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31 Mar
from Arika's April Fools update stream: Fighting EX Layer Another Dash is out today for Switch in Japan & Hong Kong, with a worldwide release planned for this month—there's a free offline-only version with 4 characters, with a full roster+online unlock for ~¥2800
Fighting EX Layer Another Dash eShop page…

paid unlock page…

the paid roster includes Terry Bogard, btw
Fighting EX Layer Another Dash international pricing
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27 Mar
Shoji Masuda: "the PS3/P/V store's closing this summer…? that means there won't be an easy way for ppl to access Linda Cube, Oreshika or Gunparade March... if I were to produce a no-frills ¥1000 yen port of one of these games for PC & smartphones, which would you want? (poll)"
"if I were to use my Momotetsu sales bounty to fund development, it'd cover one game max; besides, I don't think anyone but Alfa System could be entrusted with the work, and procuring the people & money to port 3 games is physically impossible"
(btw, he's proposing PC/smartphone ports because he doesn't think straight ports of any of those three games would stand any chance of making it through submissions on content grounds)
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26 Mar
Arzest's Naoto Ohshima & Square-Enix's Noriyoshi Fujimoto talk Balan Wonderworld…🇯🇵
they had Youichiro Miyake, a very esteemed AI researcher currently affiliated with Square-Enix, work on the game's "Meta AI" system, which goes beyond dynamic difficulty by attempting to determine the specific playstyle of the player in order to arrange enemy/item placement etc
they also share some broad details on how the Tims (Chao analogues) work, maybe I'll come back to it later if people really need to have it spelled out for them

re: adjusting to post-demo feedback, they basically just spell out what's in the day-one patch, nothing beyond that
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24 Mar
Game Watch spoke to the people behind Sega's GO SEGA 60th Anniversary Album & Official Bootleg DJ Mix soundtracks: Yoshihiro "Moba" Ito, Hiroshi "Hiro." Kawaguchi, Yosuke Okunari, Kensaku Nishimura, Tomoya Ohtani & Naofumi Hataya…🇯🇵
I don't have time to break this down in detail, but some tidbits:

re: GO SEGA, Hiro really wanted to include elemeka music, as well as tunes from the laserdisc game Astron Belt, but the hardware's scarce & LD deteriorates over time so they couldn't guarantee a quality recording
the hardest games to record for GO SEGA were the older arcade games: Head On, Monaco GP, Tranquilizer Gun, etc—there are very few working authentic PCBs still around, they're all super expensive & Sega doesn't have a lot of them internally; Monaco GP's recording came from Mikado
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17 Mar
denfami spoke to Namco's Katsuhiro Harada, Arc System Works' Toshimichi Mori and the legendary Yu Suzuki about the heyday of arcades, the histories of Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear & Blazblue and a potential Virtua Fighter 6🇯🇵
re: Virtua Fighter 6, Yu Suzuki talks about how he'd approach a new VF: he'd want to simplify and improve the controls/interface so as to allow people to focus on tactics rather than mechanical proficiency, and to broaden the user base
Harada says more & more ppl have been requesting he & Namco make a new VF, be it VF x Tekken or something else; he used to think it was a joke but he's starting to realise ppl are serious, and bc Sega isn't really present at FGC events anymore, all the requests end up with him
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3 Mar
a question for anyone who played Lufia II (ie "Lufia") in Dutch/Spanish/German: how'd they translate this infamous English line from Daos? Image
alright, with help from @Jucksalbe & @Ikari_DC, we have a few more versions of that line:

"koshaku na!"🇯🇵
""Du kleiner Wicht!"🇩🇪 yeah, "hoochees" seems to have come directly from the Natsume Inc. brains trust, in case that was ever really in question
interesting, thx! I'm curious, what do you think of the overall quality of the Dutch translation? I know specific Dutch localisations weren't at all common back then
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1 Mar
Forever Entertainment's remaking multiple games from an as-yet-unnamed Square-Enix IP (I think? can any Polish pals confirm?)…🇵🇱

they've worked with S-E IP before, they made Fear Effect Sedna & are still in the process of remaking Fear Effect iirc
for those not keeping tally: they also did Panzer Dragoon Remake & are currently remaking PD Zwei, and they've announced further remakes for House of the Dead 1 & 2, as well as Magical Drop 6

oh and it specifically says Square-Enix Japan so I presume it's not going to be another Eidos game, or Taito or whatever

