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3 Jul 20
Releasing my final statement on this matter after receiving a conscionable courtesy call from @seyitannn_ ‘s mum, sister @tosinbunmi12 with @seyitannn_ in the loop. Please stay tuned. #EndTheVictimization #EndImpunity
I really want to appreciate Seyitan’s family at this difficult time. It is indeed a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I’m glad to be filled in on the missing links as well as elated to know we are on the same page as regards the fact that Seyitan’s interests is paramount.
As discussed, permit me to communicate seyitan’s family’s position on this matter, which consistently represents the prayers and wishes of Seyitan: She deserves her peace and a normal life.
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2 Jul 20
I will speak to what actually transpired in this regard for the sake of the public in a few minutes. This is why we need to be circumspect and careful about what we believe online without checking the veracity. #CheckTheVeracity #EndImpunity
Equity is equality. Our organization sees only humanity and cares less about treating anyone specially because of their status, gender, creed, clan, class or craze. This is our safe space policy which is no respecter of any agenda be it state (Public) or organization sponsored.
Our work speaks only to the truth materializing. When a police officer in the bid to apprehend an alleged thief use unnecessary aggression thereby violating such individual’s rights, he may los his/her authority & have to deal with the infringement. We all have rights.
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2 Jul 20
While appreciating the concern of the @LagosMoj over the assist & clarification, it is imperative to state the circumstances that led to the charge lest we assume an appeal is being made for an armed robber. Context is key & we know how derelict the criminal justice system is.
In 2014, SARS were the Boko Haram of the time empowered by the state running amok above the Law. Chidozie like most impertinent youth have decided to remain in the Abati, Vulcanizer, Akowonjo neighborhood of Lagos State, even after his parents moved somewhere else.
On the fateful day, He went to his best friend’s (Prosper) house to charge his laptop. Prosper’s mother is a tenant to a certain Akeem, who was later discovered to be an armed robber. Suffice to say, Prosper lives with his mother in a rented house owned by an Armed robber.
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29 Jun 20
Can you just imagine the two time champion of the award of the worst police in the world! #EndImpunity 😡
Will @PoliceNG chase armed robbers or kidnappers like this? Are the people being chased with so much venoms criminals? Is this rabid chase about service to the country or protection of public interest? The answer to all these is NO! They are doing it for N15k Ransom! #Shame
Someone called me today having boarded an Uber while masked. She sat behind the cab and was on the phone. She removed her mask briefly to complete her call and the @PoliceNG pounded on the vehicle like she was an armed robber & demanded N15k. She was still with her mask o.
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26 Jun 20
The global gentrification programme has prioritized the theatrical aspect of things (facades) over authenticity and society has since been acculturated to betray values & conviction for political correctness. The mob now define who we mostly are as we betray our own souls. ⛱
For concious observers of the times, we will realize that since Ronald Regan’s Presidency in the states, an expectation has been set for leadership globally. The name people know will always be perceived to be capable of winning elections & not those that represent our values.
Nobody wants to be a loser so we choose to win at all costs even at the expense of our convictions and values. This is the theory behind the subjugation and evisceration values especially as facilitated and reinforced by the advent of social media. Fake life is the new Cool.
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26 Jun 20
First they wore Kente & took the knee. Then ordered their socially maladjusted youth, void of the knowledge of history, to loot their communities & tear down statues. Whoever told you any of these will make up for institutionalized racism & disproportionate justice? #MAGA
The very same hypocrites did nothing about racism under Obama when BLM campaign actually started. Now the “Soros Bots” are brainwashing the black community with simplistic platitudes and hate. Did racism start under Trump? Who runs your Police? 🇳🇬s are wiser. We’ve been there.
Anyone that seeks to exploit your pain & anger for their agenda don’t mean well for you. This was what the Democrats did when they interfered in Nigeria’s election in 2015 & this is the same stupidity playing out in America. They’ve run out of ideas & are only grasping at straws.
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25 Jun 20
Godwin Obaseki emerges as PDP governorship candidate, as ALL aspirants stepped down few minutes to commencement of Primaries.
