The ONE Exercise you NEED but don't do.

//Short Thread//

The magical benefits of the lost movement: hanging.
Hanging from a pull bar is a great exercise with many benefits.

It's especially good for people with:

-Posture issues
-Shoulder pain & weakness
-Spine problems
-Weak grip strength
The idea is to hang for as long as possible.

Preferably up to 30-60 seconds x 5 sets. For a total of 2.5 to 5 minutes.

If you can't, go for as long as you can and build up over time.

You can start with 30 seconds over a few sets.

-Shoulder Health: (A big one)

Due to our lifestyles, we rarely bring our arms overhead throughout the day.

We tend to lose some motion and the shoulder capsule gets tight.

Hanging improves range of motion and loosens up a tight capsule.

While increasing strength.
-Decompress the spine:

If you sit at a desk for long hours.

It's likely you tend to slouch after a while.

This puts extra stress on the spinal discs and ligaments.

Hanging is a natural decompressor of the spine with the assistance of gravity.

Usually feels great after.
- Increases grip strength

- Improves posture by stretching tight pecs, lats, and other musculature.

- Will probably make you taller (By reducing your slouch)
-A reminder that it's ok to feel a bit of tightness initially but not pain.

-You never want to push through pain.

-Give it a try a few times a week and see how you feel in 30 days.

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Thank You for Reading!

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.

If this leads to increase shoulder or back pain, it's best to stop and seek a professional.

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21 Sep

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