual or organization using your personal resources, you accountability is basically the result of your activities as reported by you (organization) or as corroborated by beneficiaries of your activities.
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12 Mar
“Practical elegance is something that is available to all of us. If we choose, it can become the cornerstone of our work. Some of us make a thing & many of us make a system.”

The harmony & singularity of purpose void of discordance constitute systemic efficiency. #Significance
“What makes something practically elegant is that it’s better, smoother, cleaner, more understandable, kinder, more efficient, friendlier or more approachable than it needs to be.”

I guess this is the difference between a Mercedes Benz & Toyota, Niche & Mass market etc
“When we create something with practical elegance, we are investing time and energy in a user experience that satisfies the user more than it helps the bottom line of the company that made it.”

It’s harder than it looks & years of practice and discipline in obscurity pays.
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10 Mar
I’ll continue to plead that you forgive the inadequacies of flawed beings while we magnify the positivity and advantage they bring. There’s nothing wrong in correcting momentary lapses of judgement but cancellation must never be an option. Let encourage those contributing. 🙏🏽
It’s imperative to take a lesson from the cobra effect, which occurs when an adopted strategy or solution to a problem makes the problem worse due to unseen consequences. The term is used to illustrate the causes of incorrect stimulus in economy and politics. We’re all important.
For the purpose of illustration of a typical cobra effect scenario. Imagine a country like China or India having a problem with massive deaths of farmers due to cobra bites & serious economic cost on antidotes leading to the formulation of a policy that could help the situation.
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27 Feb
There’s already an inquiry into the rogue decision of the CBN Governor. The decision will no doubt be reversed once the report of the panel is received at the Presidency. Nigeria cannot remain in the dark at the expense of the huge population of creatives seeking to be heard.
The Government needs to get a grip and learn more before shaming the citizenry on a global scale. The blockchain model have smart businesses opportunity that could emancipate millions far more effectively than paternalistically sharing N5k in the market to install welfarism.
We are building innovative businesses of the future and connecting Africa beyond the wildest imagination of our Govt. The project we started in 2015 is already doing great in Kenya & we’re participating in the $100m Carbon Capture Competition 👉🏽…
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26 Feb
Most agitations are often smothered by false assumptions and wrong metrics. Advocacy requires an in-depth study beyond the tantrums, display of discontent & rabid anger. Identification of a problem is the simplest starting point & a day old baby can excel in this by simply crying
Matured active citizens will take it higher from here by exploring the Cause of the problem. This is another tricky part where most get it wrong by making it about persons. Societal problems are mostly systemic because we are creatures of habits which become culture over time.
For those who paid attention in science classes, especially regarding the kinetic state of matter. We can tell that objects at rest or in motion have a force of inertia acting on it which resists any force acting to change its state. This is why engaging culture needs strategy.
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15 Feb
Straight up, I know why you are doing this and I hope it’s worth it. We can ignore the truth for all we care but in the end we will be haunted by our actions. I am not equivocating on this! 😇
Anyone who told you we voted for reopening toyed with your senses, which I once believed was impregnable to scheming mortals being an Oracle et al. How can we vote to open what we never voted on to close? This argument doesn’t justify your action.
But I understand the need to incite the public against the panel to appease the agenda at the expense of the vulnerable seeking restorative justice. Politicians laboring under relative obscurity are prone to betrayal but this is beneath one deemed to be an Oracle.
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13 Feb
Olagbaja omo baba muko muko
Ro’ri e
You better be careful ö
Iwo nko
Iwo ore mi o, omo Naija
De’ti e
You better be careful
When people, them they yab and criticize you
De’ti e
For your own benefit o
And when people them they praise say you dey try
De’ti e
But, better be careful o Image
But when praising too much o
Advertisement for paper eh
Na sychophancy o...
Remember remember... itan ijapa
Mr. tortoise and the elephant o 🎶 Image
Olagbaja omo baba muko muko
Ro’ri e
You better be careful ö

