Kenji Kaido: "Taito's arcade golden age was 1985-92, with '85-89 being particularly amazing; until then, Taito was so prolific—they released two new arcade games a month!—that ppl mocked them for 'quantity over quality', but during their golden age, they had quality to match"🇯🇵
"when Sega kicked off the deluxe cabinet boom, Taito initially followed suit w games like Midnight Landing & Full Throttle. Later (prob due to intl requests) they changed route to compact chassis; Operation Wolf went from remote monitor to all-in-one unit"
"Wolf was also planned as a conversion board for NY Captor; Chase HQ squeezed the seat into the very end of the enclosure, so the cabinet took up relatively little space; bc of this, both Wolf & HQ were huge overseas (the games themselves were great too)"
"Looking over the release list, I myself put out three arcade games in about luna—I mean, genius! those games were Night Striker, Champion Wrestler and Cameltry"
"the karaoke dept was doing well & we felt like we had the momentum to take over the world… as I've tweeted before, Taito went all-in on Kyocera management: morning calisthetics, 3-minute company mottoes, mandatory uniforms, etc & good devs quit 1 by 1"
"after that, Taito did fine (like with Densha de Go!) but it felt like the Square-Enix takeover eroded their devt capabilities; by that point I'd already left, and the prolific work Taito had been known for was no longer possible. Good luck, Taito..."
"by the way, we former members of Taito still get together for reunions and so on. (Come to think of it, it's been a while since the last one, because there are so many of us & it's hard to corral everyone.) our love for Taito remains strong"

• • •

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More from @gosokkyu

22 Sep
Pocket Puyo Puyo~n's 20 years old! what makes this version interesting is that the Pocket devs basically remixed the game as they saw fit: the skill system's completely different, the basic mechanics are tuned differently, it uses the classic art style with a different plot, etc
it's also built on the foundation of Pocket Sun which was similarly remixed, so it has sun puyo as part of the system for no particular reason

what's also neat is they maintained backwards compatibility across a few games: Pocket Puyo~n can do link battles with Pocket Sun & Tsu
most handheld companion games of this era don't have much relevance but there remains a certain appreciation for Pocket Sun/~n & the specific Pocket Sun ruleset has appeared in some of the anniversary games (20th & Chronicle) as a hidden option
Read 4 tweets
17 Sep
Monster Hunter Stories 2? I thought that flopped and they were planning another MH spinoff with edgy teens or something
Fit Boxing 2, not shocked, that game did super well, especially in Japan
Disgaea 6 with 3D models? Disgaea 5's getting a NSO trial or something too
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17 Sep
from a certain former Compile artist, a recreation of the concept boards for an unused but ever-so-slightly-familiar version of the Puyo Puyo 2 intro🇯🇵
btw, I believe this concept was described in the All About book, so it's not new news
tired: Arle's coming to Smash with a Lip echo

wired: Arle's coming to Smash as a Ryu echo
Read 4 tweets
17 Sep… wow, the 3DS family of hardware has officially been discontinued🇯🇵 I thought they might at least wait until February to pull the plug, so they could neatly tie it up at the 10-year mark
no info on the status of the 3DS eShop, btw... I don't think they've even formally announced the discontinuation, it just showed up on the main 3DS page

for reference, the Wii Shop Channel didn't 100% die until ~6 years after the end of Wii, & DSi Shop went away after ~3 years
since 3DS production is ending now & cartridge production is bound to follow suit soon, if not immediately, I implore whoever needs to listen: put these games on (region-free!) cards while it's still viable ImageImageImageImage
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16 Sep
technical difficulties, stand by
announcement #1: Ketsui Deathtiny's getting a North American release! release date's TBA, but they'll updates on the date for the main game & DLC soon

the Japanese version is also getting updated with some of the gadget tweaks made for the NA version
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15 Sep
M2's scheduled a "This & That Big Announcement Special" stream for September 16, 20:00 JP time that'll include news on Ketsui Deathtiny PS4 & other M2 ShotTriggers releases, plus segments on Game Gear Micro & Darius Cozmic Revelation…🇯🇵
odds are the Ketsui announcement has something to do with this but I don't think it'll be quite that simple
btw, in case you've lost track of the M2 STG that may or may not receive news, they include:

Aleste Branch
Ninja Soldier/Mononoke Ninpo-chou
Toaplan reissues (Kyukyoku Tiger, Hishouzame, Out Zone, Tatsujin-ou)
Boogie Wings/The Great Ragtime Show(?)
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