Adhik Maas – Dos and Don’t

In my previous article (give link) I wrote about #AdhikMaas, now let us discuss a few things that you should do and a few things that you must avoid. The basic rule of Adhik Maas is, that there are no set rituals to follow in this month
and whatever you will do, will return you thousand times more, good or bad depending upon your actions and intentions.This year Adhik Maas will start from #September 18, 2020, and will be in effect till October 16, 2020.
There are four important tasks to be done, they are;
Fasting, donation, holy bath and chanting of mantra including #meditation.
Important: Perform these only if your health permits. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Dos during the month:
• Your actions and intentions should be pure.
• Adhere to a better daily routine.
Wake up early. Daily chanting of Sri Krishna or Vishnu Mahamantra is very beneficial.
• Meditate to nurture your soul.
• Keep celibacy in this month and if possible, sleep on the
• Bath daily in #BrahmMuhurt, that is, before sunrise.
• Holy bath is very beneficial
in this month due to increased cosmic energy. If not possible daily, you should have a minimum of three holy baths in this month.
• Eat on a leaf plate, if possible then by sitting on the floor.
• Eat satvik food only. If your health permits, eat only once a day.
• Keep your mind and thoughts peaceful. Learn to forgive.
• Ask for forgiveness during your daily prayer.
• Offer water and prayers to Tulsi (basil) plant.
• If possible, go to temple daily.
• Light ghee Diya in front of Radha-Krishna or Shri Hari
Vishnu. Also offer

Tulsi, Lotus and roses.
• God sees your intention. Do prayers willingly.
• Reading #BhagwadGita is very beneficial, especially Brahma’s prayer to Shri Krishna. [10.14.1]
• Read Chapter 15 of Bhagwad Gita for a better future.
• Donate as much as you can. Donation is not
just about giving money, but anything that you have and someone needs it. It could be your time, affection, service, or money. Donate to temples, brahmins, and gau-sevaks.
• Find the company of religious people.

• Do not start any auspicious work in this month.
Marriage, house warming, new business deals are not to be initiated.
• Do not use oil to cook food and if possible, do not rub oil on your body.
• Do not use mustard oil in this month.
• Refrain from the cutting of hairs and nails, if not urgent.
• Do not eat #nonvegetarian food, do not drink liquor.
• This should be avoided in general, but should be absolutely avoided during #PurushottamMaas; do not speak ill to any devotee, Brahmin, sages, saints, cows and Holy Scriptures. Blasphemy should be avoided.
• Do not be the cause of pain or grief to anybody.
Be a good person. Find a balance in your mind, body and soul. One month of religious practices will give you benefit for three years.

#GajananSays #PurushottamMaas #AdhikMaas2020 #PurushottamMaas2020

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