I wonder, what IP does S-E proper own that they could get multiple remakes from, and that S-E would be willing to license out...
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1 Mar
Juro Watari, most known as the face & shepherd of the Virtual On series, has resigned from Sega🇯🇵 in the thread, he emphasises that there's nothing scandalous about his sudden departure, and for those wondering what this means for VO, he's sad to say he doesn't have answers
this sucks, he was a well-respected guy within the community and it was very clear that he put a ton of effort into keeping VO alive even when others would have let it die... finding success with the series beyond arcades was an extremely tough nut that he never quite cracked
I really do think just releasing the last couple releases internationally could have done enough to keep the series alive, but I'm sure there was all sorts of politics that kept that from happening, and every other attempt to break VO internationally was a huge flop
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24 Feb
G-Darius HD (by M2) & Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX+ (by DB devs Pyramid) are up on the JP Switch eShop, ¥4180 each🇯🇵 these are the two halves of the retail-only Darius Cozmic Revelation collection, out today for ¥6800+tax…🇯🇵…🇯🇵
G-Darius HD is based directly on the arcade version & features gadgets, an enemy capture gallery, certain HD asset upgrades, etc

Dariusburst ACEX+ is another direct arcade port that includes all the events, including several they weren't able to implement during the game's life
oh and they're up on J-PSN for PS4 as well…🇯🇵…🇯🇵

these games/collections are coming overseas but who knows how long they'll take; the digital version contain the EN loc, so if ya don't wanna wait, get at em
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21 Feb
Japanese fighting game roundtable with members of Namco, Capcom, SNK, Arc System Works & Arika begins in ~2 minutes, English restream here

there will be announcements from multiple companies in the latter half of the show (some of which /haven't/ leaked)
re: the EN commentator's claim that Tekken pioneered wifi indicators in Japan... didn't DOA do that way before they did?
announcements are starting now, expectations will be s h a t t e r e d
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18 Feb
the maniac at netlab who wrote the article about how Capcom had to reissue 19XX got to interview the developers of Capcom Arcade Stadium about, among other things, why they decided to include 19XX…🇯🇵
the genesis of Capcom Arcade Stadium was an edict from Capcom boss Kenji Tsujimoto, who wanted to make Capcom's back catalog more widely available; from 2019, they basically investigated every game Capcom had released to see precisely what could & couldn't be reissued, either...
...due to prohibitive or ambiguous rights issues, technical issues, etc & from there, Capcom Arcade Stadium was devised as a means of releasing something substantive asap

this is the first shot towards mass archival & is separate from the likes of Belt Action Collection et al
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18 Feb
how are y'all liking Capcom Arcade Stadium? if this is your first time experience any or all of these games, or you just want to learn about the making of some of Capcom's all-time classics, there's a ton of relevant material on the @shmuplations archive (thread):
in this article, Capcom arcade leaders Yoshiki Okamoto & Noritaka Funamizu discuss the then-new CPS-1 arcade platform, alongside dev comments for every Capcom arcade game from 1984 to 1990, as well as comments from many of their signature illustrators
here's another, more casual 1991 retrospective with Yoshiki Okamoto, Noritaka Funamizu & Akira Nishitani on the origins of Capcom and many of the games they'd worked on
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15 Feb
Kodansha Game Creators Lab, a program offering twice-a-year grants of ¥5m for up to 2 years for select indie devs, as well as one-off ¥5m payments for runners-up, has announced their first batch of winners (bumped up to 7 in each category due to demand)…
primary grant #1 went to Hytecka, a dev with a popular following on youtube who's been attempting to make "the world's most interesting action-RPG", taking cues from Monster Hunter, For Honor, Souls, etc
primary grant #2 went to ramuramu of Fantasy Factory, creator of freeware RPGs including their latest WIP effort, the action-RPG Yuuen Monogatari (fan-translated as "Faraway Story")
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9 Feb
Sega AM2 veteran Daichi Katagiri spoke to IGN about his origins, his dual love of games & cars, working under Yu Suzuki, his involvement with series like Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA & his love of the "real-time puzzle game" Outrun…🇯🇵
on Akira's infamous Doppo Choushitsu input: the initial plan was to give it a 2-frame input window for the negative-edge G at the end but the programmer, who was still thinking in relation to 30FPS a la VF1, said a 2-frame window would be too wide & went with 1 frame, & when...
…he had Katagiri, who was the team's best FG player, test it out, & instead of saying it was ridiculous, he was like "it's tough but I managed to do it", and so it stayed as-is

