I have a theory for why the mainstream press won't push stories about inhumane treatment in ICE facilities and the like

It's b/c when you write those stories and really report out the details and wrestle with them, you're left with the conclusion that Trump supporters are *evil*
And the mainstream press doesn't like painting Trump supporters are *evil*, because they're fellow whites. So they have to be dumb or duped or aggrieved or misled, but they can't be *evil.*
B/c if they're *evil* then the press has to wrestle with the fact that their racist family members are also evil. Some of their colleagues are evil. And they'd have to atone for their professional help in promoting evil through their massive "but her emails" campaign.
They CAN'T do that. They can't look at themselves in the mirror that harshly for that long. And do they'd rather talk about Russia or whatever he said on Twitter.

They can't LOOK at what Trump is doing in concentration camps, b/c then they'd have to look at themselves.

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23 Sep
The reason Republicans seem so calm, so willing to upend the SCOTUS and murder black people and ignore and dismiss the 200,000 dead from Covid, is not because they live in an alternate reality.

It’s b/c they’re in on the plan to steal the election or use force to stay in power.
A party about to get electorally wipes out as the polls suggest they are would be FREAKING OUT. Pivoting to the center. Chucking unpopular positions (like manipulating the court to end abortion) overboard.

This one is NOT.
Have you stopped to ask why? Do you really think they’re all, all the Republicans running for office, are just *stupid*? Do you think they have their heads so far up their own ass that they can’t tell they’re losing?

They know they’re losing. They don’t care. WHY??
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23 Sep
Why do people expect black people to be magic? Black people are as susceptible to cultural messaging of white supremacy as anybody else. We just have a little more reason to resist and more friends willing to help us.
But we shouldn’t be surprised when a guy like Daniel Cameron buys into and supports the system of white violence against black bodies. He learned it from the same places white people learned it. And, like lots of whites, wasn’t strong enough to resist.
Cameron is not, to my mind, a “sellout.” He’s just a tool. A tool of the White supremacist system unable or unwilling to oppose it. He didn’t betray anybody because ain’t nobody who knows what he’s about counted on him to be any better than he is.
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23 Sep
Every time you tell me Republicans expanding the court after Dems expand the court is "bad," I'm going to ask you how it's *worse* than what we have now?
If the GOP can make it so no Dem can make a judicial appointment. If they can get 2 facially illegitimate justices on the court b/c McConnell changed the rules, 2 who were there b/c SCOTUS picked its own, Republican President, and 2 sexual predators RIGHT NOW, how expansion bad?
If those six Republican justices can then turn around and repeal healthcare (which GOP couldn't do at the ballot box) and women's rights (which the GOP can't do at the ballot box) and enact voter suppression... how is future GOP expansion the *real* danger?
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22 Sep
Just a reminder that in the event of a "tie" on the Supreme Court, the lower court's ruling stands.

So, it's not like if there is a tie we're gonna all run around saying "ZOMG, WHAT DO WE DO NOW." We'll do the same thing we did for 293 days while McConnell blocked Garland.
Most likely, an election appeal will come up from the state courts. FL and MI are controlled by Republicans. PA and I *think* NC are controlled by Dems.
Wisconsin, the whole reason they force people to vote in a pandemic was to try to keep GOP control, but they lost.
But, if it does come up through the federal system, Trump and McConnell have "flipped" the 11th Circuit (Florida) and 3rd Circuit (PA).
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22 Sep
I'm literally fucking married to a black woman who works for a major bank and this asshole wouldn't notice her resume, which is outfitted with two Harvard degrees, if she fucking bedazzled it.
The problem these people have is not that there is a limited talent pool. It's that they don't want to do any work to look for it. When they find it, they don't want to invest in developing it. And when it's developed they don't want to PAY for it.
When you're Black, unless you went to one of 3 or 4 schools, YOU have to find them, and convince them to "take a shot" on you. Once you get there, you pretty much have to mentor and train yourself. And when you pop your head up on the lateral market, you don't get poached.
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22 Sep
I am really nonplussed by the extent liberals are going to try to come up with some solution OTHER THAN court expansion.

I don't think people understand that court expansion is LITERALLY THE EASIEST thing to do, ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION.
Court expansion is one freaking bill. You don't need an amendment. You don't need overturn 220 years of judicial interpretation. You don't need the Supreme Court to AGREE that your plan is constitutional!

Why don't people get that? This isn't... baseball. NINE is not a *special* number given to us by Hammurabi or Moses.

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