Ògá alagbara ooo...
Di ę DI ę, ę rọ ra
Ę ba ranti awon alagbara to ti je’ gba
T’won s’aseju...
When power enter body o...
Him dey shack...him dey shack ooo...🎶
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12 Feb
I’m neither for or pro anyone. The fact that I agree with people mustn’t suggest they are pedestalized for worship and thus can do no wrong. This is one thing children of today must understand, our differences must become avenues to learn to see from another perspective.
There is no one I support on certain issues that I haven’t criticized once on another. The folks I’m hardest on are those I expect much more from. This must not be seen as hatred or invalidation but a hold to accountability. These are leaders accountable to us politically.
It is a different issue when I am addressing acquaintances online who are ordinary citizens like me doing their best to contribute to our nation. Hating them for their opinion will be unfortunate. We all reserve the rights to make our choices & opinions in the know.
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28 Jan
Unfortunately, what they do with their bodies is their business provided they publish this themselves willfully. It’s online sexual harassment (cybersexual abuse) when you publish anyone’s nudes to spite them, shame them or blackmail them into doing certain things. #SexualAbuses
There is however a spectrum of sexual misconducts under this heading in relations to online activities. Most common are; Lollipoping —this has to do with infantilizing women by calling her Sweetie, Darling, Honey, Love or BooBoo just to placate them into acceding to further abuse
Another common one we see as cases on the daily in hundreds is Sextortion & Revenge Porn which fall under non consensual intimate images. Most abuser threaten to publish if ransom are not paid & this often times may be in form of money or another affair which they weaponize again
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28 Jan
No one has the right to order the eviction of any one based on their tribe but we all have the right as citizens to stand against impunity, wanton murders & untrammeled destruction of properties by the morbidly entitled, who believe they own the country & can do as pleased. ⚖️
There is no point belaboring the sentiments in the action of those speaking for the vulnerable in society when the needed conversation has been triggered and the needful is being done with compliance. Nigeria remains a republic & we must coexist peaceably without infringement.
There is no one more Nigerian than any Nigerian and our leaders must avoid being negligent about security of the people they are meant to serve. When gunmen keep striking at will every responsible parent will do the needful to protect their family where the Govt has failed.
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28 Jan
What you make happen for others, GOD will make happen for you. #BackToSender #GameStop ⚖️
This is the kind of Unity that will reset the impunity of the ruling elite in America if not the world as a whole. Get an education people before it becomes illegal. Stop allowing yourself to be indoctrinated with monstrous propaganda that has enveloped the schools globally.
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1 Jan
The concept of “New Year” as pedestalized is optimistic to boost the mental health of the majority who needs encouragement. Even though it doesn’t mean a new cloud, sun or moon will materialize neither does it guarantee anything fresh asides the calendar design. #TwennyTwennyOne
It also doesn’t remotely suggest that it is something that has never happened before. The Bible clearly states that there is nothing new under the sun. I take it as a question bordering on personal responsibility as corroborated by the doctrine of “New Year Resolution.”
Which you will agree with me is the most abused and disrespected concept in the history of man. Same old patterns are often repeated over & over again. Same old rituals since human beings are creatures of habit. So let us all take this as a question. Will this year truly be New?
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31 Dec 20
If you are conscious Distinguished you will realize that God is not stuck in a building or in the sky but lives in us all. God is a SPIRIT and those that worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth. God is not the author of confusion. He is a God of Order. #SafetyFirst
There’s a difference between Pastoring a church and leading a rebellion and the Distinguished rabbi, His Grace @sam_adeyemi is more than familiar with the leadership example of Christ than to play to the gallery to appease the mob at the expense of the safety of the collective.
We can cross over at anytime and it will coincide with at least one of the time zones as we fellowship with the saints as global citizens from the comfort of our homes. Dial down the spread of the pandemic & reduce the impact on our ailing health services. #StaySafe
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30 Dec 20
In Dubai, club owners admit that they make more money from sales of liquor based on the Nigerian theme and music. Nigerian music has taken the world by storm. The only way to engage the cultural influence is not by conflict or beef but by raising the bar & do better. 🎶
It goes without saying that there are Nigerians all over the world being their best across sectors. We are the biggest country in the dark continent especially in population and economy. In the world today in every four black people you will find one Nigerian. We’re taking over.
This is why I don’t understand the pettiness amidst our talents fighting themselves when they are supposed to unite and take over the world with their collective impact. The world is feeling the heat but naturally Africans are known to fight their own brothers instead. #WakeUp
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29 Dec 20
Nigeria can’t afford another lockdown. Economically it is suicidal especially without the capacity of Government to deliver the necessary shock absorber (palliatives) for citizens that depend on daily earnings from their respective toil. Businesses are dying also from stress.
But if there’s an evidence cum science based reason for this decision to be the only way forward, we must brace ourselves for impact & show responsibility as a collective. Govt certainly can’t do it alone. This will be a tough one. We must be our brother’s keeper going forward.
President @realDonaldTrump signed the stimulus bill upon the understanding of the concerns of American citizens despite his political differences with Dems pushing for same. Nigeria is in debts & even if huge sums are signed, there’s a high possibility that it will be stolen.
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14 Dec 20
One thing is can’t intimidate the truth & neither can you wish it away. Lies pushed with the vilest of hate still can’t prevent the truth from appearing. The desperation of the socially maladjusted is obvious just for the lust for fame & fortune. #EndHypocrisy
There are also those who seek to legitimize the evil/bloodletting by building a business around it under the guise of running an NGO. They sponsor media events, awards & even grandstand by promoting evil, despite failing serially to establish themselves as a force for years.
These are the ones seeking to re-write history by attempting to sell the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG as a Protest. They want the world to believe it started months ago. They want to own it & weaponize it against the state at the expense of the vulnerable in society & our democracy!
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12 Dec 20
When you allow yourself to be railroaded and forced into silence for having an opinion by the mob it simply shows you are yet to reinforce your self respect and build your strength of character. You don’t know yourself yet without the capability of embracing your own monstrosity. Image
Those who are unable to be cruel will always be an absolute victim of those cloaking their inadequacies with aggression. You will never respect yourself until you’ve grown teeth. This is why we love to watch movies telling stories from the perspective of the villain. Image
It is also the reason why people enjoy watching or following up on Twitter bouts, rants and battles. This helps us relate to our own dark side by feeding its desires. This shouldn’t be misconstrued with the promotion of violence or belligerence but identification of the self.
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