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Life, Leadership & Legacy encapsulated in Love. ‘Segun Awosanya® Author, Advocate, Realtor President/Founder @AliensmediaComm @SIAF_ng Convener EndSARS🚔🚀
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Sep 4, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
It is a shame how in the bid to incentivize bad behavior, we castigate the consequences of the condemnable actions of those shaming our nation, instead of addressing the real issue. How do we hope to control how others respond to the primitive actions of those we are shielding?🤔 The moment you begin to say “we are not all like that” there is a problem. Arresting a thief for stealing need no defense by those that share his religion or ethnicity. It is not a judgement on his race but his action and he must take responsibility for the consequences.
Sep 4, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
There’re certain fundamentals that can’t be breached based on sentiments. Pilots must have uncorrected distance visual acuity no worse than 20/70 in each eye, & vision must be correctable to 20/20 or better in each eye. #GettingItRightNG🇳🇬 It doesn’t matter if your tribe/religion is not represented enough in the profession. Bend the rules and risk human lives in droves with certainty of the compromise & ruin of the mode of transportation.

Stampeding the blind to lead the blind is counterproductive. #Standards 🎙
Aug 17, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
David Hundeyin is amazingly asking @TwitterSafety and @verified to ban @KemiOlunloyo from Twitter.

Yet, this fellow tweeted photos of @renoomokri’s one year old daughter and sicced his followers on her to the extent she got death threats. Who really should be banned? Character assassination & serial criminal defamation is NOT investigative journalism. We know reputable journalists in our clime. They are not hands for hire by politicians to impugn the integrity of others. I was alarmed at the number of calls I received when I offered to help..
Aug 16, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Your understanding of my posit is the problem. I take responsibility for what was written and not how you choose to twist it.

Your incautious antics (belligerence, malevolent & deliberate misrepresentation of facts, blackmail, character assassination) & conspiratorial… …attempt at foisting an ethnic power grab instead of regarding & understanding the physiology of democratic forces may be the undoing of this entire campaign.

“This Igbo ethnic albatross is in the view of most watchers of the times as ‘one big hurdle’ that HE Peter Obi and…
Aug 16, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
When clouded by anger in the collective we lash out to bottle the blame & focus on the problem rather than look inward. The obstacle is the path. You’re like the Joseph whose destiny is already ordained focusing on the evil acts of his brothers based on the envy of his dreams. Oh, how can God say Joseph is a potential Minister in Egypt when he cannot even win his the affection of his brothers, who eventually sold him as a slave? Despite the illustrious dreams he was lied upon & sent to prison. Those he helped in prison forgot him there. It took years!
Aug 15, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
The North enjoy their united front, while the South allow sentiments to divide them. The Igbos are not the enemy. Social injustice is. Igbo people have sacrificed too much to attain excellence & must never be sold as ethnic champions. This has been my take from day one. 🎙 We want a good system that works for all. Political history shows that the Igbos have supported anything based on merit and justice. They have voted against their interest so many times. They know a bad market from afar. Competence is better selling point not ethnicity.
Aug 15, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
We blamed good Police officers alongside those that went rogue because we believe there should be an internal accountability mechanism. Imagine if they took offense & fought back under the pretense of correcting generalization. This alone will reinforce & reward the bad behavior. In the end the entire system will collapse because of the ego of the incorrigible. Leadership is responsibility & every campaign remains a window into the future of the leadership should it succeed. Asking that you caution supporters is not hatred. It is your responsibility!
Jun 26, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
May God forgive you all for your speculations and mischaracterization. You are entitled to your opinion/perception even though it is far from my reality. We are all humans, I’d rather assess you based on you current action than guilt-trip you with your past. Life is a journey! Distinguished @Sir_KB has been standing in the gap trying to make peace beyond party lines & hasn’t in anyway allowed his opinion to color his moderation but because he disclosed who he was supporting, he became a target to be denigrated by the mob who are behaving badly today.
Jun 25, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
For clarity again as done every month of every year since the Advocacy began, I am NOT a LAWYER and need not be. I am simply SEGALINK, a random ordinary citizen contributing his quota to Nation Building. I’m not out here to win clients for what I do professionally. #ShunExtremism Image
Jun 25, 2022 31 tweets 9 min read
For the right thinking citizens wondering what the agonizing mob is all about trying to impugn my integrity and those of others, it is simple. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG established by @SIAF_NG successfully as a common ground on national security has brought Nigerians together. This was the first of its kind in years since independence. Nigerians haven’t quite succeeded in agreeing on anything nationally due to political suspicion & our diversity which leaders have mismanaged due to selfish political influence. All these were considered before we began.
Jun 24, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
“In this age of information, our opinions are only as valid as the information upon which they are based.

