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Is meditation on the Self and Atma Vichara/Neti Neti higher in tantra?
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Mind's Concentration is common to gyana & Yoga. Yoga aims at union of individual with universal, the Reality - which cannot be new, must exist now, and it does. Thus Path of Knowledge tries to find out how viyoga (separation) came about - separation is from Reality.
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Ravi marga is jnana( path of knowledge). Moon marga is Yoga. They think that after purifying the 72,000 nadis in the body, sushumna is entered and the mind( kundalini) passes up to the sahasrara and there is nectar trickling.
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10 facts about the terrifying and mystical Aghori sadhus of India.

Aghori is a peculiar clan of sadhus or ascetics of India. It is said that Aghora is more than 1000 years old, the first Aghora was Sage Keenaram.
#Aghori #Thread
They stop at the city of #Varanasi (Banaras) on the banks of the river Ganges, where the most revered temple of Kashi Vishwanath stands proudly. Aghori are devotees of Shiva, manifested as Bhairava, who seek salvation from the cycle of rebirth.
This freedom is the realization of one's identity with the Absolute.

(1) Impurity is the way to Nirvana:

For #DhuniwaleBhaba (as the locals call him) swears in a completely profane manner for virtually no reason.
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#Pain is nuanced
The difficulty with articles such as below example, is nuances not recognized.
For example, I could identify as someone with #chronicPain I have a few conditions that are accompanied by #pain.
My #pain is NOT unrelenting, it’s there ‘hovering’ in the 1 Image
background. I do #yoga 🧘‍♂️ & #meditation & for ME, for the #pain I experience, it provides benefit.
However, take my kids; NASH, kidney disease, gastroperisis, T3, scar tissue neuropathy etc. #mindfullness #meditation is not going even touch it. Not in anyway
2 example of 2
#pain experiences.
It’s understandable that many in nation that are not in #medical profession struggle w the #nuances
What I struggle w & what I believe #harms those w #ChronicPain is the generalization of #pain by #medicalprofessionals & lack of individualizing care based 3
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If someone wants to learn Tantra then how to go about it?
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Tantra is system; to learn the system you must first understand it. People curious about tantra think that if a white or saffron-robe wearing, old guy gives them a mantra then after some practice they’ll also start performing magic.
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The western system educated souls think that by chanting a mantra or doing this kriya or that mudra with closed eyes, they’ll one fine day open their eyes and witness their enlightened selves. I encounter both kind of seekers every day.
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Ambubachi, Kamakhya Temple. That’s where I shall host the "Aparajita workshop" from on 23rd June.
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The workshop has:

1) Invocation of Ma Aparajita
2) Ma Kavach and beej explained scientifically (not available in most kavach texts)
3) Implementation of the strotram, kavach and mantra for your own protection, and your family.
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4) Also, for those facing litigation, court cases and have issues with enemies.
5) Extremely useful for people who have malefic Mars.
6) Yantra and pran Pratishtha of Yantra will be explained.
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Why is attachment considered negative in spirituality

Attachments cloud your mind, and make meditation, devotion, or service difficult. It is also the major source of fear and greed.
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Being with people and materialism are not negatives if you know the art of remaining detached while playing it all.
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Lord Krishna is the greatest example. He lived among all, was respected and loved both by Kauravas and Pandavas, actively participated in the war, and yet remained detached to the whole of it.
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Why does meditating not work most of the time?

How does the meditator conclude this? However…
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One reason is the easy availability of enormous literature over thousands of years. Add to this the mysticism, DIY fads, fancy yogas, assembly-line style ashrams, the highs, and the instant results culture.
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Our age is ruled by- business at the speed of thought, the world in your palm, and now research is at neural level which means big corp is targeting your sub-conscious.
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Die Kraft der inneren #Einstellung ist unfassbar:

In meinem höchsten kalendarischen Alter 🤦 habe ich heute eine neuen persönlichen Leistungsrekord aufgestellt, habe mich insgesamt nie besser gefühlt 🚀

▶️ Wie kam es dazu?

