There is no talent shortage; people with the skills you're asking for don't want to work for you at the price you're paying with the processes you have.
Don't believe me? Take that "impossible to fill" job ad and add a single line to it:

"Salary $600K, non-negotiable." You will have more applicants than you know what to do with.
You can't afford a $600K salary? Well okay, now we're negotiating. Poll the top 10 employees at your company with a simple question: "What about this place pisses you off the most?" The answers will be illuminating.
Find the employees you loved who quit despite your efforts to retain them. Pay them a few hundred bucks for a phone call to pick their brain. "Look, we're trying to fix things for the future. Why did you REALLY leave?"
I will concede after several angry replies to this thread that there is indeed a talent shortage of "people who are very good at everything except knowing their own market value." They will be hard to hire.
"It would take six months to train someone new up on this system, we're going to hire someone experienced instead" and then the req sits unfilled for nine months. Nice job.

• • •

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22 Sep
Azure: "You write code in Code that lives in GitHub and deploys with Actions seamlessly to Azure. See, notice how easy it is?"

AWS: "We offer seven services starting with 'Code', an IDE that isn't one of them, and a bunch of prescriptive blueprints for how to do it all."
Any complaint you have about @Azure is going to look pretty silly in five years. This is a long term play that's going to yield dividends.
Here's a five year prediction for you:

$7.5 billion to acquire @github was an absolute bargain.
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18 Sep
So I just talked about this with @shelbyspees on a talk recording.

My tweet here was wrong.
Not everyone learns the same way. A slide can "jog the memory" in useful ways.
When people like @fuzzychef, @vmbrasseur, @mattstratton, @ElleArmageddon, @jpetazzo and more all chime in with the opposite point, strongly consider that you may be incorrect--or at the very least missing something.
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17 Sep
Some are snarky, some are true, and all come from hard-won experience. These are #awsfacts, and for every ten (10) retweets this tweet gets, I will share one of them with you until I either run out or get bored.
S3 "Reduced Redundancy" storage is mostly deprecated; stop using it. In most regions it costs *more* than Standard storage and gets you absolutely nothing but a worse SLA. #awsfacts
It doesn't matter how fast the EBS volume is--you're throttled by some instance limits that vary per instance size and family, so faster volume types are just burning money.… has the details. #awsfacts
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17 Sep
AWS is committed to customer success, but if the customer grows too successful then apparently it's time to pivot to compete more directly with them.…
So, @SnowflakeDB as per this article / their S-1 has committed to spending $1.2 billion on @awscloud. That's large but not ridiculous at the "giant customer" scale given the timeframe.
I'd see Snowflake's increased cloud service usage from @Azure and @GCPcloud as being less about "reliance on @awscloud" and more about "customers are in those clouds, and don't want to pay data egress fees for an entire data warehouse." Image
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17 Sep
As I work through some tag function calls
This API's structure both shocks and appalls
So as you can see
That while I love S3
Did they call this thing "simple" for LOLs?
Their VMs are all called "EC2"
Since elastic compute's what they do
"I can spin up a test
Then I'll kill it I guess"
It won't retire until long after you.
AWS services are good--with some snags.
Full cross-service support often lags
Can we refuse to pay
For any service today
Until NET30 past "it supports tags?"
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16 Sep
Multi-Cloud is dumb. For more, I'm giving a keynote in 45 minutes.

It's even free, because "charge more" is apparently almost as controversial as "multi-cloud is complete garbage."

Come fight me.…
This is how you look right now in the comments. Image
The talk will be starting in 15 minutes. If you’re not in the livestream at 8am PDT, we’ll try again but the next available slot is any time between 9 and 4 on the third Tuesday of next month.

Buy Comcast.
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