I have so much to say about the news coming out that ICE has been performing forced sterilizations on detainees. 1. Activists have been begging us, especially our anti-violence movements, to pay attention to sexual and reproductive violence faced by women, trans and cis and queer
folks in detention for years. Now is the time to be making to connections between patriarchal violence and all forms of imprisonment. we have to abolish ICE and abolish prisons or we will never end sexual and reproductive violence. 2. Black immigrants of all nationalities are
more likely detained, imprisoned and deported. immigration and reproductive justice and the connections between are Black issues, and racial justice issues. 3. stop saying this isn't who we are as a country- y'all did this with the crisis around family separation and it is an act
of erasure and an act of violence. this a a country founded on attempted genocide, anti-blackness and sexual/repro violence, from slavery, to boarding schools, to Japanese-american internment, to foster care, mass incarceration and cash money bail. 4. as a Black Puerto Rican with
roots also in the US South, y'all will not call this kind of reproductive violence unprecedented. Our ancestors were bred like cattle, experimented on, raped, maimed, sterilized. One-third of the female population of Puerto Rico was sterilized by the US government. so, 5.
Yes, what we are witnessing is a horror, and we have to fight, but many have been fighting on the front lines - listen to them. And please don't erase the experiences of Black and Indigenous folks in the US by treating this like a new phenomenon.

• • •

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28 Sep
I just had my first COVID-19 test done today in Prince George's County, MD. I have no symptoms, and have been seriously quarantining and socially distancing since March - only masked outdoor activities in small groups, no travel, no eating out, etc. A THREAD. #COVID19
I am also very immunocompromised, including having a high risk of inflammation-related disorders and asthma, among other things (which overlap with COVID-19) which has made me extra nervous. ok, COVID-19 testing pros:

No line!
Drive-up COVID test!
Testers were really nice!
I got tested with @keondra. We stayed in the car with our masks on. I was driving, so we had two people asking us questions; one person asking her things, and one person asking me things. my tester starts by asking me for ID! I overhear keondra's tester asking the same
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24 Sep
This week the White House issued an Executive Order "Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping" stating that federal contractors and grantees may no longer teach that "the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist;" Thanks @danyelletbw, for sharing this.

ok, but to defend the Union against what? THE ENSLAVEMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE UPON WHICH THIS NATION WAS BUILT. This entire EO is proving the necessity of anti-racist education by citing laws that were created *specifically because* people didn't have equal access. Image
They are so fragile that they wrote: grant programs...will not use Federal funds to promote the concepts that "an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex;"
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my dad called and asked me what I was up to. I said “peeling sweet potatoes for Sunday dinner” and he said “what you making? some kind of soufflé?” and I said, no, ACTUALLY we’re making greens, mac and cheese, potato salad, fried chicken, candied yams and peach cobbler. 😩
he says “OK I SEE YOU” just like that. I say “is there anything missing from the menu?” he’s like, “cornbread would be nice.” and guess what? we got that too. AND I’m making sweet tea. I feel like I am making my dad, and my rural Central Alabama roots proud.
oh, also the potato salad might not make it through the night, the way I keep “taste-testing” it. 😭
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3 Sep
Jessica Krug is a white woman, who has been lying for years about Blackness, including saying she's AfroLatina - gaining her social currency, book deals, and tenure in Black studies. all the jobs, grants, space she has stolen from Black women sickens me. medium.com/@jessakrug/the…
y'all want to be Black SO BAD. without having to deal with the lived experience and reality and trauma and cosmic weight of Blackness day in and day out. Black women in academia, and all the folks who have been hurt by her really deserve to grieve and experience their anger.
also, I'm just gonna say it. it's not lost on me that part of the reason non-Black people of color and full on white women can cycle in and out of "nebulous Black Latina" identity in this was is because she looks exactly how y'all want your AfroLatinas to look. that's the gag. 🙃
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31 Aug
nine years ago today, I moved back to the US from South Korea after living in Yeongcheon for almost two years. I cried the entire plane ride home and a sweet ajumma next to me hugged me, gave me snacks and let me sob. I still miss Korea all the time. 💕
I existed in this complicated confluence of imperialism (I was teaching English) mixed with global anti-Blackness (I was assumed not to be American or speak proficient English. Often.). But I was lead teacher at a small rural English school, and when I left, my principal said +
they only wanted to hire Black women from now on- if you know anything about English teaching in Korea, you'll know that we have to include photos on our resume, and employers ROUTINELY pass on hiring Black folks. when I left, they sure did replace me with another Black woman.
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18 Aug
I’m seeing terrible hot takes about the word #Latinx. there are:

-Black Latinas saying that “Latinx” (but not Latina/o? 🤔) erases Blackness.
-white + non-Black Latinos complaining about destroying spanish.
-and ahistorical folks saying Latinx is too academic.

YES, of course Latina/o/x erases Blackness. the *literal entire project of Latinidad* is meant to flatten and erase Blackness. but be consistent. if you’re going to call yourself Afro-Latina/o, let trans, nonbinary, queer folks have langauge to describe our/their experiences.
we don’t care about “ruining” spanish with the x. I have no allegiance to spanish. it is the language of our colonizers and was forced on my ancestors through violent force. if we want to create more expansive language, GREAT.
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