Is #Pitru #Dosha real or hoax ?
Saw some astrologer suggesting people to change astrologer if they are talking about pitru dosham. Seer suggested that mother and father will never hurt their child so how come pitru Dosha is effective?
My advice to those astrologers Go STUDY
I am hereby attaching shlokas from Phala Deepika , Santan deepika , Prashna Marga .
Few of the reasons quoted in these texts are Dev Shrapa, Brahman Shrapa, Sarpa Shrapa , Shatru Shrapa and Pitru Shrapa ( matru Shrapa included)
As per Santan Dipika ,
Lagna trikonege mande tatha maandiyute yadi !
Shubhairnirikshite vidhyaat pitrushapaat sutakshaya !!
Meaning - Sa in 1/5/9 with maandi and without beneficial aspects , curse of #pitru is the reason for childlessness . #astrology
Matru sthangate paape suteshe mandsainyute
Sute paap samayukte matru kopaat sutakshaya

Meaning - malefic in 4 and 5, 4L with Sa, curse of mother is the reason of childlessness / harm to children .
Prashna marga states the below shloka. This clearly indicates that Pitru shrapa is one of the reason for not having progeny .
As per jatak desh marga , Pitrus needs to be propitiated for begetting a child if santana tithi is coming to amavasya .
As per phaladeepika too propitiation of Pitru is important to beget the child as per Santan tithi calculation.
My take :
There are enough evidences in several classics that indicates pitru Dosha as the reason for problems in life. If 5th is involved it becomes bad for children / happiness from children . Similarly , involvement of other lords like 10th, 2nd,7th can indicate trouble..
.. on account of pitru shrapa or dosha if dosha conditions are met and there is no overriding factors .
As per nadi too - saturn / sun /moon and connection to Rahu ketu should be evaluated properly .
Finally , if I have to really follow the guidelines then I would prefer classics and seasoned astrologers over self proclaimed , twitter fame newbees . Beware of such pseudo-intellectuals along with false fear mongers.
#Pitrupaksha is given importance in our sanskriti. One may read Dharm sindhu to understand why we should take these seriously.
Ps : This post is not to scare anyone but to make us aware of our duties towards our ancestors 🙏
It's not about mother or father hurting us - it's about our karma that we did to earn that agony. Pitru dosham indicates our neglect that hurt our elders in last life and that's why we are born with certain combination in this life.

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2 Sep
#Pitru paksha and Swadha stotram:
As per Hindu traditions,3 major Rina which we are born with are Dev Rina, Rishi Rina and Pitru Rina.
We are born in a family as per our prarabdha and are,therefore indebted to our parent / forefathers for providing us a body to experience karma
In this life, we are supposed to repay our debts in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. There are combinations in the horoscope that can indicate Pitru Rina/ pitru shraap/ pitru Dosha. #jyotish #astrology #AstrologyFacts #pitrupaksha
It is said that Pitru dosha can occur if forefathers upto 7 th generation on father's side and upto 4th generation on the mother's side have died unnatural death/ early demise . Also, if their last rites are not performed properly then it can cause pitru Dosha.
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Mystery of Mulatrikona

As per #astrology (vedic) #shani is the outermost #Graha which is visible (drik siddhant) .
Shani is also stated as karmkarak and is the lord of 10H and 11H in the kalpurush kundli.
#Surya is stated as the atmakarak with all the grah revolving around
The journey of the soul from shani to surya is the essence of life/births/rebirths. All our #vedanta postulates karma theory for the same.
Due to karma (Sa), jeeva(Ju) takes a shareera (Ma-ego) in accordance to his past life vasanas ( Mo) to either enjoy the fruits of past deeds(Ve) or to have bhakti which propels buddhi( Me) to reach the Atman(Su) . Ra-Ke being the nodes can bring the turning point in the manas
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Match Making : lesser known principles .
They say marriages are made in heaven. The natural question is then why do people go for chart matching ? 😀 My guru says that horoscopes should be matched for figuring out the challenges one can meet in marrying a particular person
Can we change the experience of native by matching chart - No..
The approach for chart matching should be focused on the key problem areas and their severity . Whatever I am writing is based on my limited understanding based on few discussion with Shri SN Naik sir 🙏
Traditional ashta kuta milan is based on chandra and nakshtra , Lg matching, Ma, Ve and Su to rule out any major problems.
Very rarely , modern astrologers check horoscope as a whole while matching charts.
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Sequence of rashis - an explanation through nadi perspective!

Everyone is born to experience their karma. Shani, the farthest visible grah from earth is said to be the karmkarak and delivers the result of our prarabdha to us in a life.
For experiencing the prarabdha jeeva has to come down. Jupiter indicates the jeeva . Jupiter is the second farthest grah visible to us.
Jeeva needs a body and identity on this earth which is indicated by Mars .

These three are called the outer planets .
With the body and mind all our past life vasanas come into existence. Moon is the representative of our past life vasanas which eclipse us through the nodes Rahu and ketu.
Since astrology is based on geocentric concept we take moon here in place of earth.
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