ongoing silence from Durham, while Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Brennan etc continue their resistance campaign without pushback. Most documents remain classified due to criminal track investigation. If he loses, Trump's failure to declassify long ago will prove fatal mistake.
I have little doubt that there are numerous incidents in which Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, made most of their bad decisions from paranoia and stupidity and breach of every FBI and intel rule and policy under the sun, but not necessarily committing a crime.
3/ such abuse of power deserves exposure even if it wasn't a crime. Even if there is an indictment or two, my guess is that 99% of the unhinged resistance will remain untouched and in the shadows.
4/ if Trump loses, it will be buried forever. Even if Trump wins, he's done so by appeasing neocons through adopting and intensifying their perverse policies on Syria, Ukraine and Russia, rather than keeping the original promises of 2016 candidate Trump.

• • •

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8 Sep
David Leigh of Guardian is key witness for US persecution of Julian Assange on issue of revealing identities. I corresponded with a Guardian editor, Damian Carrington (who I'd met at Climategate conference in summer 2010) about Leigh's questionable activities in smearing
2/ smearing Paul Dennis of Univ of East Anglia and doxing anonymous blogger Jeff Id. The Guardian was "bemused". See… Leigh also turns out to have been close associate of Luke Harding, stenographer for Steele fantasies and disinformation.
3/ Leigh also had important role in UK phone hacking scandal of 2010-2011.……
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7 Sep
New article in journal published by Cambridge Univ Press says that testimony to House Oversight Committee in March 2020 mixed up case fatality rate (CFR) and infection fatality rate (IFR) for influenza, resulting in major error. (I report this w/o parsing)…
2/ author Ronald Brown (of University of Waterloo in Ontario) said that House Committee was told that estimated mortality was 10 times higher than seasonal influenza. This was prime argument for lockdown.
3/ Brown observed that New England Journal article, just prior to House testimony, had (incorrectly) said that CFR for seasonal influenza was 0.1% whereas 0.1% is actually the value for IFR (WHO).
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2 Sep
here is some information which shows the implausibility of main argument purporting to attribute DNC hack to Seth Rich using a thumb drive on the basis that copying speed was too rapid for internet (advocated by Bill Binney and VIPS and many others.) Look closely at latest dates
2/ the copy speed argument is base on implied copying speed of Guccifer 2 documents in the Sept 2016 zipfile, in which thousands of documents had last modified date of July 5, 2016, which, together with cumulative size of documents, implied a copying speed that was
3/ "too fast" for internet uploading (hack), thus supposedly implying a thumb drive download on site by Seth Rich. Not all documents in the G2 zipfile have a July 5 timestamp. Documents contained in four zipfiles bear original timestamps between 2006 and 2011, even as unzipped.
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24 Aug
here's another example of sneakiness by Senate SSCI and unjustified assertion by both Mueller and SSCI. SSCI cites incident (citing Mueller) in which 'GRU' inserted "middle server" between DNC and its "AMS panel" "to help mask involvement of Russian government actors".
2/ AMS panel was in Arizona server leased by 'GRU'. Here's how Mueller described incident. See if you can spot what SSCI concealed. (Hard to imagine being sneakier than Mueller, but in this case, they are.)
3/ here's the answer. Senate SSCI concealed that "middle server", supposedly inserted to "mask" Russian govt involvement, was located overseas.
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23 Aug
here's another deception by Senate SSCI. They said that hacked DNC emails "covered the period of Jan 2015 through May 2015". Image
2/ however, there's a sleight-of-hand here. 98+% of emails were sent AFTER April 18, 2016. DNC had 30-day retention policy. Reason for the few emails prior to April 18, 2016 unclear. In other words, nearly all the hacked emails were SENT after DNC knew that they'd been hacked. Image
3/ I pointed this out long ago in Sep 2017…. Recklessness of DNC and incompetence of Crowdstrike has been covered up by media.
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19 Aug
THREAD: Senate SSCI contains a section (p 870, pdf 884f) entitled "Parsing the Dossier's Subsources" - something that we've been doing successfully in our corner of twitter in past few weeks. Thread examining SSCI efforts in light of what we know. Note redactions below.
2/ SSCI observed that it is "as standard practice" in Western intel services to "communicat[e] clearly to a reader any uncertainty about a source's access to information". This was NOT done in ICA, but SSCI shut their eyes to this critical intel failure.
3/ SSCI noted that Steele's own description of sources was "inconsistent and not completely transparent" and speculated that it might have been "intentional, for source protection purposes". In my opinion, obfuscation was to conceal amount of fabrication done in UK/US.
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