During this period, Liban started editing yesterday’s work. He wants to make this a routine, editing yesterday’s work. He also desires to journal about security and politics, also edit the work next day, thereby building materials to be edited twice before publishing.
Liban exercised and edited materials during this period. He will start preparations for the day and present short religious presentation in multiple languages, also to be edited next day before passing two more editing for final publications.
Liban’s mood is not great m, titling towards morose. He wants to be thriving again, and he not doing that yesterday, suggesting lying back on bed for a longer period is not conducive to thriving. He wants to thrive, so be it. He will do tai chi, prayers and meditations
0630-0830, these two hours, Liban did an excellent presentation. 0830-0900; during this time, he finished writing the presentation. 0900-1000, during this period, he was in pain, headache despite eating Tylenol; so, he distracted himself to forget about the pain, unconsciously
1000-1120 ; Liban spent about 20 minutes meditating; the rest of the time he was resolving some billing issues. And then he wanted to know about an interpreter who gave wrong interpretation to a tourist in Tanzania; the interpretation was hilarious. He learned nothing from it.
Liban suspects the pain on his left side may be due to lack of focused activities; as he focuses, he expects, pain will decrease and finally disappear. He will document this today.
Liban has forced himself to edit old works for 52 minutes. He did. He will take break now and then do another session.
1130-1530, that is about 4 hours. Liban has finished one session of work (52 minutes) , after two short sessions of sleep( 40 minutes total ), that is about 2 hours. Again he slept longer about 1.5 hours. Then he spent another about 20 minutes browsing for no apparent reason.
He did longer sleep to cure his headache; that was not good strategy, to use sleep to cure headache. This desire for sleep may be originating from being on the bed working, since he associates it with sleep. He will use another spot to work while lying on the back
He will also introduce taking a walk outside periodically to get fresh air, tolerate the pain and work; also figure out why it does not happen when he is working and happens only or often when he works at home.
1630, 1530-1630, Liban did some editing and posted some tweets. Otherwise, he returned back to being distracted. Distraction being his major challenge. He will employ various relaxation strategies, including moving and sitting techniques to prevent from distraction.
1630-2000, apart from few administrative tasks, Liban spent most of the time sitting in his car, browsing his phone, while buying or transporting groceries. He forget about his pain and pain is gone gradually.
He did not want to remember his pain so he distracted himself; attempts to stop this did not succeed. He needs new strategies to remain fully focused for a longer period of time, otherwise he will continue to report failures.
This also tells him that interpretation of events is something done by his unconscious mind; it is sort of things that occurs to him after exposure to some materials. This is what he wants to tap into.
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More from @curious500bc

14 Sep
Liban woke up and spent 25 minutes listening to comedy and re-listening to his old podcasts. He did not desire to do this: he did not stop it . He learned, to re-listen to them & write shorter notes about them. Failure to focus though is a challenge that he will deal with today.
Liban spent the next 6:30-9:30 am, three hours, preparing himself for the day, preparing presentations and delivering it. The presentation took about 2 hours. There was a period where he was lost. During his presentation, he was emotional, getting close to crying.
1048,Liban is lying down while working on computer on a desk for bed; Liban was getting sleepy due to his association with the bed and sleep. He took 17 minutes of nap; he still wants more. He will not do it. He will compete 25 minutes of work remaining from 52 minutes of work.
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12 Sep
Liban has not been taking breaks. Liban dreamed last night of visiting his hometown, Mogadishu; the city did not know each other, some parts developed and others are in Stone Age. He was arrested by Ethiopian officer close to Villa Somalia, after he was walking around the area.
He called people for help, calling the name of his clan; non came; people minded their business. Liban asked the officer why he arrested him and he simply suggested that he has the power to do so. After long argument, the officer decided to leave Liban alone. Liban left.
0839, Liban feels changed by optimal breathing method that he had been using; he plans to use it more; he slept 8 hours, exercised on time and feels great. It seems finally he has managed to form productive routines and maintain them.
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24 Aug
Slept around 11p, woke up at 6:30a, about 7 hours. 0630-0700, editing yesterday work and getting breakfast.
Liban did some three sessions, followed by 4 hours of family meetings and problem solving, followed by another hour of preparations for grocery shopping and even more talks to some other family members.
622, Liban worked yesterday between 6a-1p, about seven hours, followed by another 3 hours, 7:30p-10:30p, worked about ten hours. He does not remember what he did most of the times. He will start today reporting again, paying $10, if he fails to report every 69 minutes.
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23 Aug
1000, Liban woke up 7am today, does not remember when he slept, may be sometime around 10:30pm, sleeping about 8 hours; he delivered small presentation ; he will start now his first 52 minutes of work.
1105, Liban worked 52+ minutes focused; he had headache, even though subsiding, reason unknown. He will study this, it may be due to allergies; he will take break and start another 52 minutes of work. Since yesterday, he was focusing in the 52 minutes without distractions
1217, Liban learned that he does a better work when he is fully rested. He has finished the second session, focusing mainly on work related tasks.
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11 Aug
Liban did not use his time well yesterday. Liban will re-start giving $5 fine if he fails to report every 60 minutes, starting from now, 0628
Liban now is preparing presentations; his focus was poor; he will work hard next session to focus better and get the work done.
Liban hates to write the work he does, so as to allow it to accumulate; yet he feels bad about not having materials that accumulated for him.
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5 Aug
0700, Liban woke up at 0600, took his phone and started browsing, while having minor headache and other discomforts; he spent an entire hour simply browsing and not digesting what he was reading to respond to them. This is common cursory( as opposed to studying) browsing habit
0728, To gain momentum of work and to sustain focus, Liban chose to report every 20 minutes; he spent the first 20 minutes doing two minute exercise and taking a bath ; he will report again, this time compacting a lot in 20 minutes.
38 minutes passed, Liban has cleaned his kitchen, ate his breakfast and then started to browse, consuming 2 20 minutes; he was not aware of time, and thus does not know how much was spent on useless browsing; he wants to build career counseling business .
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