Over the last decade I’ve written so many Op Eds as a present to my future self. Not one of these forecasts have fallen to the ground. They have proven to be a window to our political future under the identity politics of hate void of ideology. 👉🏽
I’ve travelled through time to reveal the trajectory of our situation with cross carpeters in the political puppet show that hailers & wailers alike have turned into a realityTVshow at the expense of all our children whose future is being mortgaged. 👉🏽
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23 Jun 20
Ordinarily we should demand the disbandment of the @PoliceNG but that is not feasible so an overhaul would suffice. The whole world has gone digital, business, education & work have moved online yet in Nigeria, the police deems it criminal to own phones & laptops. #EndImpunity
In an average family of 5, the father, mother, & 3 kids can no longer share laptops. From junior secondary school, your 11year old is expected to have his own personal computer & even mobile phone. So breaking into such a home with 5 laptops & 7phones confirms they’re fraudsters?
The police are supposed to be ahead of a whole lot it unfortunately our police officers are far more primitive than Boko Haram. They are state backed terrorist in their operations. How can you put on uniform and implicate the innocent simply because they refused to pay ransom?
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22 Jun 20
SARS in Abuja are acting like a terrorist cell. The rogues there are angry because their racket was exposed and they have been having sleepless nights on how to implicate their victims. They vowed to parade them today as fraudsters & we are promising them a lawsuit. @PoliceNG_CRU
The level of lawlessness under this IGP and Administration is worse than life under a BokoHaram overrun LGA. Every rogue unit now make their own rules and dares the consequences. The entire police structure should be ready for its demise if this persists because we’ll respond.
To be more specific this is another impunity by Abba Kyari’s boys. They hide under IGP/IRT to play bounty hunter and fleece innocent people of huge funds after abduction. They are the same people paid to abduct @seyitannn_ on Dbanj’s case.
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21 Jun 20
Critical issues such as the Culture of impunity by the privileged, powerful & positioned folks getting away with murder unconscionably because they can, must never be downplayed with skin color, ethnicity or partisan politics. Focus on Culture Change through engagement. @SIAF_NG
Four years ago when I was discussing the design of the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG campaign with Dr Yemi Amusan @yemusan1, we both agreed that the most critical element of the movement must be the common ground & nothing lopsided that cuts off any demographic or class.
It was a delicate campaign no doubt which inadequate planning could determine even long before we began. So it’s necessary to simulate a whole lot for months while researching before we launch into the Wild. Sincerity of purpose was key. Political campaigns are for the short run
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20 Jun 20
Liberals love your ignorance as they incentivize Welfarism against the family. The black community is a target of their modern day slavery. They’re exploiting your anger & illiteracy. Soon you’ll feel less black for seeing through their propaganda. Biden is not worth your vote.
The weaponization of Welfarism that reinforces & rewards bad behavior, which encourages women to be married to the state thus promoting broken homes with father absence is far more destructive to the black community than any other vice in America.
Those who can read will tell you that America in the 60s had 23% single parent situation in the black community which was considered high but compare that to today with 74% that fuels the black population in prisons. 1 out of every 3black men will go to jail at some point in life
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18 Jun 20
If the I nstitutionalized racism in America makes police officers profile black people & even kill just because of the color of the skin of their victims, then what can we say about police brutality in Nigeria? Some would ask. Those killing us are like us. #EndImpunity 🚨
They speak our language and live amongst us. They feel the weaponization of poverty by the 1% and are very much part of the 99% they oppress and violate. They are victims of the system too taking unconscionable orders & most often running their own racket because they can.
They have been mired in the culture of impunity and no longer feel it’s right to serve and protect the society they raise their own children in. Most can’t help being evil for it pays the bills while others can’t turn down the orders of their superiors feeding fat from impunity.
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9 Jun 20
You can see the impact of the weaponization of poverty right in the Tweet. The moment poverty is embodied, people resort to survival and primitive short term thoughts without the apprehension of the future. This is why banks won’t grant long term loans to short term thinkers.
People thought-locked into the hamster race of consumption can never think of innovation that better society neither can they have empathy towards the needs of others. It is always about the self. Vanities, music & zero strategic plans. It’s all about food & exhibitions.
This is why people don’t study to become a solution but rather read to pass to get jobs so they can grab necessities and pay NEPA bills till they become victims of societal ills and institutional gaps they are not prepared to fix. This is why they sell their votes for onions.
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4 Jun 20
Distinguished Mr Hart, the protest has been hijacked despite the arrest of the culprits. Firing all the officers with racial disposition won’t solve an institutionalized and systemic problem neither would looting shops & burning the community. The President made the right call.
I have said times without number that my tweets won’t caress the sentiments of most. People throw tantrums when all they have known are challenged. There’s always a watershed moment for every nation that forces change. But it is left for us to decide the kind of change we want.
