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*THREAD* - Make more money, make more love

❤️ The NEW Formula for dates & dollars
(2020 changed everything)
Attraction/Value - gets interest & could convert in heat of the moment

Relation - motivates seeking continued experiences with you/your business

Relationship = Relate

- People enter because of value you have that they don't (differences)

- People stay because of similarities
❤️ It's the differences in the sex's that attract, but it's the similarities that keep them together

Without aligned views, common interests, similarities

...the relationship stands only on the emotional spike of arousal

Arousal comes & goes
The soul is both masculine & feminine

We incarnate into this world as male or female meaning our expression is more dominant in one

Which is why we naturally crave to experience the energy of the opposite sex

It is a 'lost' part of our cosmic self during our time on this earth
💵 In business it is the same

It is the differences that make you attractive

> Value you have that they are 'missing' & crave

But it is similarities that keep them coming back as a lifetime customer / client relationship
When the 'missing' part is filled, primal motivation to stick around goes away

What motivates people to then continue seeking you out is similarities

Are you like them?
Interested in the same things they are
On a similar path with similar goals

Hardwired tribal mentality
Relationship = Relate

🔑 Here's why this is VERY IMPORTANT right now more then ever

- More businesses are transitioning online
- More people are creating things to sell online

In volume we've never seen before

'hit & run' hook ups will become VERY ineffective
Meaning you can't just sell once

> Ad costs will go up
> More content will be produced making it require more effort to be seen

Combine that with microscopic attention spans & you'll clearly see

To thrive you must build relationships

(Life Time Value)
❤️ Attraction is not a choice

'Missing' Parts of ourselves examples:
- The energy of the opposite sex

- Money, Health, Social feeling of belonging

- Deeper trauma's
Example: Confidence/Self esteem can be 'missing' or 'taken' when life has beaten someone down repeatedly
🔑 When we vibrationally detect a opportunity or person has those 'missing parts'

We involuntarily become attracted

Attraction is not a choice

Acting on that attraction is technically a choice
...but humans are irrational

It feeling right is more important then it being right
"If you help others get what they want, you'll have everything you want" - Zig Ziglar

In order for others to involuntarily FEEL you are the right decision

It must be within you first

When you truly believe & feel it

The subconscious decodes that vibration into a feeling
What you feel they will feel

Decisions are based mostly on feelings

Change their mood, you'll change their mind

Change your mood, change their mind

Change your beliefs, change your mood
Thought + emotion = Belief

(e)motion = energy in motion
- What is the universally most attractive quality?

- What is the step by step process to go from unknown, to known, to relationship/client

...stay tuned for the next thread

Thank you for reading

🥂 Cheers,
- Yous

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22 Sep
*Thread* Dark Psychology - Presupposition

Telegraph & Implant thoughts using only ONE word

(Please use responsibly) 👇🏼 Image
By adding only one word to what you say

You can change the entire meaning

Implanting hidden 'context' tucked under the text

Communicating anything you want, without actually having to say it
When you say things directly it has a much less potent effect

If I spell out 4 you become a inactive spectator

If I lay out 2+2

You become an active participant putting 2 & 2 together

It then feels like YOU thought of 4 organically

Even though I LEAD you to 4
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22 Sep
Negative energy (going down) requires density

- The law of gravity pulls things down

Positive energy (going up) requires lightness

- A balloon goes up despite gravity

🎈 Letting go of DENSITY is the way up

*MINI THREAD* 👇🏼 Image
❤️ "lighten up" & "light hearted" people say

⚡ More density = less flow of current

More flow of current = high vibration
Less flow of current = lower vibration

Look at the behaviors associated with under 200 on this chart

These are reflections of density Image
Human body is 2.65 trillion volt powerhouse

One of the shortcuts to dissolve density blockages is through the body

Stressors = Density

Inflammation (Nutrition)
Stiffness in muscles (Exercise & Stretching)
Oxidative Stress (Breathing)
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21 Sep
Being lazy is a symptom
Being fat is a symptom

Dudes out here giving ‘advice’
👦🏻 “don’t be lazy, don’t be fat”

Acting like they said something profound lol

We get it bro, you’re in shape & have work ethic

Thank you for contributing nothing towards the root solution 👍🏼
Lazy is often lack of clarity

Give me a ‘lazy’ man

- Dissolve Limiting Beliefs
- Get clear on what he wants

- Build him process right now earning him high 6/7 figures

Clear tasks to do & rewards for doing them

Lazy & his name will never be used in the same sentence again
If I paid you $1500 for each car you wash

You wouldn’t be lazy

- Brain sees reward
- Is crystal clear in what to do
- No uncertainty, limiting beliefs, showing up = reward
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21 Sep
*Thread* - Zero to One

Unrealistic jumps to success
Best way to make a new friend is by having friends

💵 You’ll be best at making money when you have money

Going from nothing to something

Is harder than making something expand into more or better

Don’t be too picky before you have options
Best way to win big is to gain momentum from small wins

Momentum is very real

Don’t be picky about how you make money at zero

Allow yourself to make money with the best current opportunity

Which then gives you maneuverability & momentum to then be picky in your next move
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19 Sep
Experience a problem at 10/10 severity

- You have no choice but to find & solve the root

Person experiencing the same problem at 5/10 severity will not be as motivated

- Only dabbling in surface level symptom soothers, never actually curing the problem
If my life had been 30% easier/problems less severe

I’d never have the motivation or desire to fully solve & understand the solutions

You may be in a dark place but ask yourself

Would you rather experience a problem at 10/10 severity for 1 year

Experience that same problem at 5/10 severity for life

^ At that level awareness is low

For example a person might believe they are low energy or not a motivated person

If you experienced that at 10/10 you’ll likely come across he true roots & answers
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17 Sep
*Thread* - Quantum Leaps 💫

It is possible to ‘teleport’ to success
- Strides is no risk & incremental

- Quantum leaps are high risk & exponential

Leaping from level 5 to 15 without playing through the increments is possible

...if you can install the level 15 paradigm (framework) with no bugs/missing files
What makes this difficult is

You don’t know what you don’t know

Which is why through experience we get feedback (data) revealing to us what we didn’t know

Then we learn it & integrate it

It is possible to develop a forward thinking processes...
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