<A Thread on Our Current State of Affairs>

We used to one community everywhere. All of us. I actually hoped we'd spread that to the world.

But the poltical parties' unending quest to take and keep power, especially the GOP, have destroyed our sense of community.
Where are all the mini democracies we used to depend on daily? Our PTAs, our unions, our (yes) community organizations, our heavily attended town hall meetings?

We no longer listen to each other and instead scream at each other from afar, then wonder how we got here.
For millennia the only thing that has enabled the tasty pink packages that our bodies truly are to survive has been numbers against predators and bad humans. We're inherently social beings for a reason...
...yet we seem to have forgotten that and I'm pretty sure that if we don't find that sense of community again we're gonna kill each other off, by hook or by crook.
And every time I come here to Twitter I'm constantly reminded how cruel we are and how much we enjoy watching the train wreck from afar, as long as the bodies being tossed around like paper aren't people we know.

It's a damn mass scale tragedy, and we're all taking part.
When I see people "LOLing" at trump supporters maskless at a rally, then hoping they'll die, it hurts me inside that we've become so callous and indifferent to the suffering of others.

We hate that trump dehumanizes people then we do the same.
Personally, as someone who found out what community is in the US miltary I find this state of affairs just sickening, and I know I'm not the only vet, or citizen, who thinks so.

All of us need to take a step back and find a little empathy again or this nation is kaput.
Because one day this trump/GOP experience is gonna be over and if all we can do is hate one another instead of pick up the pieces and fix what's REALLY wrong then there's no hope for our future, or our children's.

#EPluribusUnum 🇺🇸

• • •

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12 Aug
So I'd like to take just a minute to break down a couple of attacks trump and his campaign are gonna leverage against the Biden/Harris ticket, and why they won't work. We'll leave aside trump's HISTORIC unpopularity.
So here we have the most obvious, and tired, attack the GOP has. The old "radical left" argument. They believe in this one b/c they think it does two things: divides the Dems and scares the middle.

They tried this with Obama. How'd that work out?
The second line of attack they'll use is "she'll raise your taxes." Now leaving aside the civics lesson the trump administration has given the US about who ACTUALLY has the power to raise taxes, this one's a loser too. Americans WANT higher taxes on the rich.
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12 Aug
Okay you GOTTA read this. Here we have trump's answer when he was asked about college football going ahead this year. It's not the entirety, but it's damn close.

I'll provide the question in the next tweet and his answer will follow.

Seriously, read this it's mind blowing.
"What do you think about college football going ahead this year?"

"They want to play football and they know better than anyone else . . . One of the great doctors said these people are so powerful and so strong and not lots of body fat. . . maybe none in some cases..."
"...they’re very healthy people, people don’t realize it’s a tiny percentage of people that get sick and they’re old and it just attacks old people especially old people with some kind of a physical problem, a weight problem..."
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8 Jul
Here's hoping that trump's fake school funding threat educates some folks about how our schools actually ARE funded and how that system might be one of the worst examples of systemic racism in our nation.

If you wanna know what I mean, ask and I'll post a 2nd tweet.
Folks asked, so here we go.

Okay this is tiny bit complex so bear with me please.

First off, if anyone doesn't know most schools in the US are primarily funded through property taxes. Property tax levels are determined by the value of the property.
The value of land/house property (hereafter referred to as just "property" for our purposes here) is determined by what's AROUND the property.

Nice houses, parks, freeway access, shopping access, entertainment venues, good schools, low crime, etc, raise property values right?
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18 Jun
<a thread re: DACA today>

Those of you that follow me know I'm deep into political philosophy. I take the time to study political arguments and what their logic is.

Today's DACA ruling is a HUGE blow to conservative philosophy, and I'm going to tell y'all why.
One of the core arguments of modern American conservatives is that only the Congress has the power to make law, which seems reasonable right? They say that by changing regulations The Executive effectively makes laws.
Let me tell you why this is a bad faith argument. Congress, through the lawmaking process, introduced another process for regulatory agencies to change their rules, without Congress itself having to make a new law.
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13 Jun
<Unintended Consequences>


<Why it's Not Biden's Fault His Crime Bill Ended in Mass Incarceration>

A thread:
First off, y'all that know me know I usually provide reciepts in my threads, but I'm too doped up on pain meds to do that work right now, so please forgive.

You're just gonna have to trust my knowledge this time.

Let's get to it, shall we? This ones gonna be a doozy.
Most legislation passed in our nation ends up with unintended consequence. Joe Biden's Crime bill is a prime example, but I'm going to use a better known, even better intended bill to illustrate my point first: Affirmative Action.
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11 Jun
I've always hated the rebel flag. As a kid who was born in the south but raised in the north whenever I'd go visit my relatives I'd see hateful evangelicals and poorly educated people.

And it's where I learned "the other side of the tracks" was a real thing.
I remember going down south and the kids, who of course are generally cruel, would laugh and make fun of ke because I said "you guys" instead of "y'all."

I can still hear them: "you gahees!"

I figured I was just speaking proper English.
And my evangelical southern Baptist family never said "black people." It was "the coloreds" or "son" or "boy" to GROWN ASS MEN.

I'd spend time at my father's country club, which was amazing to this poor country kid from north of Chicago...
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