Ein kurzer #thread über die Kraft des #mindsets ⬇️ Image
Die letzten Jahren waren für mich als einem der Oberärzte einer Intensivstation, vor allem unter den Bedingungen der #Coronapandemie, und Familienvater sehr intensiv.

Die richtige Balance zwischen #Beruf und #Familie zu finden war nicht immer einfach. #worklifebalance
Wenn der Akku dann immer häufiger leer ist, ist es Zeit etwas zu ändern. Die Bedingungen zu ändern ist aber meist kurzfristig nicht möglich, für langfristig bessere Bedingungen setzen wir uns konstruktiv ein.

Also habe ich an meiner inneren #Einstellung gearbeitet, dem #mindset.
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1/ 🌌🧬 Delving deeper into the realms of AI, consciousness, and the cosmos, we'll explore emerging technologies, theories, and insights shaping the future of our understanding. Get ready for the next chapter in this exhilarating adventure! #AI #Consciousness #Cosmology
2/ 🔮📡 As technology advances, we're witnessing the rise of quantum computing, neuroprosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces, expanding the horizons of AI and consciousness research. #QuantumComputing #Neuroprosthetics #BrainComputerInterfaces
3/ 🧠💡 Cognitive science and neuroscience have made strides in understanding the mind's inner workings, contributing to our grasp on consciousness and its connection to AI. #CognitiveScience #Neuroscience #Mind
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Many coaching clients of mine ask me:

"What exactly are the benefits of meditation?"

Thera are many benefits.

- Thread -

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Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that can help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of meditation:
1. Reduces stress and anxiety:

One of the most well-known benefits of meditation is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditation helps you to relax and calm your mind, which can reduce feelings of tension and worry.
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#Méditation pour le #MardiSaint par #JeanPaulVesco : #consentir et #résister
Jésus trempa la bouchée et la donna à Judas, fils de Simon l’Iscariote. Et, quand Judas eut pris la bouchée, Satan entra en lui.
Évangile selon saint Jean, chapitre 13, verset 26
1/ Photographie du frère Jean-Paul Vesco, o.p., archevêque d'
La trahison de Judas a toutes les allures d’une tragédie grecque dans laquelle les personnages ne peuvent échapper à leur inéluctable et dramatique destin. Jésus sait qui va le trahir, il le désigne en lui donnant une bouchée, et Judas se soumet, sans un mot, au pouvoir de
Satan qui a pris possession de lui. L’un et l’autre donnent l’impression d’être mus par un autre qu’eux-mêmes, Jésus par la volonté de son Père et Judas par la volonté de Satan. Tout est écrit. Il faut que s’accomplissent les Écritures.
Pourtant, paradoxalement, ni Jésus ni
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What is it like to be aware of your own consciousness?
#meditation #spirituality
We are aware of our own consciousness all the time.

How else are we self-assured that we are alive?

Yet, our awareness of consciousness is weak because it is muddled with thoughts which include the ‘I’ thought, the self-identity.
#meditation #spirituality
It is like you are seeing glimpses of your reflection in a dusty mirror.
Again, it is not possible for ‘I’ to be aware of ‘pure (let’s say abstract) consciousness’.

You can see it right now.

Try to be aware of yourself.

#meditation #spirituality
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Meditation Benefits

Mindfulness can ease anxiety; reduces Cytokines with the help of Cognitive Behavioural therapy.
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Meditation increases Self-confidence, creating a non-judgmental awareness of self
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Reduces stress and improves sleep
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A statue of Songtsen Gampo in his traditional meditation cave at #Yerpa A statue of Songtsen Gampo in his traditional meditation cav
Yerpa (also known as , Drak Yerpa, Druk Yerpa, Dagyeba, Dayerpa and Trayerpa) is a monastery and a number of ancient #meditation caves that used to house many monks, located a short drive to the east of Lhasa, #Tibet Monestary ruins 1993
There were some 200 monks living at #Yerpa from at least the beginning of the 19th century until 1959. It also acted as a summer residence for the Gyuto Lhasa Tantric College.
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How can I know if it’s my inner self speaking and not my ego when I am meditating?
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Anything that speaks is your ego.

