Andrew Gillum comes out bisexual & the narrative now is how "brave"&"courageous" he is. Nevermind his 3 children are 4ever traumatized over pictures of daddy butass naked face down in vomit after a drug&alcohol binge & rumors dat some whiteboys ran a train on him

Nevermind embarrassing the mother of his 3 children. Nevermind setting a horrible example as a public official. Nevermind misleading voters w/this hetero family man image. Nevermind misleading your wife by using officiating a wedding as cover 4 a drug & alcohol filled romp.

None of that really matters b/c the narrative must now be changed to make this an LGBTQ issue. Now the conversation must be changed 2 how much courage he has versus how much of a coward he is. When all else fails, play the sexuality card. Eye wink. Miss me w/this bullshit.

Andrew Gillum is the first black man to come within a stone's throw of the Governor's mansion in a Deep South state in a time where black people literally need all hands on deck. His behavior thereafter demonstrates he is not fit for office. NOT ANY OFFICE.

I don't give a shit if this nigga was running for chairman of the deacon board at church or local dogcatcher or head life guard of the county kiddie pool or chairman of the ice cream truck committee, no one should ever vote for this nigga for a god damn thing.

Now, to be fair, if he ever ran for President of Bi-Dicka-Gamma Fraternity, Inc, maybe niggas should consider voting for him, but anything else, HELL-TO-THE-NAW. Let no one tell you your future refusal to vote for this man has anything to do with homophobia. Dat's bullshit.

Dis Negro had a chance 2 make a real difference & he blew it, literally. Now to be clear, I have no problem with anyone blowing it. My wife blows it all night & I encourage her 2 keep blowing it as blowing it keeps a marriage strong. Keep up the good work baby. Luv U.

But when your blowing affects voters, your blowing has now become fucking & U are literally fucking the electorate w/irresponsible behavior. Herein lies my problem w/BillClinton. 2 this day, he thinks he was just fucking Monica Lewinsky when he was really fucking the nation

The Bush v. Gore election came down 2 one thing: Bill Clinton's dick. Clinton's indiscretions made the 2000 election all about restoring family values, which opened a door for Bush to walk through. And that wouldnt be the last election to come down to a man's genitalia.

Think 2016 when Hillary Clinton is coasting her way to the White House, or so she thought, & all of the sudden the Feds intercept internet communications of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was also then married to Clinton's chief assistant Huma Abedin.

Da Feds seized Weiner's laptop & not only found a cadre of pornography & illicit texts 2 a underage girl, but also allegedly classified emails b/t his wife & Hillary Clinton. As a result, then FBI director James Comey reopened the email investigation into Clinton 11 days-

b4 the 2016 presidential election. Trump wins. Like Clinton, Weiner 2 this day doesn't get how his dick fucked America. Sex is wonderful. Sex is dangerous. Never 4get wars have been fought over pussy. People who lack self control should never be handed the reigns of power.

Frankly I dont give a fuck who or what a person likes or chooses 2 fuck, suck, lick, stick, slurp, throat, coat, choke, slap, whip, sip, swallow, spit, spread, flip, toss, tickle, tease, stimulate, devour, eat, spank, beat, smash, thrash, jack, smack, trib, rim, 69, pound,

rainbow kiss, snowball, truffle butter, teabag, squirt, peg, scissor, cuckold, finger, fist, raw dog, creampie, facial, golden shower, ruby shower, muddy shower, motorboat, masturbate, trombone, spoon, fork, vibrate, dogs,cats, sheep, cowgirl, cowboy, or jus plain old cows

Have at it my nigga, but when U run 4 office or hold a public position or lead a movement or be in any position of import, people are looking 4 a way to bring you down and who you fuck and how you fuck and what you smoke and what you drink are the 1st things they go after.

Shit, 1 of my favorite Negroes, Bayard Rustin, almost cost black folk the March on Washington by getting caught fucking dem white boys in the backseat of car in Pasadena, CA. Even Dr. King got caught on tape fucking 3 white girls saying "I guess I'm not a nigga tonight."

His partner in crime, ArethaFranklin's father, CLFranklin was notorious 4 church orgies. Shit dey damn near got caught running trains on young women in a hotel w/then Baltimore pastor Logan Hearse. Sidebar-Dr. King was a freak. Me & dat nigga could've hung out. Praise God.

Had those women came forward at the time, the Civil Rights movement might have died & so much might have been lost. Pussy aint worth dat much. Well...JJ. If I was living at the time, I would be writing the same thing about them as I'm writing about Andrew Gillum here today

In all seriousness this piece is as much about discretion as it is about self-control. Do as u please, but keep your private life private. 2 live by such discretion requires never breaking this cardinal rule: NEVER FUCK WITH ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE AS MUCH TO LOSE AS U DO.

MLK & Co. were having dalliances w/women who could have brought their entire ministries & the movement w/it. We dont know who those white boys were in Pasadena, but we know Bayard Rustin was in the backseat screwing them. Andrew Gillum was fucking around w/a escort & co.

