Question: Am I the only one that remembers the story where the dem establishment and money machine anointed Kamala as the next nominee? I don't understand why this isn't a bigger story. It should be. There are no coniencedenses in politics folks…
Now Kamala is the VP pick of the guy that we all know is mentally declining and she's slipping and saying "The Harris Administration." They are playing in y'alls faces 🤣🤣🤣 Hey, I know what y'all should do to fix, don't boo!
Please leave me the hell alone about the presidential election in 2020. I'm over it and been over it since March when I said I was done and focusing my energy towards direct action, mutual aid, community lead protests and organizing locally with my neighbors.
I know things won't change much come November regardless of who wins. Shit, honestly it's going to get worse and those 4 hours it'd take for me to vote in a presidential election where my EC vote won't matter, I could be doing something else more effective.
Just for funsies, because y'all love to ask so what do we do? Plenty of people have solid threads about how to take action. Books have been written and organizers of the past are still active today. Follow @queersocialism Also...
Also follow @HalfAtlanta and @MalaikaJabali and @DaShaunLH and @angryblkhoemo and so many others who have been doing organizing work all over the country, who regularly tweet out info, and join something, get with someone and figure out what you can do that really helps.
I almost forgot @andraydomise because they're tweets are fire and also covers international politics. Regular tweets about organizing as well. I enjoy these types of tweets.

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4 Sep
Biden has been lying about his involvement with The Civil Rights Movement, and has been called out on it multiple times. It’s journalistic malpractice to continue letting him say this uncritically. He was NEVER endorsed by The NAACP. He lied about that as well.
His lies were so outrageous The NAACP had to release a damn statement saying they never endorsed him.…
Many people have called him out on this. He’s a liar. He never marched during The civil rights movement.
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21 Aug
I’m not here for vote shaming. Do whatever you feel is right for you. Don’t lie about what we’re facing and don’t dismiss or gaslight those with serious concerns about the choices. What’s “clear” to you, may bot be “clear” to anyone else because we all don’t live the same lives.
If you’re concerned enough to vote shame and camp in people’s mentions because they aren’t voting in a way you think they should, use that energy to phone bank, canvass, register voters and drive people to the polls, sit with them in those lines, or whatever.
Just know that no one is owed a vote and in your calculations of “harm reduction” there are those who will feel that harm and they’re making their own decisions. I’m not going to shame those with the least amout of power who will feel that harm the most if they decide not to vote
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18 Aug
If you don’t “do identity politics” then how are you going to solve the issues I face via policy due to my identity? There’s a difference between weaponizing identity to stop progress vs identifying race based issues that need to be solved. This isn’t hard to understand.
I swear either some of you are plum idiots, or repeating tired ass talking points that ignore the core issues. Please use my identity as a Black woman when crafting policy to reduce maternal death rates. Please use it when canceling student debt and a jobs program.
Do NOT use it to claim having Lori Lightfoot as a representation of anything other than a person who looks like me, continuing the violent oppression if policing.
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14 Aug
I do not trust any of you who say you’ll be holding Biden and Harris accountable if they get elected. The fact that they were allowed to get the nomination shows me this is a lie. You’re either lying to me, or yourself, but a lie is being told.
How are you going to hold the most powerful people on earth accountable? When was the last time an American president or VP was held accountable? Bush Jr, showed y’alls apathy. I don’t believe any of you.
What does accountability even mean to y’all? That’s going to be my question when I see/hear that. How will you be keeping them accountable, and what does that accountability look like? What steps will you be taking? When will this “accountability” happen. Day 1, or another day?
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6 Aug
I can’t wait to personally call out every liberal I know in real life, when nothing changes if Biden wins in November. I will bring up every Biden administration atrocity and ask what they plan on doing about it. Truth is, most of y’all hate Trump’s aesthetics, not the policy.
When things get worse, and Black and Brown people are still getting murdered by the police. When wages are still stagnant, and people are dying due to not having health ins, and wars escalate, I’ll be calling all y’all out.
This man just said he will give more money to the police and veto M4A during a fucking pandemic and mass civil unrest and protests. When federal police are still cracking skulls open and y’all go back to bruch, I’mma be on that ass asking why y’all stopped caring.
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24 Jun
Not do I only believe working 40hrs is too much, I also believe kids being in school all day is absurd. That’s too much. 25 hrs should be full time work, 30 max. Kids are in school all damn day because parents are at work. No one is effective 40+ hrs a week.
Not counting the time to getting to work/school and back home. I know this tweet thread won’t go viral, but this shut down should’ve brought workers together. We should be demanding proper pay and less hours working. Almost 50% of our days are either working or sleeping.
That’s by design. If we’re constantly going, you don’t question shit because you’re in survival mode. Especially if you aren’t making a living wage. Tie min wage to inflation, give mandatory sick and vacation leave. Even for pt employees.
Read 6 tweets

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