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OTD in 1857 #Massachusetts voters decided to make future voters prove their literacy by reading a randomly drawn sample of the state Constitution and signing their name. It was the second state to do so — after Connecticut. (Clipping: New England Farmer) (1/4) Image
The point was not education. It was to keep working Irish, many illiterate, from voting. The idea was sprung by Know-Nothings who’d swept to power three years earlier. (Clipping: Boston Evening Transcript) (2/4) Image
Their tactics inspired others. The literacy test spread through the Northeast and Midwest. Then, 33 years later, Mississippi erected it with other hurdles meant to keep Blacks from voting despite the promises of the 15th Amendment. Other Southern states followed. (3/4)
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🧵We had an amazing time at #CJDDemocracySummit yesterday for the launch of the inspiring @C4JDHowardU. Here is a thread of some of the greatest insights from speakers and panel discussions. Congratulations to @nhannahjones and her amazing team. 1/
Counter to the emerging national media narrative that election liars were soundly defeated and barriers to the ballot box were overcome, @SIfill_ warned that the threat is not over. Until there is legislation preventing racial gerrymanders, they will not be stopped. 2/
We'll also point out the extremely obvious here that while it is true that @katiehobbs got roughly 1.28 million votes, lying extremist Kari Lake got roughly 1.26 million votes. Moving forward it will be absurd and dangerous for mainstream, corporate media to downplay threats. 3/
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🕐Join us at 11am PST today for a deep dive into the status of #NativeAmerican voters as we head toward #Midterms2022. Watch the livestream here 👉… @TrahantReports @NDNrights @IMediaFreedom
Welcome to today's briefing, Impact of Redistricting and Voter Suppression on Indian Country/Native American Voters. Reminder that you can watch the livestream here 👉…
Our moderator today is Indian Country Today editor emeritus @TrahantReports.
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🗣️At 11am PST we're looking at the state of #democracy ahead of the upcoming #elections2022 with @SMoralesDoyle Michelle Bishop of @NDRNadvocates Kirea Romero-Craft of @latinojustice and Evan Milligan of Alabama Forward. Watch live 👇…
Welcome today's briefing, Threats to the U.S. Electoral Process — Who Can Vote, Whose Vote Counts?
Racially #gerrymandered maps & #votersuppression laws are just two of the many issues threatening to undermine the upcoming elections and our #democracy. Our panel of expert speakers will examine each of these as well as efforts to fight back.
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“My top-level, expert legal analysis of the [Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI search] affidavit is: Why ain’t this dude in jail? What does this man have to do to go to jail?”

@ElieNYC @DrJasonJohnson @CrossConnection
#TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments #TrumpESPIONAGE
“Just the classification markings referred to in this [redacted Mar-a-Lago search warrant] affidavit — made the hair on the back of my neck stand up… Literally human lives can be at stake.” @FrankFigliuzzi1

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
“There is a feeling here that [if] Merrick Garland decides not to prosecute Trump, how do you hold anyone else accountable for violating classification rules going forward in the U.S. government?”@JaxAlemany

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
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“This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is still totally disqualifying. This is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct — a cover-up [with] false statements and lies to Congress and the American people.” #LockTrumpUp
“Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, says that Trump wants the Department of Justice to release the names of the witnesses who helped secure the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago.”@therecount

#TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
CPAC 2022: “We are all domestic terrorists.”

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#OTD in 1920, the #19thAmendment was ratified, granting white women the right to vote. A thread 🧵. Image
Black women and women of color would not be granted equal access to the vote until the passage of the #VotingRightsAct in 1965.

1965 was really * not * that long ago.
Today, there are many barriers that keep communities of color from accessing our democracy and from casting their ballot.

We’re talking felony disenfranchisement laws, restrictions on early voting, violence at the polls, and other voter suppression tactics.
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#EspionageAct [doesn’t] mention classification at all. It talks about a specific type of information: national defense… The real question is, why would Trump WANT to declassify secrets that could harm the U.S.?”
.@AshaRangappa_ @TiffanyDCross @thereidout
“Trump has still not said a word of explanation as to why he took the documents, why he did not return them all, and what he was doing with them for over 18 months.” @AWeissmann_

🎶: #stilloneblackmansopinion…
“[Donald Trump] has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again… You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.” Adam Schiff

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“WE COULDN’T BELIEVE there were enough people to walk alongside them. One morning we woke up from an uneasy sleep and there was no more laughter…It mustn’t happen again. We can’t let it. We simply can’t let it happen again.”
Twilight Zone 1963 #NeverAgain
“California [will] make our own insulin at a cheaper price, close to at cost, and to make it available to all…
Because in California, we know people should not go into debt to receive life-saving medication.”
@GavinNewsom @CAgovernor #Insulin4all #Insulin
“Freedom is under attack in [Florida]… In California [we] still believe in #freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose. Freedom from hate. And the freedom to love. Don’t let them take your freedom.”
Newsom DeSantis ad #IndependenceDay2022

