Strap in. Here's a LONG thread about all the times Boris Johnson praised the Withdrawal Agreement (his "oven-ready deal") that he's now actively engaged in sabotaging.

Posterity will not be kind.

Let's kick off with him posing proudly after having signed the WA...
Next, a couple of tweets about passing the WA Bill, and of course the flurry of lies around the December 2019 General Election.
Here's some more GE propaganda... The last one broke the needle of my hypocrisyometer.
And more. How many different ways can you find to praise a "great new deal" you now profess to hate?
Hope you're still awake. There's more, much more...

(Back in the day, his great new deal involved "our European friends" - feels like centuries ago.)
Yet more on the "great new deal"...
This one is so bad it deserves its own stand-alone tweet. Keep reading the thread for more.
This thread is just snapshots, in case the original tweets go walkabout. But you may have noticed that many of them incorporate full-on propaganda video clips. It's not enough to praise the deal in words alone...
What's that, waaaay in the distance? Could it be the finishing line?
The roar of the crowd is building as we come into the final stretch.

Notice the reminder of how this deal, unlike Theresa May's, is a decent one?
34 tweets.

34 times Boris Johnson lauded his deal, and pointed out how splendid it is.

And *now* he claims it is a travesty?

That's like someone being married for 25 years, then claiming never to have met their partner.
On your way out of this thread, I hope you'll indulge a passing plug for my book, "Slaying Brexit Unicorns".

It debunks two dozen Brexit myths, and gets to the truth of no deal and trade on WTO terms. Available now on Kindle and in paperback...…

• • •

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13 Sep
Let's say that the Brexiters have their wildest dreams fulfilled, and the UK gets trade deals with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

What does that actually *mean*?

Well, we can turn to the UK Government's own estimates...
Remember, these come from the UK Government's negotiating strategy documents. In other words, they're dolled up to present a possible deal in the best light, like an estate agent puffing up a property's prospects.

And yet, combined, all 4 trade deals add up to almost nothing!

Because trade deals aren't the biggest impediment when we're talking about trade with FAR AWAY places. They're useful to have, but the main issue doesn't change.

You have to have stuff worth sticking on a ship for 4-6 weeks. We don't make that sort of thing that much.
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21 Aug
UK: Where in Canada's deal does it talk about a level playing field, or state aid?

EU: Where in Canada's deal does it talk about fishing rights, or haulage and cabotage, or financial equivalence?

UK: That's not fair!

EU: What?

UK: Resorting to logic. There's no call for that!
EU: Ok, you can have a plain copy of Canada's deal.

UK: And fish?

EU: What do you mean, and fish? You said you wanted what Canada has.

UK: Ah. What we meant was we want what Canada has PLUS some extra stuff because, well, we're British, you know.

EU: How could we ever forget?
UK: So, do you think we could reach a deal?

EU: What are you offering us in return?

UK: What do you mean?

EU: Look, you want more than Canada got. Ok, fair enough - so how will *you* sweeten the arrangement?

UK: Um. Er. We just want it. Because we think we ought to get it.
Read 7 tweets
8 Aug
Japan, the UK and cars - a THREAD

There's a wrinkle buried in the EU-Japan trade deal which I assume will affect the future of the UK auto industry too, namely that Japan has agreed to conform production to EU standards in future.

The EU spins it as helping EU manufacturers sell their cars in Japan. Which it does, in the sense that BMW, Mercedes, etc. don't manufacture in Japan so their cars sold in the Japanese market are imports.

But the situation where the UK is concerned is very, very different. 2/6
Why? Because the biggest car producers in the UK are Japanese firms making cars for the UK/EU market. They're making the same cars in the UK they already make in Japan.

But if ALL Japanese cars meet EU standards in future, these firms can supply the EU from Japan not the UK. 3/6
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8 Aug
On 18 June 2020, I started tracking UK job losses that were mentioned in national, regional and local media.

Yesterday, 50 days later, we hit a grim milestone: over 100,000 job losses announced. (104,020 to be exact, across 359 firms.)

That's an average of over 2,000 jobs/day.
Here's the full list of firms making cuts. Please Google the specific details.

(NOTE: not all job losses will have been immediate, because there are statutory notice periods, as well as consultations with creditors or investors. But this is indicative of the scale of cuts.)
Added: my 104,020 figure will be higher than just about every number you've seen reported in the national press, because they're not making the effort to drill down into the actions of smaller firms, like I tried to. They're just watching the big headline names.
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21 Jul
Looking at the way the EU's coronavirus recovery fund is set to be divided up, there's bitter irony in the fact that the UK would have stood to be the largest net benefactor as the worst affected nation in Europe. Instead, we don't even get loose change down the back of the sofa.
In a parallel universe, we could have been rubbing our hands at the thought of French and German taxpayers bailing us out...

(Not a pleasant narrative, but one the tabloids would have been all over.)
(To give you some idea, Italy is getting 81 billion euro in grants, and Spain 72 billion.)
Read 4 tweets
10 Jul
The old Tory plan: let Brexit smash the UK economy, then vulture capitals and hedge funds can fill their boots.

The new Tory plan: uh, oh - the coronavirus accelerated everything! There may be nothing left to loot by January next year. So smash and grab everything you can NOW.
How else to explain?
- Bad faith approach to Brexit negotiations
- New £25 billion money ocean (nominally for PPE, and test-and-trace) to be spaffed with no oversight
- Complete NHS reorganisation in the middle of a pandemic (Coming Soon)
- Gutting of Government comms departments
- opting out of pan-EU coronavirus vaccine development programme
- purchase of bankrupt satellite constellation that doesn't have a GPS function

It's "grab what you can and take an axe to the furniture so it's easier to carry" time.

They're not even disguising it any more!
Read 4 tweets

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