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15 Sep, 14 tweets, 4 min read
His latest missive is no different from similar ones which he penned back in the day when he was - again - facing a backer backlash. If you want a refresher on that, @nichegamer just did one.…
It's not odd that he showed up - out of the Blue - even as backer posts asking where he was kept being deleted and backers banned for daring to ask where the grifter they gave $300M+ disappeared to. And it wasn't to explain wtf is going on with the project or the money.
No, it was to address some inconsequential bs that he - once again - littered with the same lies culled directly from the well curated dreams.txt and then just regurgitated it in a bid to "prove" that he was still around - or something.
And if you had any doubts that this was a freaking cult of madness, this response to his latest bs could never exist on the game's official forums. This writer was kind in his response, because if I wrote a response to his drivel, it would be worse.…
His forum missive gives you a quick understanding of how the official forums are moderated whereby you can't even ASK where the creator is without being attacked, banned or your post deleted. So once that tone was set years ago, it remained. His latest bs just reinforces it.
Without going too much into it, all I am going to say is what comes next should have happened long time ago; then this farce wouldn't be $400M in + 0 games. All that was needed was accountability. And those who kept giving him money are going to see why they should have stopped.
The fact that almost NINE (!) years + over $400M later Chris is still calling Star Citizen "early alpha" should tell you all that you need to know about the on-going scam being passed off as a project of two games.
Meanwhile over there, someone decided to check out the on-going free fly that's going until 23rd. The results it.…
Don't miss the irony of the him suddenly reappearing at the time when the backer numbers (which we knew were bs to begin with) have been revealed to be superficial.

The fact that a project bringing in and spending over $30M a year, yet still needing investor bailout should have been the huge Red flag that maybe the backer numbers aren't there; and it's just a bunch of sunk cost fallacy whales propping up an obvious scam.
April 2013. Well, they're now $400M in. Do the math if you will.

"Chris Roberts: I can be more profitable than AAA games on a fifth of sales"…
May 2019:

"Exclusive: The Saga Of 'Star Citizen,' A Video Game That Raised $300 Million—But May Never Be Ready To Play"…
I just came here to amend this thread to say that of the 3 people I know currently working on the project, not a SINGLE one them has a farking clue wtf Chris was going on about in his post about atmospheric rooms.

Oh apparently more key people are on the way out.

That is all.
Yes, I know the link was broken due to copy and paste, so here's a better one.…

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31 Aug
I had to look up from my debugger to bring some breaking Star Citizen news.

First, the talent exodus continues as even more big names make their exit.

One of them, Ben Parry, is a name you probably recognize because he blatantly LIED about the 2016 Lumberyard engine switch.
In 2016, merely months after I had reported that they were doing an engine switch, Ben and I got into a heated exchange after I challenged him that no such switch had taken place because I had reverse engineered that Star Citizen build in question and was able to prove it.
This engine "switch" appeared out of nowhere in a build without any prior notice or announcement. Chris was lying, and so were Ben and everyone on the project.

I wrote a whole blog about it in Dec 2016, complete with illustrations from Ben.…
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21 Aug
Oh boy.

Apple says Epic Games CEO wanted a side deal for Fortnite…
As much as it pains me to say this, from the very start I had said that this had nothing to do with altruism. Amid those tweets (to Tim), I got several (7 actually) DMs telling me that I was stepping on thin ice.
But I didn't see it that way because I've got a few friends at Epic and I've had those peer relationships for years - even with Tim. And I had no reason to believe that I couldn't voice an opinion about something that ultimately affects all of us as gamers and game devs.
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15 Aug
@TimSweeneyEpic Respectfully, this argument will continue to fail - on merits - because it's a dubious one. And your stance is a double standard when you consider that you run a walled garden store that's not open - at all. You've publicly admitted this, and I bet it's going to be in discovery.
@TimSweeneyEpic Let's explore....

"we’re fighting for the freedom of people who bought smartphones to install apps from sources of their choosing"

This will fail - spectacularly - because the freedom of choice isn't being taken away just because a store imposes guidelines for their store.
@TimSweeneyEpic The main reason why this will fail is because unless and until a case can be made that what Apple is doing is 1) illegal 2) a monopolistic practice, any attorney hanging their hat on this deserves the slap of a successful motion to dismiss
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31 Jul
Star Citizen dev offers roadmap for development of new development roadmap…
@KyleOrl Hey Kyle, a correction to your Squadron 42 article. It was announced in Oct 2012 as coming in Nov 2014 - not 2015. 👇…
Meanwhile over there, the tribe is not having any of it. Then again, we've been here before. They'll get over it soon enough and go back to embracing Sunk Cost Fallacy.…
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28 Jul
While you were busy trying not to die from COVID-19, Star Citizen at $360m (apparently math is hard for the Wikipedia editors of that page) is now apparently the most expensive video game in ALL of recorded history.…
And those "haters" over @KotakuAU are at it again :)…
But then again, over at the "haters emporium" that is @MassivelyOP…
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15 Jun
Star Citizen passes $300m in crowdfunding |…
You know the drill.

Neither of the two games promised for 2014 at $2m, then 2016 at $65m are anywhere near completion. In fact, the development has regressed to such a degree that even the hard-core tribe have been up in arms since the last build update earlier last month.
Yes, the numbers are crazy.
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