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Edmond Pettus was born #OTD in 1821 in Limestone County, Alabama. He served as an officer in the Confederate Army and as a US senator after the War. He was also active in the Ku Klux Klan, serving as its Grand Dragon in Alabama. He is the namesake of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
Born into an enslaving family, Pettus built a successful law career before enlisting in the Confederate Army when war broke out. While most of his home region of northern Alabama did not support secession, Pettus did. He was a pro-slavery ideologue steered by white supremacy.
During the War he rose to the rank of Brig. General and was captured as a POW three times. He was pardoned by Andrew Johnson on October 30, 1865. Pettus returned to Selma after the War and resumed his law practice.
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Pat Cipollone: The rioters have gotten to the Capitol, Mark.

Mark Meadows: [Trump] doesn't want to do anything, Pat.

Pat: Mark, something needs to be done or people are going to die and the blood is going to be on your f—ing hands.

Liz Cheney: The night before #January6th, President* Trump instructed Mark Meadows to contact both Roger Stone and Michael Flynn regarding what would play out the next day.

#CassidyHutchinson: That’s correct. That is my understanding.

Cheney: Did Rudy Giuliani [seek a] pardon related to January 6?
Cassidy Hutchinson: He did.
LC: Did Mark Meadows ever indicate that he was interested in receiving a Presidential pardon related to #January6th?
CH: Mr Meadows did seek that pardon. Yes ma’am.
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1/ My starting point for #SupremeCourt jurisprudence since 2000 is a telling quote from Joel Klein's "The Natural" in which a Republican Senator concedes to Clinton that Republicans don't believe in government, but they love power.
2/2000: #BushvGore, the Supreme Court stays the Florida recount with any opinion justifying the stay and then reverses the Fla. Supreme Court recount order as violating the Equal Protection Clause in a per curiam opinion that can't be cited as precedent.
3/2002: President Bush signed the #McCainFeingold campaign finance reform law, which foolishly included a restriction on the use of independent expenditures for commercials 60 days before an election.
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Voter suppression is:
•Forcing Black ppl to wait 2X as long as white ppl to vote
•Requiring a new ID even after an ID was confirmed at voter registration
•Banning IDs disproportionately used by Black voters
•Closing polling locations in Black neighborhoods
Voter suppression is:
•Racial gerrymandering that disproportionately represents white voters over non-white voters
•Police target/charge Black people at higher rates, disenfranchising them
•Longer sentences for Black Americans,blocking them from more elections
Voter suppression is:
•Prison gerrymandering, where Black incarcerated people are denied voting but counted for redistricting
•Requiring formerly incarcerated people to pay court fees before voting
•Requiring people to take off work & lose money just to vote
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So I finally got around to listening to @POTUS @JoeBiden's press conference this morning and have a few miscellaneous thoughts (in thread) for the #MSM: @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @USATODAY @WSJ
@POTUS @JoeBiden @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @USATODAY @WSJ Why do you insist on ignoring the fact that this administration has accomplished more in 1 year than any other president in history & certainly more than #TFG did in four years: American Rescue Plan; Infrastructure; Economy booming; Unemployment at an all time low; 75% vax rate.
And he has accomplished this with little to no support from the obstructionist @GOP, whose sole public policy is to cock-block everything the President wants to do to help the American people. THAT should be your story.
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There is a moment in Season 4, Episode 8 of #TheCrown that explains the #VotingRights impasse. 1/ #MLKDay
In this e8, The Queen want to unite the Commonwealth to oppose Apartheid, but she must get the one holdout to sign on first—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher won’t budge. 2/ #VotingRightsAct #thecrown
Round after round the Queen’s men bring her edited versions of the coalition’s statement. Each time she whips out her red pen sniping, “No. No. No.” 3/
#VotingRightsAct #thecrown
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I was in the room where it happened when Susan Collins threw her support by Kavanaugh. Just before she spoke, in come a cluster of GOP congressmen - ones that all look like they’re over 100 - & sit behind her like vultures. My first thought was, ‘peer pressure from Cryptkeepers’
But, they know where the cameras are in the Senate Chamber and clearly carefully positioned the visual for a speech about accepting a Supreme Court Judge who had been accused of sexual assault - not investigated- drawing thousands of protesters from across the country. #MeToo
About 2 minutes into her speech, we saw where it was going and got up and stomped out as loudly as we could without getting arrested - they had already arrested some of her Maine constituents. Senator Collins glanced up as we exited.
(Hear at about 1.50 )
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Poignant note from @POTUS about past bipartisan support for #VotingRights. And guess what? It’s not just the #VotingRightsAct. Almost all the key provisions in the #FreedomToVoteAct have also enjoyed robust Republican support in the past:
👉Automatic voter registration —enacted by Republicans in many states, including GA
👉Early and mail voting—used for years by tens of millions of Republican voters
👉Ending gerrymandering—championed by prominent Republicans across the country, incl. former governors of CA and OH
The list goes on. And let’s not forget the courageous Republican election officials who have resisted election sabotage efforts and who this bill would protect.
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Biden reminds us that in 2006 the Senate vote 98-0 to reauthorize the #VotingRightsAct, incl 16 senators who still serve. We used to have bipartisan consensus in favor of voting rights. Just because congressional Rs don't support it now doesn't mean voting rights are partisan.
On this point, the provisions in the #FreedomToVoteAct are built off of reforms that were put in place by or with the support of Republicans in states across the country.
And those reforms (as well as the #JohnLewisVRAA) enjoy broad bipartisan (and Independent) support among members of the general public.
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Fin d'année lugubre pour la présidence #Biden, alors même qu'il a très légèrement rebondi dans les #sondages d'approbation depuis 2-3 semaines, tout en restant impopulaire...Petit fil à dérouler👇…
2. Le Sénat est en vacances pour les fêtes jusqu'en 2022 sans avoir voté le #BuildBackBetter prisonnier de l'obstruction du sénateur #Manchin NI le #VotingRightsAct limitant les effets des législations républicaines locales de restriction d'accès au vote.…
3. Ce présent échec est double pour #Biden: d'1 part, son expertise autoproclamée, forte de ses 36 années de sénateur, à faire surgir des consensus législatifs au Sénat se fracasse sur la réalité politique polarisée de 2021...
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I’m at the #HungerStrike4Democracy rally in Lafayette Park this morning outside the White House. Students from AZ, TX, FL, NC. Press conference starting in a few minutes. #votingrights
Omg! @JoeMadison16S is here! He’s on Day 36 of his hunger strike for #votingrights. #HungerStrike4Democracy #FreedomToVoteAct
.@JoeMadison16S notes that the filibuster was used to keep slavery in place, to Stop voting rights act, to try to stop civil rights act. “They have carved out the filibuster 160 times since 1969.” #HungerStrike4Democracy #HungerStrike #FreedomToVoteAct
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@DNC sent me an email asking me for info about myself-how often I want to hear from them!
My Response!
Why? So you can ignore anything I have to say while pressing me a Senior on a fixed income to donate more money? I have voted Dem for over 50yrs-never missed a vote!
I will continue to vote Democratic but to be honest I expect more from the @DNC Leadership than knee jerk reactions to everything-but hey do not ask my opinion about anything just keep asking me for money & when you can send me notifications of what our leaders decide to do.
whether we want it or not- By the way-when deciding to give away money to everyone across the board whether they need it or not - do Democrats not know how to do a #SlidingScaleForPayments?

