Xbox Series S|X used WiFi 5. That tops out at 3.5gbps. WiFi 6 tops out At 9.6gbps. However... WiFi 6’s main selling point isn’t its speed (which let’s be honest even WiFi 5 speeds barely anybody will reach for years). No, the main improvement... 1/4
comes from the ability to have more WiFi 6 devices in use at one time without a detriment to the overall network stability/performance. In fact, truth be told, a single WiFi 6 device on a WiFi 6 router (yes you need a new router too) won’t be much better than two on WiFi 5. 2/4
In other words, people are making a big issue out of nothing. Again. It’s like the USB-C issue. The S|X systems support USB 3.2, same as USB-C, just not physics connection on the console (the controller IS USB-C, for charging/wired play).

It costs 99p for a USB adapter. 3/4
But let’s all moan about a WiFi standard barely anybody even has a router for to use, and a USB connection that is easily fixable with a £1 adapter. It’s the end of the world, of course.

Keep getting those clicks, news sites... 4/4
Physics connection = physical connection. 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼
Additional: There is some confusion as to the final USB spec. I’ve asked for clarification and will post an update once I hear anything solid:

• • •

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10 Sep
How are we all doing? I’ve decided to keep on with the tech posts but in a slightly different way. So, using updated and final info on what the new XSX and XSS are like, I wanted to talk about the big question right now: Is the Series S going to hold back next gen gaming? 1/41
SPOILER: No. No it’s not, and anybody with even a little experience will tell you as such. I’ll go into more detail below as to why that is, but the most important aspect is that this is NOT a last gen console, I can’t stress that enough. 2/41
If we were comparing this to an xbox One S/xbox One X, there would be issues of course. While you CAN make a product work on both new and old generation systems, it would require a lot more work and also limits what you can do from a gameplay standpoint a bit more. 3/41
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22 Aug
Ok, how are we all this weekend? I’m sorry for the delay on this, it’s been a crazy week for me. I won’t be able to answer everything, as it looks some things are being held back still. But, if you have a few minutes… Let’s take a look at those Hot Chip slides, shall we? 1/34
First of all, a notice: I see a lot of people use my threads and talks for fanboy drivel. If you don’t like what you read, challenge me, talk with me. Don’t instantly move into idiot fanboy mode as you will just get blocked and forgotten. Act your age kids, and discuss. 2/34
Now, for this thread, I’ll only be covering bits and pieces that may be missed or not understood. Some things I’ll leave out, but feel free to ask. First off, let’s put to bed some things: SFS (Extension of SF), VRS and ML, all in. As well as D3D Mesh shading. 3/34
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18 Jul
I feel I need to do a follow up post based on my thread yesterday. That thread was meant to be a layman’s terms, simple to understand for anybody type entry to SFS. It wasn’t supposed to be a complex in-depth tech talk. 1/11
Heck, I didn’t even go into advanced features of the later revisions such as how you only load the mip required (which I thought I covered but didn’t) or how you only load the part of the mip that’s drawn. 2/11
So, I have a few updates for you. I spent a little time talking with various people from both Microsoft AND Sony, and will do my best to clear some things up for you based on *current* knowledge. 3/11
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16 Jul
You're going to hear a lot about why SFS (Sampler Feedback Streaming) is such a big deal and why its so important in maximising the potential of the @xbox Series X hardware with regard to its Velocity Architecture. So lets take a very brief and fast look at things. 1/1
First, textures. Games are made up of textures, of which a single surface can contain several. What looks like one simple visual asset to you in the game world, can actually contain many. Commonly, surfaces are created with a bare minimum of: Diffuse, Specular and Normal. 2/2
However, they can also contain separate channels for masking, power and scale variables, height maps, parallax occlusion or displacement maps etc. These are usually best served in the same native resolution as the diffuse, but can be any size, larger or smaller. 3/3
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