(for the uninformed, you have to press K+G & immediately release G within 1 frame to do Akira's knee)
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29 Jan
former Raizing designer Mitsuakira Tatsuta has been unearthing lots of old sketches and character concepts from the original Bloody Roar🇯🇵 he says he drew ~300 character ideas in that time, with some (like this koala girl) received more coolly than others
an early version of the mole design that eventually became Bakuryu
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28 Jan
M2's patched six of the Sega Ages titles for Switch: Thunder Force IV/Lightening Force, Phantasy Star, Outrun, Gain Ground, Puyo Puyo and Virtua Racing🇯🇵 changes as follows: (thread)
Thunder Force IV: fixed a bug in the opening where a vertical scroll trick wasn't being properly reproduced

Phantasy Star: fixed some PSG noise bugs, as well as other minor fixes

Outrun: fixed a bug that caused ranking data to disappear when the attract demo was left to run for a while, as well as other minor bugs
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27 Jan
mighty bold of Balan Wonderworld to skip the lazy '90s nostalgia play and instead pit itself directly against every crowdfunded game you forgot you backed seven years ago
I've seen a lot of comments about this game that fixate on Naka, certain post-DC Sega games, etc and I think it's important to emphasise that the actual developer is Naoto Ohshima's studio Arzest which has a long legacy of mediocrity that extends to its predecessor, Artoon
Artoon/Arzest's RPG pedigree is respectable (mostly via association with Hironobu Sakaguchi) but their action game resume stars:

Blinx: The Time Sweeper & Blinx 2
several middling-to-bad Yoshi games
Hey! Pikmin (remember this?)
FlingSmash (you don't remember this)
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21 Jan
heads up if you, like me, completely forgot this was coming: Turrican Flashback Collection's up on PSN, $29.99/€29,99/£24.99……

this collection includes the Amiga versions of Turrican 1 & 2, Mega Turrican & Super Turrican (SNES)
this is the stripped-down version of the two(!) other Turrican collections coming, which are really stretching for extra content: Super Turrican 2, Turrican 3 for Amiga (which is just Mega Turrican), the uncut version of Super Turrican SNES & some minor score/time attack hacks
so yeah, three collections desperately struggling for padding and yet none of them contain the original games by Manfred Trenz (Turrican 1 & 2 for C64, Super Turrican NES), figure that one out

these collections are coming to Switch as well, icymi
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20 Jan
G-MODE's Koichi Takeshita discusses his early work history at Hudson and other studios, joining G-MODE, their early releases under his tenure (including KUUKIYOMI) and the establishment of G-MODE Archives🇯🇵
on G-MODE Archives: bc G-MODE built its name off keitai & i-mode, they feel it's their mission to maintain that legacy, including games from other companies

re: overseas releases, the majority of games are JP-dependent, but they're considering releasing text-light games overseas
(this interview was conducted about a month ago—since then, they've already announced plans to release games from other companies (Zanac, Sorcerian) and they've released the first international G-MODE Archives title, TOPOLON…)
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18 Jan
Sega Ages are on sale again on Switch & someone asked me about the enhanced features—I feel like ppl might be sick to death of me talking about em but otoh, there are plenty of ppl who didn't follow them at all, so here's a rundown of what's new for all 19 Sega Ages Switch games:
Sega Ages Sonic the Hedgehog includes both the OG Mega Drive game & the obscure remixed Mega Play arcade version (with score attack leaderboard), Sonic Mania's Drop Dash (& spin dash, ofc), a "ring keeper" helper mode, a Green Hill act 1 time attack & more…
Sega Ages Thunder Force IV (aka "Lightening Force"), the first-ever international reissue, includes the extras from the 🇯🇵-only Saturn port—the addition of the Thunder Force III ship & a more friendly "Kids Mode"—plus slowdown options, leaderboards & more…
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16 Jan
Sega did a mock 20-question version of the Sega Test for the media, in advance of the real thing scheduled for next weekend

4gamer's fairly experienced participant scored 10…🇯🇵

IGN Japan's four participants scores 8/9/10/4…🇯🇵
the 4gamer article is a particularly good breakdown of the types of questions & topics ppl should expect (with all the questions being specific to the mock test, ofc)

when they say Sega, they mean all of Sega, including all the obscure affiliate companies, building details, etc
like, dude was getting hit with questions about Oasis Park, DARTSLIVE, TMS, etc

Q1 asked for the address of Sega's current HQ, Q2 was a multiple-choice question asking him to pick all the games that featured real-world Sega motifs
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