@DNC I need my party to wake up and listen to us!
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Thanks to @TimesofIsrael for publishing my latest piece, on how Holocaust denial isn’t the only negative product of the anti-#CRT movement, and why this was predictable.
>>THREAD >>…
The recent absurdity of teaching ‘both sides’ in a Holocaust curriculum in Texas cuts through all the conservative gaslighting and ‘outs’ the perverse premise that hate deserves equal time. 1/25…
Not only have these self-styled contrarians demanded equal time from schools, they’ve pushed laws to mandate it and to ban normative social studies, even if it’s alongside their own fringe teachings. 2/25
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A Plea to Congressional Dem Moderates

Hello y'all, just a regular voter here and I've been wanting to share some thoughts.
Let's talk about passing the two infrastructure bills and the #VotingRightsAct for a bit okay? I know the process isn't exactly what you'd like and I know you've got donors who aren't too keen on some of the proposals, like prescription drug prices for instance.
You should know that your recalcitrance is making a lot of folks nervous, and for a myriad of reasons. But polls are showing there's one thing most Americans DON'T care about: the price.

The only people out here that care about the price aren't your voters.
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Want to know what’s in the new John Lewis VRAA but don’t have time to read 65 pages of dense and complicated legislative text? Check out this 🧵!

#VRA #redistricting #SCOTUS #VotingRightsAct
The VRAA is an ambitious bill that would respond to SCOTUS’s decisions in Shelby County and Brnovich. One huge difference between this VRAA and other, post-Shelby County VRAAs is that it amends Section 2, the permanent and nationwide ban on racial discrimination in voting. 2/x
The VRAA clarifies that laws passed with discriminatory purpose, not just discriminatory results, are prohibited under Section 2. To be sure, laws enacted with racist intent violate the 14th and 15th Amendments and some lower courts have interpreted Section 2 accordingly. 3/x
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