All of the people these men involved themselves w/had nowhere near as much 2 lose as they did. Thus, they could walk away unscathed while everything these men spent their lives building could have been brought down in an instant. Fucking indiscriminately can leave U fucked

This is why my wife & I routinely screen our threesome, foursome & fivesome applicants. We only welcome those into our sex dungeon who have high credit scores, live in posh gated communities, have significant careers & have at least as much to lose as we do.

I tried 2 explain dis 2 Oprah & Gayle everytime dey try 2 bring this young Fabio looking Italian pool boy n2 the mix. He has nothing 2 lose. Dis why we stopped Jada & Will from coming over. Dey always trying 2 bring dey kids' friends & frankly we just got tired of the shit

Yall mafuckas aint seen what happened 2 R. Kelly? Besides I've become bored w/Jada, my wife has become bored with Will & I just don't find Willow's friends all that appealing. However, my wife is still clamoring over that August Alsina dick pic. Bitch, I wish you would.

Snap back. This is why I would never run 4 office or work 4 any1. I love my privacy too much 2 ever make my life an open book. But if U choose to take on that role my Negro, U must tread carefully. Theres 2 much at stake.










• • •

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19 Sep


4 those who are new 2 following me, Ive been writing about the irresponsibility of Justice Ginburg's refusal 2 resign on Obama's watch 4 some time. I compared her refusal 2 Thurgood Marshall resigning too soon, which cleared the way-


for Clarence Thomas to rise to the Supreme Court. Both of them allowed ego & selfishness to undermine everything they fought for their entire lives. The rule of the Supreme Court game is never die or resign under the wrong President. If you think I'm off kilter, consider-

the fact that Chief Justice William Rehnquist refused to resign the Supreme Court on President Clinton's watch despite the fact he had stage 4 cancer. Yet not only did he stay on the bench, but he made it all the way 2 step out of the hospital bed 2 swear in President Bush.
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19 Sep


Too soon? FUCK DAT. Its neva too soon. To all my sisters out their caping for Kamala Harris & black girl magic, I need U 2 keep that same energy when President Donald Trump does something Barack Obama refused to do: appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Allow me to introduce you to the black woman equivalent to Clarence Thomas: Janice Rogers Brown. She was appointed by President George W. Bush & my Vegas money is on her being on the short list to replace now deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then Senator Barack Obama..

vehemently opposed her nomination in a brutal speech from the Senate Floor. She was narrowly confirmed by a 56-43vote. Retired? Yes. Out of contention? No. Too old? Well how about 53 year old Judge Stephanie Davis who Trump just appointed in Michigan? Donnie like 'em young.
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12 Sep


I need U 2 comprehend just how sinister white supremacy is. The blood hadnt cooled in George Floyd's lifeless body b4 hospital workers were already searching 4 a way 2 discredit him & engage in America's time honored tradition of..


convicting black people of their own murders. Think Mark Omara, defense attorney for George Zimmerman, contaminating the jury pool by releasing media from Trayvon Martin's cellphone falsely depicting Martin as violent & insinuating that Martin beat up a homeless man.

By depicting Martin as a violent black teenager, Omara set the stage for a Zimmerman acquittal long before the trial began. Think police releasing domestic violence complaints against Jacob Blake. Think police & prosecutors falsely claiming Ahmaud Arbery broke into a house.
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11 Sep

Black police chiefs are resigning. Good. The day of black careerism is over. If U dont stand 4 nothing, dey need to run yo spineless ass out. Unfortunately a black face in a white space often means nothing more than window dressing 4 White supremacy.


This is why despite writing a pro-affirmative action dissertation yrs ago, I am now anti-affirmative action...b/c affirmative action essentially created a new class of black careerists who didn't give a shit about black people at the bottom. They became the mouthpieces of...

white folks 2 keep Negros in line. They cared more about advancing their careers than helping black people collectively. This is why U will never get meaningful change from most so-called black leaders. White folks can always pay a few Negros off 2 maintain the status quo.
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10 Sep
If it is ok for a 12 yr old boy 2 decide 2 B a girl & have his parents (D-Wade) take him 2 a festival celebrating adult homosexuality, then how can it not be ok 4 adolescent girls 2 decide to dance sexually on stage? We've been sledding down this slippery slope for some time now.
So no, I will not be cancelling Netflix over "Cuties." Miss me w/this hypocritical feigning of outrage in a culture where we've been saying "everything goes" 4 a long time. If U felt children have the right 2 decide their sexuality, then they also have the right to have sex &...
dance sexually. The hypersexualization of children in media has been spiraling out of control for a long time & all of this sick shit has been code for a pro-choice sexual freedom movement where everyone, no matter their age is free to do as they please.

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10 Sep
So Bob Woodard releases a book in an election season about Trump and I'm supposed to be outraged? Here's a tidbit of Trump, in relation to Covid-19 saying, "I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down, b/c I don't want to create panic."

NEWSFLASH: ALL PRESIDENTS LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Every last one of them. This is nothing new or revealing. They do so for the exact same reason President Trump said - to avoid panic. Herein lies my problem with media members. EVERYBODY IS A DAMN POLITICIAN NOW.
I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR POLITICS. REPORT THE DAMN NEWS. CNN has fallen & is nowhere near what Ted Turner founded it to be. Like CNN, NBC News is just the opposite of FOX News. Meanwhile, all of these networks have collectively participated in polarizing the nation.
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