A small thread on Rudraksha.
What is the power of Rudraksha?
Starting with 14 faced Rudraksha.
Hanuman swaroop.
Considered as powerful as 1 mukhi.
What is the specific power of 14 mukhi Rudraksha?
Can anybody wear the 14 Mukhi?
A: if consecrated correctly and actually energised yourself, it is said to give effective Samrajya in 12 years.
Side effect: said to make wearer a Brahmachari if more than a few are worn.
14 mukhi Rudraksha (not from texts but from what is seen in reality)
requires at stricter than normal rules and regulations to wear.
Nepali 14 mukhi is rare.
13 mukhi Rudraksha is said to be Manmatha.
Can be worn. Said to fulfil desires.
Before we go to 13 mukhi however, there are many Indian and Western political figures (won’t name them here) who have utilised power of this Rudraksha.
Reputed to give political power or power to be close to powerful political figures... old text “Gives Praja “

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22 Sep
Next thread on the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. Those who are in Saadhe saathi and other Saturn related maladies should pay attention.
The 7 mukhi Rudraksha is an interesting bead. Many people don’t wear this but actually put it in their tijori or cash box.
It is said to be the Great Naga Ananta according to some texts.
Note carefully how the mukhas go around the central hole. Image
This particular Rudraksha, the seven mukhi is said to be useful to those suffering from any form of Saadhe Saathi which causes a financial impact.
The yellow one is particularly suited for these matters. Image
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22 Sep
I pointed out in August last year on this blog that Deepika runs the dasha of Saturn from September 2019.
Note that this Saturn is about to become stationary in a few days. Highly malefic Jupiter 3rd house transit also stationary.
If you look at her chart, it has some similarities to Sylvester Stallone’s chart... in terms of fame but also in terms of her Moon Ketu combination within 5 deg which gives a headless quality. (You see Rocky to see the similarities and differences)
This means that the depression is real... it’s very unfortunate that she should have become embroiled in a rather murky case which is unlikely to do either her image or mental health any good.
Thanks to @BatmanAstro for showing the blog, I forgot about it.
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20 Sep
Beyond hashtag wars, the truth will eventually come out.
Basic forensic medicine question :
Who has the motive for somebody to change viscera/autopsy reports?
A: Perpetrators of murder + politicians.
B: Some third party who has very little to gain.

basic questions:
When did Dr Swamy come into this investigation?
A: He came in very late...pretty impartial: IF at all any gain is to be made, he gains from a conviction only.
So obviously he is not going to put pressure etc to change a report (if that’s what is being alleged)
Now, let’s get into the converse route of forensic medicine questioning:

Who stands to gain from this reverse narrative running?

Please understand cops will investigate these things very very seriously.
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18 Sep
So, was asked a very good question by @25_shivansh about mantras.
Basically: “Can any mantra be chanted by anybody”?
Will answer slowly in thread:
But my two questions to myself:
1. What person am I?
2. What is one doing the mantra for?
First answer:
A1: What sort of person am I?
This question must be answered honestly for ourselves by these factors:
Are we the easy going type?
Can I tolerate discipline and for how long?
Can I pronounce Sanskrit well?
Am I easily scared?
What’s my affinity to?
What do I want?
If I can’t sit for more than 10 minutes and someone tells me to do 2 hours of japa, I will not be able to comply.
If I tell someone to do a sadhana for a year with Brahmacharya and they can’t stop for 10 days...
If I say, get up at 3 am to do sadhana and they get up at noon!!
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17 Sep
The next thread is on the legendary 12 faced Rudraksha:
There are some who consider this single Rudraksha to be a PANACEA for virtually all human problems!!
Previous thread on 13 Mukhi here.
Well, what can one say about the 12 faced Rudraksha?
This Rudraksha is symbolic of the Sun.
It’s power is said to be the taking away of all dush karmas, whatever they may be.
Various Upanishads give this the title of ADITYA. Image
People who are out of a job and those who desire more calmness in positions of authority like CEO, Collector, even ministers of Govt. .... all try and find a genuine 12 Mukhi Rudraksha.
As compared to 14 Mukhi, it’s rules and regulations for wearing are less. Image
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16 Sep
The Thread on Rudrakshas continues with the 8 mukhi Rudraksha!
8 mukhi or Asta Mukhi Rudraksha carries special significance for 3 kinds of Bhaktas.
1: Bhairava Bhaktas
2. Devi Bhaktas
3. Ganesh Bhaktas

One of the previous threads on 10 mukhi is below:
The 8 mukhi Rudraksha shown below is very beautiful.
Note how the Rudraksha tends to a near square symmetry.
While all Rudrakshas are said to protect from Akal Mrtyu, this Rudraksha is said to possess the power as a given as it signifies the Asta Bhairavas!
In Maharashtra, people believe this Rudraksha to be the symbol of the Asta Vinayakas.
Moreshwar, Siddhitek, Mahad, Pali, Theur, Lenyadri, Ranjangaon and Ozhar.
Will write my own thread on this journey when I did it few times 20+ years back.
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