It can be a messed up and bruised ego sometimes.

It can be a cheerful and decisive ego sometimes.
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Nevertheless, it is ego all the time.

The inner self or the AntarAtma as we call it in the Hindu scriptures does not participate in the chatter.

It is a silent smiling witness to all the chatter.
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1/ La méditation est une pratique de pleine conscience qui consiste à entraîner l'esprit à se concentrer sur le moment présent. Elle est pratiquée depuis des milliers d'années dans différentes cultures et traditions spirituelles à travers le monde.
2/ La méditation peut être pratiquée de différentes manières, notamment en se concentrant sur la respiration, en répétant un mantra ou en visualisant un objet. Elle peut être pratiquée seul ou en groupe, et il existe de nombreuses méditations pour répondre aux besoins de tous.
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Feeling overwhelmed by mental clutter? "Declutter Your Mind" by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport offers practical tips and strategies for reducing mental clutter and living a more #mindful, intentional life. $QUACK #RichQUACK

Here are some key takeaways: Image
The Problem with Mental Clutter. Mental clutter can cause stress, anxiety, and distract us from our goals. Being mindful of our thoughts and taking breaks to declutter can help us feel more focused and relaxed. #mindfulness #mentalclutter $QUACK
Declutter Your Physical Environment. Decluttering our physical space can reduce distractions and make it easier to focus. A clean and organized environment can also help reduce stress and increase productivity. #declutter #productivity $QUACK
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There’s an elephant in the room that nobody seems to be bothered about.
Several of spiritually aware people are often depressed and anxious. Why is that so? Why aren’t they happy and peaceful as they ought to be?
#spirituality #meditation
I made it part of my work to inspire and support people to take up Spiritual practices and meditation. But where did that lead me?
#spirituality #meditation
Most of the people I encountered were those who have become depressed, anxious, psychotic, eccentric, maniac, and even suicidal. Now my focus has shifted from Spirituality and I am more concerned about such people.
#spirituality #meditation
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Here's a thread with key lessons from each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
Chapter 1:

Every duty comes with challenges. Learn to embrace the hardships - thats half the battle won.
Chapter 2:

You will never know peace, long as you are attached.

Peace comes from detachment.
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Let's talk about #meditation and chronic illness:
1) It's not gonna cure your medical conditions.
2) It might improve your life in some ways, IF you're committed long term and have reasonable expectations for what it should do. 🧵
There are many types of meditation. What I'm talking about here are calming & insight meditations, aka the types @Headspace uses. This involves lots of focusing on bodily sensations, paying attention to breathing, & noticing when thinking or feeling gets in the way of that focus.
This might sound like a nightmare. "Focus on what's happening in my body? When I feel like shit?!" I get it. That's what I said too. I was VERY hesitant, especially bc doctors gaslit me in the past by suggesting meditation & saying my physical health problems were "just anxiety."
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This thread is

Chapter 6, titled,

“Womb with a View:

Our Concepts-Feelings About the Spiritual & Religious Have Roots in Our Prenatal Experiences”

of “Dance of the Seven Veils I”

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #psychology #prenatal #consciousness

D7V1 6/1
“Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema
is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

Which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

THREAD #psychology #womb #consciousness

D7V1 6/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…these foundational events shape & inform the myths by which we live, the motives that inspire us,..” []

READ/DWL BOOK… #psychology #prenatal #consciousness #spirituality #primal #religion #womb #anthro #myth #archetype

D7V1 6/3
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Meditation has many decent benefits for both - the mind and the body.

Some are not well known and some are even mind blowing. See yourself!

- Thread -

#meditation #benefits #bodyandmind
1. One of the most significant benefits is stress reduction.

Meditation helps to calm the mind and decrease feelings of anxiety, thereby reducing stress levels.
2. Another advantage of meditation is improved focus and concentration.

Regular meditation can increase the ability to concentrate, making it easier to stay focused on tasks and make better decisions.
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