Never in history have we got government sit at tables and make policies with protesters. It is always with advocates. This is why sensible people are admonishing that people stay home & organize a strategic pushback. Like this 👉🏽…
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3 Jun 20
Most of the big men in our society have the smallest of minds and are the poorest of souls. Yesterday evening, a team of armed men from @PoliceNG IRT stormed Aguda surulere without reporting at @PoliceNGLagos command to execute an extraction based on an Armed robbery petition.
The journeyed all the way from Abuja, stormed the residence of a known credible web designer and linear editor traumatizing there family and carting away all his computers and phone while abducting him as ordered to Abuja. When @SIAF_NG was contacted by the traumatized wife...
...we made further enquiries only to realize that a certain Chief Akinbami, Vice Chairman of @FAAN_Official wrote a petition against this young man at IRT claiming he is an Armed Robber just because of a N1M job that went south due to his non-compliance & response.
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2 Jun 20
The Kogi Commissioner that allegedly battered and raped Ms. Elizabeth is now in Custody at the @PoliceNG FHQ after several attempts to obstruct justice by the Governor of the state. He is currently making a statement & we hope he will be detained & charged for his infringement.
The pressure from the state Governor to have this man walk free despite his crime against humanity is unthinkable. We are calling on the @PoliceNG_CRU and the office of the IGP to ensure justice is served. He must be charged to court for his abuse based on evidence gathered.
Violence against women must never become a norm neither should it be reinforced by the political class. Elizabeth has gone through Hell. There’s been many threats to her life on the record & the @PoliceNG investigation have all the evidence. #JusticeForElizabeth #EndImpunity
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25 May 20
ACTION ON MR WALE JANA (Sapphire Scent).

(Investment Debt and An Independent Action for Recovery)
I have, within the last few weeks, been inundated by calls and messages from worried citizens with unsettled investment claims against Sapphire Scent, a company owned by Mr. Wale Jana.
According to these claims, Sapphire Scent has refused or failed to make payments as due to investors per bargain, prompting suspicions of dishonesty and fraud on the company’s part.
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24 May 20
This calls for concern if indeed the Hon. minister did this. Even if he claims not to have given the order, it is still an indictment on him knowing you were railroaded at gun point out of that space under the same administration. What is all this mess?! 😡
We’ve directed calls to Hon @abikedabiri about Nigerians stuck outside the country seeking evacuation but I doubt if she can process anything given that she’s been rendered moribund after the unlawful ejection from office with office equipment seized by an alleged Islamic Prof.
Whatever mid-life crisis is being displayed here should be resolved for the sake of Nigerians stranded globally because public officers can’t respect their office and show responsibility. Many appointees have gone through those offices and many more will come. This is shameful.
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24 May 20
I get what Distinguished @aproko_doctor is saying and I understand your position. I believe the statement may connote different meaning to different people. We may not owe anyone anything & Vice versa in a “Situationship.” For those we love, within us we can do anything for them
...even though we don’t often declare this just to help them manage their expectations and not become entitled. This is often our surprise package that strengthens our love for & relationship with those very dear to us. People in this category mostly are not the needy kind.
They respect boundaries and our space. They are most often the hearts, minds and ears we rely on when we feel like being listened to. They are the ones that genuinely cares and celebrate/rejoice with us even when they are hurting in their own hearts. Not all of them are relatives
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24 May 20
Thank you Distinguished @Fosudo. You’re the very first I trust & shared my vision cum purpose with. Even though you were too young to understand my gibberish then, I’m proud you followed through with the library & advisory. This is why I call you Son... is true what they say that no one can give you the gift of vision or even teach you anything. What the best of rabbis can do is shine their light on your heart & reveal to you the gifts already pre-installed in you while they serve as a guide to you on your chosen path.
I see life as posing a question to us which we must answer in purpose just as I see us as a question to the world. Our failure to answer with visible impact that fulfills us will force us to dance to the perception of the world, which forces most to seek validation externally.
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23 May 20
It is unethical & rude to post an advert under someone else’s tweet/thread just to force an attention. You can always place Advert as a stand alone tweet and tag people instead of rudely placing it as replies to break the flow of ongoing dialogue. I will start blocking for this.
A simple tag in an independent tweet will get you all the visibility you need. Placing irrelevant matters to the subject in motion via replies makes you an intruder that need to be blocked and ignored. This is a simple twitter etiquette you must never take for granted.
For every “I follow back” and check DM replies as well as irrelevant posts cum dumb adverts as replies, I will no longer mute such individuals nor hide such replies. I will simply apply the eternal block function. I shall say this just this once. This is the rule of engagement.
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