There are few things more harmful to progress than the absence of Accurate information and or the presence of Corrupt information. Information is corrupt when it is incomplete, polluted or deviant…

Social media amplification has made the dissemination of information, irrespective of its accuracy, all the more easy.
Mar 29, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
On 7 July 2005, bombs exploded on Underground trains between Aldgate & Liverpool Street stations, Russell Square & King's Cross St Pancras stations, Edgware Road and Paddington stations. The explosions killed 52 people & resulted in over 700 injuries. The world stood still…🇬🇧 I lost a nephew to that bomb in London (7/7)… and a foundation was setup in his name with annual programs towards peace & conflict resolution, ensuring eternal vigilance to prevent future occurrence.
Mar 28, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Men are known for mastering their emotions. But that’s a history lesson in our world today. We mostly celebrate the henpecked, the weak and the most vulnerable and crown them a woman. 🤷🏾‍♂️ No amount of circumlocution can change the demonstration of weakness at the highest point of your career. I doubt if anyone would be proud of a crybaby father however cinematic it might be to watch. Warriors & true protectors are not whimsically capricious or clouded by emotions!
Mar 18, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
There’s an actual inter-agency disparity in wages that need to be urgently addressed across security institutions from @PoliceNG to @nigimmigration. Nothing justifies those serving at @officialEFCC & @CustomsNG earning far more than colleagues of equal ranks in sister agencies.🚔 In the days where a systemic ceiling is being built to cement the fact that 95% if not more of Nigerians MUST never have N5Million in their account unless they are into fraud, it may be safe to assume that our state has normalized the systemic weaponization of poverty in Nigeria.
Mar 18, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
People are wired differently Distinguished and friends are friends not because they agree 100% on everything but because they value, regard and respect one another regardless. There is no shame in standing for what you believe in based on your conviction. Not for violence too. I strongly believe descending to the level of the aggressor makes you kindred in spirit. No one can make a donkey of you unless your back is bent. Consenting to the gutter bout by striking the provocateur creates a two fighting scenario & it’s hard to really tell who is who now.
Mar 17, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
If we actually know what we are doing as citizens & youth of this Nation, we MUST ensure none of those occupying the seat at the senate returns come 2023. These are the folks blatantly weaponizing poverty.

They steal huge sums & wants you reported to EFCC for N5m deposit?! 🤔 Upon close examination of the said bill outside the erroneous account of publications, the Bill laid emphasis on: “any SINGLE transaction or lodgment in EXCESS of N5m for an individual and N10m for a corporate body.”

I still have an issue but this won’t affect the masses.
Mar 17, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
In 2019, the average cost of a Vote was valued at N30k per head under the guise of TraderMoni, shared to people in the grassroots months before election under the ‘ShareManship” of the one they want you to consider for President next with zero political collateral. #VoteWisely This begs the question…”Will 2023 Election be bought?”Only you can decide that by shunning voter apathy, avoiding being cajoled or coerced by their propaganda, which will be deafening this time and finally by protecting your votes as made easier by the Electoral Act 2021.
Mar 16, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
To expect the globals to develop an appetite for Revolution in Nigeria is to believe yet again in the prowess of an alleged corruption fighting strongman General, wrapped in Aluminum foil and stampeded to power to deliver Nigeria of all that ails it. They don’t care beyond ensuring our humanitarian crisis doesn’t get to the point where they would have to grant 2% of 200million people asylum under Article 14 of Universal Declaration of Human RIghts.
Mar 15, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
It’s a shame on people who repeat what their eyes have not seen or rumors they have not verified. I owe my life to my nation and will never abandon my responsibility to the future of all our children despite not holding public office. I’m rooted & will always be available. You are however free to call anyone you so choose for intervention. We have an institutionalized structure in place that will engage your petition with @SIAF_NG and @PoliceNG_CRU and the @PoliceNG is highly responsive now. The new Act is also being tweaked to serve us better.
Mar 15, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Having paper money without influence is an embarrassment. Even amidst the rich, the race to wealth is fierce because the possession of money must get to a stage where your resources become a WEAPON for paranoia to abate. #ThinkThisThroughImage For the purpose of illustation, no society deems you rich just because you ride a nice car and can handle your business sustainably or subsistently. You become valued when the fear factor is inherent. Imagine someone buying off a firm & shutting it down just to prove a point.
Feb 19, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
I once told of one of my old bosses who felt my diligence & conscientiousness weren’t sincere. From his experience no one can demonstrate excellence without wanting something back. I wasn’t even 20 then. He did all he could to frustrate me or catch me off guard. #BeingSEGA 🤓 Unfortunately for him, I was never on guard. That was my authentic self and I kept things truthful so I don’t ever have to remember anything. That was my Industrial attachment year. Fast forward, after graduation, he ended up asking me to take up managing the firm. #StayTrue