This is the shit I am up against on a regular basis.

This is what women like me have to report to the police frequently.

How many of us have ever got justice?

Disgusting how much abuse women are subjected to - our governments, police forces & authorities do fuck all.
This shit is so normal to me now, that I get it, read it and think ‘for fucks sake, not another’ and then have to get on with my job.


Women in the public eye get this shit and much worse - daily.

We do fuckin nothing to stand up against misogyny
How many of us have reported stuff like this and not only to the police do relatively little (often nothing) but the platforms won’t even take half of this shit down!

Platforms saying these things don’t break their community guidelines - bullshit!
I was sent that message by a man in Canada in May 2020 - along with thousands of others because of my book

I couldn’t share them at the time because they were all part of police investigation

Hey! But guess what?

Nothing is being done, so I guess I can share this now? Yay.
This is what disgusts me about the bullshit petty fuckin nothing’s that the police keep hauling women in over - but it’s alright to send us shit like this and sit back and do nothing?

Where is the outrage for the misogyny and outright hatred of women in the public eye?

I was sent literally over 10,000 messages, comments, emails and shit like this in the period of 5 days

Thousands of crimes were committed. Thousands of men committed those crimes.

They live with women and girls around them.

What have we done to protect them?
A publication also put up two disgusting magazine articles about me at the same time, which were absolutely vile.

The police know who runs them but they are in a different country so apparently there is ‘nothing they can do’

We all know that’s bollocks
This bullshit - apparently cant be taken down
Two articles - police know who this man is, apparently we can’t do anything
Wait wait you haven’t heard the best bit

Guess what advice I’ve been repeatedly given by police??

To stop using social media!!

I have been directly asked why I keep using social media and been told that I should expect to be treated like this because of the work I do.

Sorry, isn’t that victim blaming?

No, I should be able to be a psychologist without constant death and rape threats
The world isn’t ready, and doesn’t want female voices of influence or power.

This is what happens to us all.

I’m not unique in any way.

Look at the way @jessphillips @HackneyAbbott @NicolaSturgeon @jk_rowling @theestallion have all been treated online (and still are)
Women who step out of line in any way, shape or form, will be fuckin slammed down with as much abuse and male violence as possible

But we STILL see authorities and governments ignoring misogyny as a massive global oppression of women and girls

• • •

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17 Sep
I just woke up to a massive abusive email from a man who says his girlfriend left him after reading my blog & realised he was abusive. He says I’ve ruined his life and that I am

‘A murderer of feelings and relationships’

Anyway, to the woman who left him, good for you!!
He belittles her and talks shit about her all the way through the email - I am SO glad she left.

He says that she sent him my article and then left him.

He’s super pissed at me, but says she left him with her infant child from a previous relationship and I’m just so relieved
He also mentions that she’s had him banned from entering her place of work which is apparently all my fault too

Sounds like a fuckin wanker

Honestly so so glad she left. Wish I could tell her how proud I was!
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16 Sep
Telling abused & oppressed people that they should do mindfulness or CBT to enable them to cope better with/think differently about their oppression, abuse or trauma is one of the most sadistic and elitist approaches we have in psychology & mental health.

It’s victim blaming.
Beware approaches which sound progressive but actually force the victim to shoulder the trauma and oppression, and encourage the victim to think about it differently, while leaving them in that situation or environment which continues to oppress and harm them
There is nothing acceptable about leaving a victim in trauma, abuse, poverty, oppression, bullying etc. But telling them that mindfulness and CBT will help them cope with it, or think differently, or respond differently to it.

That’s not stopping the harm.
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7 Sep
Dunno if I’ve ever told you all this, but Facebook bans every ad I’ve ever paid for, due to ‘sexism’.

This has included ads for free courses for women subjected to sexual violence, webinars on victim blaming of women and resources for women subjected to male violence.
At first, I thought I was just doing it wrong. Then I started getting notifications from Facebook telling me that my ads broke community guidelines (one was an ad for free courses for women subjected to sexual violence).
Then I got a notification telling me that I had to agree to ad guidelines not to advertise things that promoted sexism and hate - I was like... uhhh yeah sure. Accepted all the terms.

And all my ads still got banned
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1 Sep
People @ me about PP claiming she’s not racist, I honestly don’t give a shit what you have to say.

She attacked my work in CSE a few years back and claimed that Islam was the main cause of CSE, and that Muslim men were indoctrinated to rape white girls.

She’s full of shit.
When challenged, and I gave her the stats that 87% of CSE offenders were lone white men, she publicly called me a ‘Muslim rape apologist’ and said I was ‘supporting the rape of white girls’

Because apparently knowing the national stats is defo the same as supporting rape
I carried on talking to her, even after that, and explained that even in large cases of so called ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ it is a complete myth that all their victims were white - and the black and south Asian girls they targeted are deliberately left out of the public narrative
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1 Aug
We have a serious practice issue in the UK whereby everyone has ‘adopted’ trauma informed working but only a handful of people actually know what that means and what it entails.

For example, lots of people think trauma informed work is compatible with psychiatry. It’s not.
I come across people who can use the words but don’t understand the philosophy of trauma informed work.

If you imagine a long line - on one side is anti-diagnosis, anti-psychiatry & trauma informed working...

riiiight on the other end is pro-meds, pro psychiatry, pro diagnosis.
The trauma informed movement and the PTMF was designed to COUNTER psychiatry and the pathologisation of trauma responses.

Not to uphold it.

If you believe that ‘trauma causes mental illnesses’ then you either don’t understand the arguments or you are not trauma informed.
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24 Jul
I’m so sick of hearing the story that all men and boys in order to stop raping and abusing women and girls is ‘more education’.

I’m sorry, but no.

Men and boys don’t abuse & rape because they need a bit more education, they do it because they WANT to and society SUPPORTS them.
Really? You really think that ‘education’ will sort out the millions of abusers, rapists and DV perps?

You think some lessons, some sessions, some education will help them?


Society is inherently misogynistic. This is so much bigger than education of men and boys.
You really think that education will help these rapists, murderers, traffickers and abusers to ‘see the error of their ways’?


That’s all they needed, huh?
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